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How to Know When to Replace Your Garage Door

Old Way or New WayA garage door is probably the most expensive item that can be found outside a person’s home, next to its intricate garden or swimming pool. Your garage door may look nondescript and forgettable, but it serves an important purpose of protecting your belongings such as cars, stocks, and other valuable items.

Although it is advisable for homeowners to care for their garage doors for as long as they can, a smart one knows when a garage door’s time is really up. Here are the signs that tell homeowners that it’s time to replace their garage door:

1.       Rust
There is no need to rush at the first little sign of rust, but when cycles between paint jobs are getting shorter and the brush strokes are getting longer, it is a sure sign of greater damage. Instead of wasting money on paint, it is better to go for a contractor to ring up a new cost estimate for a brand new garage door.

2.       Water damage
When water repetitively seeps in, it may be hard to salvage a wooden garage door. This type of damage is also one that sustains itself with a plethora of problems such as pests. Also, the water may affect the steel support that holds the door together, leading to more problems. A constantly moldy garage door means you may need to replace your garage door with a material that is resistant to moisture.

3.       Deep curves and bents
When your car hits the garage door, you may be left with a deep bent that is beyond repair. If this happens,it may be a wise decision to replace your garage door as these bents deteriorate over time. Also, the damage caused by the crash may actually be irreparable or too costly to repair.

4.       Wide gaps and spaces on the side
With years of continuous use, garage doors can become looser and soon, the gaps can be seen by the naked eye. For safety reasons, it is smarter to change garage doors altogether than have a security breach waiting to happen. Once big gaps are obvious, burglary and trespassing can be as easy as opening a can of meat—all it takes is a pair of wrench and a little effort.

Gaps also make the indoors prone to the ravages of the elements such as little wild animals (i.e. rats) and extreme cold or heat. This problem can also wreak havoc on one’s electricity bill, which is not worth the trouble versus simply replacing the garage door.

5.       Increasing bills for parts and repairs
Purchasing parts and doing minor repair from time to time does not seem to hurt, but calculating these in the long run really adds up. If the total cost of constant repair work is greater than an actual garage door, it would be more sensible to buy a new one.

When it comes to malfunctioning garage doors, repair may not always be the best solution. Consult your trusted garage door technician to determine if it will be better for you to get a replacement.

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3 Ways to Make the Garage Door Safer for the Family

iStock_000043296394_SmallOne of the greatest fears of parents is their kids getting involved in accidents. However, accidents could happen even within the premises of the home and adults are not exempted from these. As innocuous as it may seem, your garage is an accident-prone area.   Most people keep power tools and other heavy stuff in shelves of the garage and they could fall on a family member. The garage door could also be a cause of accidents if they are defective or if the owner is careless especially when it comes to repairing and maintaining your garage doors. However, there are several ways to keep the family safe from garage door mishaps.

Regular maintenance and repair

People can’t live without garage and garage doors. They keep the car safe from vandals and car thieves. However, after using it many times, some parts may malfunction and they become unpredictable and therefore dangerous.  For example, the heavy door might suddenly close on the user while he is trying to enter his garage door and cause injuries. If children play near an open garage door, they could be in danger, too. Calling for a garage door company for repair and maintenance once a year should help keep the family safe from garage door-related accidents.

Install an IP cam in front of the garage door

An IP cam is a type of security camera that can send the pictures and video it captures through the internet. This is very useful for those parents who leave their kids at home when they work.  They can check if the child strays into the garage door area and plays with the garage door remote control. They can then call neighbors or friends to ensure that their child is taken away from the garage area. In fact, modern phones can be used as IP cams with the right software programs.

Keep the remote way up

Children love to play. Everything they can get their hands on could be a toy for them including garage door remotes. That is why it is very important for parents to keep the remote beyond the reach of children or better yet bring it with them when they leave the house.

Motion sensors

Motion sensors help keep people safe when accidentally closing the garage door and there is a child under it. The sensor will detect if there is a child or a person under the door and it will send the command to the door to go back up. Some technologies use infrared beams. When the infrared beams are cut off because a person passes under the garage door, the door will not close down.

Everyone is afraid to hear the news that a family member was involved in an accident.  Parents can do a lot to make their home, particularly their garage doors safer by following the tips provided above.  There are many other ways  to  keep family members safe from garage door accidents but these are some of the most effective and low cost ones.  Of course, proper maintenance tops the list.

