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Why You Should Invest in a New Garage Door?

A new garage door is a great investment because it provides accessibility, curb appeal, security, and storage. Today’s automatic garage doors are also made with better technology and safety features. Many people are updating their garage doors because it is an inexpensive way to make their lives easier while improving the look of their home.

Perfect Solutions Garage Door has helped countless people enhance their homes by installing a more convenient automatic garage door. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about why you should invest in a new automatic garage door for your home.


Here are five fantastic reasons why you should invest in a new garage door:

1.     Accessibility

Garage door openers give homeowners a quick way to get in and out of their garage. You can even choose a convenient keyless entry system that hangs from your keychain so you don’t have to get out of your vehicle to open the door. Today’s garage door openers use the most state-of-the-art technology to ensure that they always open on command.

2.     Curb Appeal

Garage doors are now available in a variety of great custom colors, materials, and designs. Perfect Solutions has an extensive selection and can even customize a door to match your home. If your current garage door does not complement your home’s exterior, then it is time to upgrade to a high-quality door that will increase its resale value.

3.     Security

Garage doors are an alternate entryway into your home for unwanted intruders. Installing a new wood composite or steel garage door with a secure lock and state-of-the-art entry system will keep your property and home safe from break-ins.

4.     Storage

If your current garage door is not providing ample security, you are probably not using it to store any valuables. By updating your garage door to a stronger material and a more secure entry system, it will give you the peace of mind to store your car, tools, bicycles, and other valuable possessions in the garage where they belong.

5.     Better Technology

Automatic garage doors are now available with keyless entry and fingerprint recognition technology. They have new safety features like auto-reverse, which will stop the door from closing if it detects something (or someone) underneath it. If your automatic garage door is more than ten years old, it is time to replace it with a safer and more reliable version.

Inexpensive home renovations can quickly improve the curb appeal of your home without draining your bank account. Installing a new garage door with an automatic opener is not only a great investment in the resale value of a home, but it will also pay for itself by providing the homeowner with greater accessibility, curb appeal, security, storage, and technology. Perfect Solutions can help you find the right door for your home if you live in any of our service areas: Auburn, El Dorado, Granite, Roseville, and Rocklin.

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Simple Steps for Repairing a Garage Door

If your garage door is not moving up the tracks properly or it won’t move at all, you might be able to fix it on your own. Most garage door repairs are fairly simple and won’t require calling a professional, especially if you are naturally handy. Perfect Solutions Garage Door can always help you out if you get stuck along the way.

Here are some simple steps for repairing a garage door:

shutterstock_662638Step 1: Examine the Metal Tracks

Check along the metal tracks for any bumps, dents, or debris. Remove all obstructions and try to adjust any part of the track that is not smooth. You may need a rubber mallet to pound out dents. If the metal tracks are badly damaged, they should probably be replaced by a professional. Make sure to also examine the mounting brackets that secure the tracks to your walls to see if any are loose. You might need to tighten bolts or screws along the mounting bracket.

Once the tracks look good, you can try the garage door.

Step 2: Thoroughly Clean the Tracks

The tracks may look clean enough, but they could have a sticky or slick substance on them that you missed in your inspection. You can clean the tracks using any household cleaner that is formulated to remove dirt and grease. Always finish by drying the tracks and rollers with a clean cloth.

Once the tracks look good, you can try the garage door.

Step 3: Use a Level to Check Alignment

Check the metal tracks using a level to see if they are properly aligned. Vertical tracks should be completely level and horizontal tracks will slant slightly toward the back of the garage. If they are not level, you may need to use the mallet to tap them back into position. Be careful not to knock them further out of place. Double-check the mounting brackets and track alignment after you have adjusted them. If the tracks are still not level, you should probably contact Perfect Solutions Garage Doors for guidance before causing any further damage.

Once the tracks look good, you can try the garage door.

Step 4: Double-Check All Hardware

Check the hinges, screws, and the plates where the springs are mounted to ensure they are all tight. Be very careful adjusting the plates, especially if your garage door only has one torsion spring. The tension on those springs is so powerful that it could seriously injure you.

Once the tracks look good, you can try the garage door.

If the issue with your garage door is a minor one concerning the tracks, you should be able to solve it without contacting a professional. If it is still not working after these four steps, please make sure to call an experience garage door installer. Perfect Solutions Garage Door is happy to help if you live in any of our five service areas: Auburn, El Dorado, Granite, Roseville, and Rocklin. Too many things can go wrong, and it is not worth risking that heavy garage door crashing down, especially when you consider what it could land on.

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Five Essential Tips for Better Garage Door Security

shutterstock_1589767Unwanted intruders will often choose a garage door as an entry point for mischief and mayhem because it is more discreet than the front door and more accessible than a back door. Garage doors also make it easier to sneak inside the house unnoticed, especially since most people fail to lock the door connecting the garage to the house.

Perfect Solutions Garage Door wants to help our customers stay safe and secure, which is why we are positing these five essential tips for better garage door security.

1.     Lock the Inside Door

It may take away from the convenience factor for your family, since they will need to unlock the door to get inside and out, but it will also make the entryway less convenient for an intruder. You can hang up a key to that particular door on the inside of the house, so your family can bring it with them if they plan on traveling in and out of the house through the garage door. For greater security, you should have an alarm on both the garage door and the interior door to your home.