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Elements that Play a Part in Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Fees

Yellow hardhat and leather glovesMaintaining and repairing one’s garage door is an important aspect in keeping a healthy home. First, a garage door that works properly keeps important items safe and secure such as the family vehicle, pets, and other important belongings. Second, and far from most homeowner’s knowledge, it also keeps electricity bills at bay as it prevents the cool air from air conditioning units from escaping during the summer. It also helps retain the heat during winter. Third, it makes for a more polished and beautiful house from the outside. What’s a great garden if the garage door is in utter chaos?

When it comes to garage door repair and maintenance, it would be helpful to know the factors affecting the cost of this service so you can set a budget for it. Here’s a list to provide ideas to do just that:

  1. What is it made of?

A wooden garage door’s maintenance and repair are different from those made of steel  or metal. Wooden ones need an additional coat that prevents water damage as well as control for pests that target wood. On the other hand, metal ones need to be properly lubricated in the hinges and should be painted regularly to avoid rusts.

The smart thing to do is to adjust accordingly as to where one lives. Does it rain more? Does it snow half the year? These answers should dictate the decision of the homeowner in the long run.

In general, wooden garage doors may be more beautiful but are harder to maintain versus their steel counterparts.

2. How often is it maintained?

Maintenance should be scheduled accordingly with a professional. However, if a homeowner waits until something is wrong, costs can start to skyrocket. It is much harder to reverse or repair damages when it comes to garage doors due to its many complicated parts.

Worse, some may need total replacement due to years of neglect. That is why it is important to schedule a regular maintenance visit from professionals. A great strategy to make this more workable is by scheduling it together with other maintenance works such as pest control and cable check-ups. Another way to do so is to schedule at least a month before another season begins as garage doors expands or contracts depending on the season and how hot or cold it is.

3. Who maintains it?

Professionals may be more expensive but their expertise can save several precious dollars in the long run instead of going for amateurs or people who just have a working knowledge of garage door repair and maintenance.

These professionals don’t just get the job done, more so, they provide important advice that can help homeowners do some reparative work on their own. They also can give the right items to purchase that will work well for their garage doors. Furthermore, they can go straight to the source of the problem to avoid repetitive repair work.

In the end, smarter decisions and a more preventive approach will ultimately lead homeowners to have a more cost effective and efficient way to maintaining their garage doors.

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How to Find the Right Color for Your Garage Door

iStock_000015488039_SmallThe garage door is a big part of a house and is therefore very visible. If the color of the garage door does not match or is not in harmony with the color of the rest of the house, it will really reduce the beauty of the home.  For this reason, it is important to choose a garage door color properly when buying it.  There may also come a time when a person repaints his home. So, even if he chose the right garage door color  the time he bought it, he may want to repaint the garage door, too if he wants to make sure it blends with the new house color well.

Color Harmonies

Color combinations may sound like they belong solely to designers and graphic artists. However, everyone has to work with colors from time to time. Knowledge in color harmony will comes in handy when it comes to choosing your garage door style and color.  There are many color harmonies around but this article will tackle the three most commonly used.

Complimentary Colors

Complimentary colors are those colors opposite each other on the color wheel. An example for this would be a red and green combination. The colors will provide a vibrant contrast that won’t hurt the eye.  Therefore, if the house is red, the garage door can be beautifully painted with any shade of green.

Analogous Color

Analogous color harmony can be achieved by choosing three colors, which are side by side in the color wheel. This color scheme usually provides viewers with a serene comforting feeling.  The combination of yellow-green, yellow, and yellow-orange is an example of this color scheme.

Triadic Color

Triadic scheme is a color combination that provides good contrast. In a color wheel, a person will find this by drawing a triangle which each point in a certain color. The result is vibrant and pleasing.  If this color scheme is followed, a house painted in green with an orange garage door will look very nice.

Keeping Garage Doors Beautiful

No matter how well the garage door color matches the color of the house, the homeowner should still do some precautions to keep their garage doors beautiful.  Dust and moisture are enemies of paint jobs. Before choosing a garage door, it is a good idea to ask a garage door company for the kind of paint used for them.  Moisture and dust resistant paints are the best type of paint for garage doors.

Maintenance and Repair

Nothing could be more beautiful than a garage door that works smoothly and without glitch.  Regular maintenance from a garage door company could keep the garage door not only looking good but also functioning at its best.  In addition, when the garage door starts making some noises, owners should have it repaired right away before the problem escalates.

If unsure about garage door color and styles, you can always consult your garage door company, architect or interior designer. You can also never go wrong with neutral colors like off-white, gray, and brown.

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