2.     Shut the Garage Door

Hopefully you already keep the garage door shut when you are not home or sleeping, but you should also keep it shut when you are doing work around the house, even if you are outside. An open garage is an advertisement to thieves of what you have inside that they might want to take. They could drive by during the day and see your fancy car, expensive toys, and high-tech equipment and then decide that it is worth a return visit when you’re not home to protect your belongings.

3.     Keep it Well-lit

Perfect Solutions Garage Door encourages all of our customers to purchase spotlighting and an interior lighting system. Intruders prefer to work in the dark, and security lighting will make it difficult for them to do their dirty work.

4.     Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener

Today’s modern garage door openers have incredible new security features that thieves haven’t figured out how to crack, like rolling code entry systems. It may be worth it to get an upgrade if your system is more than five years old.

5.     Don’t Leave the Remote in Your Car

Most modern garage door openers will come with a remote control access feature that can be hooked onto your keychain. This is much safer than the older version that hung from your car’s visor. You should protect your garage door remote the same way you protect your house key.

Perfect Solutions Garage Door can help with the installation of a new garage door opener or any other garage door security features that will help make you and your family feel more protected.


Why You Should Never Skimp on Garage Door Installation

A new garage door is a substantial investment in your home. It is also something that could have costly consequences if it is not done correctly. Perfect Solutions Garage Door has been called time after time because a fly-by-night, low-budget garage door installer has left a homeowner with an ugly mess and they need our expertise to fix it.

You can save yourself the hassle and headache by choosing a reputable and experienced provider who stands by their work. You may be tempted by the bargain prices, but you will get what you pay for in the end. If you are still not convinced that a professional installer is worth the money, the trained installers at Perfect Solutions Garage Door have shared some of the reasons they have witnessed firsthand.

Here are a few good reasons you should never skimp on garage door installation:

shutterstock_754108181.     Scary Safety Issues

Our garage door experts have been to the scene of too many garage door accidents in their career, and it is hard to actually pinpoint which one was the worst. They have witnessed cats, dogs, children, and adults with severe injuries caused by a door that came crashing down unexpectedly. Professional installers will make sure that never happens.

2.     Costly Maintenance and Repairs

The installers at Perfect Solutions Garage Door have extensive experience fixing and servicing garage doors that were not properly installed. Quite often, we are called after another installer has caused damage to the tracking or pulleys and the door will no longer open or close.

3.     Installers Go Out of Business

Our garage door installers are often asked to finish projects or handle maintenance problems because the original company has gone out of business. Take the time to investigate the business’ history and track record in the Sacramento area before agreeing to any work.

4.     Take the Money and Run

Unfortunately, the team at Perfect Solutions Garage Door has also found out about garage door companies taking customers’ deposits and then leaving Sacramento without even starting the job. Never trust a garage door company that doesn’t have an established location and solid reputation in the community.

5.     Get What You Want

If you are willing to spend a little more money and deal with a company that has a proven track record of quality service, you will also get the added bonus of choosing exactly what you want. There are companies like Perfect Solutions Garage Door that will let you customize your garage door and security features.

Those are five powerful reasons why you should never skimp on your garage door installation!

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Six Steps for Safely Installing a Garage Door Opener

Installing your own garage door opener can be challenging, and it is important to take into consideration some basic safety precautions to ensure the project goes smoothly. These small extra steps are necessary for preventing injury and costly property damage. They will also help make sure that the garage door ends up working the way it should.


Here are six steps for safely installing a garage door opener:

1.     Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions

All garage door openers should come with helpful installation instructions that are specific to that model. Make sure to read through all of the steps in advance and ask the manufacturer or a local installer if you have any questions. You can also ask anyone on staff at Perfect Solutions Garage Door.

2.     Make Sure the Door Works

It is important to test the garage door before installing the opener. Make sure it is working properly and is well lubricated. You should not install a garage door opener if you can’t easily raise and lower the door manually.

3.     Remove Loose Clothing and Cords

Make sure to dress appropriately and remove any ropes or cords from your garage that could become entangled with the door. Don’t tempt fate by wearing things that could get caught in the tracks or pulley system. Garage doors are very heavy, and they are suspended high in the air. If your belt, watch, or necktie gets caught in the tracks, it could end up taking you on a dangerous ride.

4.     Don’t Adjust the Tracking

Only qualified service technicians should alter or replace any garage door cables, pulleys, or springs. Please feel free to give Perfect Solutions Garage Door a call if you come across a problem with your tracking system and you live in one of our service areas: Auburn, El Dorado, Granite, Roseville, or Rocklin.

5.     Disconnect Power at the Main Breaker

Make sure to turn off power at the main breaker box if the garage door opener requires any electrical wiring. You should also make sure to connect the power cord for the garage door opener to a properly grounded outlet.

6.     Test it Thoroughly

After the opener is installed you should test its security features and general functions. It is important to make sure the auto-reverse sensor function, emergency release, and any other safety features are all working properly.

Installing a garage door opener can be very straightforward if you follow these six steps. If you encounter any issues or concerns when you are installing it, please contact any of the experienced installers at Perfect Solutions Garage Doors for advice.

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