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Four Garage Door Sounds and What They Are Telling You

Garage doors usually do their jobs as quietly as possible. The sound you hear when they close and open are similar day in and day out. But, what if one day you hear a different sound from your garage door?  You have to listen very carefully when your garage door emits an unfamiliar sound because more likely than not, it is trying to tell you something about its condition.

Types of Garage Door Noise

Here are some of the common sounds that garage doors make when they have problems. Remember that this list is not exhaustive as your garage door may exhibit various noises if it has issues. The best practice is when you hear abnormal sounds coming from your garage door, always call professional garage door technicians to assess it for you and diagnose the problem.

  1. Motor noise

When the motor of your garage gets too noisy it may mean that it’s working harder than it usually does. You can compare this to the sound of a person groaning while lifting a very heavy object. When your garage door motor sounds like it’s struggling, it probably is. It may need some maintenance from a reliable garage door company. They may have to do an overhaul or tighten bolts on your garage door motor to make it work better.

  1. Screeching noise

Screeching noises from your garage door usually means that your garage door is out of alignment. This is a big problem because it has the tendency to worsen if not serviced right away.  Not only that, the screeching noises that a garage door makes when it has this misalignment problem can be so loud and annoying that your kids or neighbors may complain.

  1. Chugging train sound

If you hear a sound that resembles the chugging of a train, then it’s time you have a garage door company check the rollers of your garage door track. They may have worn out and may be in need of replacement. You should not try replacing the rollers yourself because you may cause more damage to the garage door. Leave it to the experts.

  1. Loud one-time snapping sound

If you hear a loud snapping sound and your garage door won’t open anymore after that, it’s probably because the torsion springs are broken.  The torsion spring does the heavy lifting job when you open the garage and makes it close slowly instead of falling with force to the pavement. Sometimes this spring will snap due to the stress it has been subjected to.  Garage door professionals can replace the torsion spring easily, but you should not do it yourself because it can be dangerous.

Getting Rid of the Noise

If you don’t like to hear these noises that indicate your garage door’s suffering, why not ask a garage door company to do maintenance work. Prevention is better than cure and it’s a lot cheaper, too.  If you have a well-maintained garage, it will serve you for a long time without breaking down. The garage door sounds enumerated here can totally be avoided with proper care and maintenance. If you are in Placer County California, you can call Perfect Solutions Garage Door 24/7 hotline.

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Three Basic Ways to Care for Your Garage Doors

Garage doors among all exposed areas in the house need the most care. It is the part that gets the most beating from the elements and changes in weather. It protects the house from intruders and effectively helps the home save greatly when it comes to electricity consumption especially for those with insulated doors.
Why Care for Your Garage Doors

The reason why you need to maintain your garage door is simple. Garage doors are very expensive to replace and chances are, once the problem has worsen, it may be too late to salvage them altogether. As with anything, prevention is still a million miles better than cure. Here are some ways to care for your garage door:

  1. Lubricate often.

Having a dedicated garage door oil available or a silicone spray can help grease the wires and cylinders. This ensures the smooth opening and closing of the door. A few sprays are all it takes to keep them rust- free and quiet. If you use your door frequently, you should lubricate it every 6 months.

  1. Have a professional look into it.

As much as do-it-yourself techniques are convenient and much cheaper, having a professional garage door technician work on the door helps a lot in saving money and time in the long term. Issues such as misalignment can eventually cause the door to go unhinged from the base and put the residents at risk for accidents.

Having a technician check your door at least twice a year can also provide you the necessary advice on what needs to be done and what needs to be replaced or repaired. They easily detect parts that are showing early signs of malfunction. The goal here is to diagnose problems early and resolve them immediately so that further damage and accidents will never happen.

Schedule this at least once every six months for residential garage doors. Those used in business and have the door as the first line of defense against theft should be checked more frequently. Check the digital sensors and remote controls as well as the batteries. Anti-hacking programs should be incorporated in the gadgets connected to the door and have the CCTV thoroughly check to guarantee 100 percent view of the whole area especially the area leading to the door to the main house.

  1. Look out for paint peeling.

Paint peeling from the body of the garage door is a sure sign that the door has aged considerably. Schedule a re-painting immediately to avoid further exposing the material to air and dust, which cause the door or the parts to rust. Remember, rust is the number one enemy of any garage door. It can weaken its structure and further spread in the other areas of the whole garage door.

Take the painting job a step further by choosing one that is can guarantee UV protection and water resistance. This makes the paint work last longer and be more cost efficient in the process.

If possible, consider switching to sturdier materials such as stainless steel, fiberglass, or plastic which is rust-free and is virtually indestructible.

Maintaining Your Garage Door

Basic garage door maintenance includes lubrication, hiring a technician to check your door’s status, and looking for signs of wear and tear like rust or peeling paint. For repairs and complete maintenance work, contact a trusted garage door services company nearest you. Those in Placer County, California and nearby areas may contact Perfect Solutions Garage Door.

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Five Probable Reasons Why Your Garage Door Isn’t Opening or Closing Properly

Imagine how frustrating it would be when one morning you wake up and realize you are almost late on an appointment. After hastily bathing and dressing up, you go to get your car and the garage door will not open. Some people will panic, force it open or tinker with the door’s mechanisms. However, the best course of action is to call a garage door company. Garage door companies treat this is an emergency and would head to your home right away to solve the problem.

Why Your Garage Door Wouldn’t Budge

If you are wondering why you’re garage door isn’t opening or closing as it should, there are several possible problems that could be causing it. It could be the photo eye or torsion springs or something as basic as the power source. Read on to learn more about the possible causes of garage doors that seem stuck.

1. Photo eye is obstructed.

Your garage door most probably has a photo eye that detects if there is something beneath the garage door that keeps it from closing all the way. It’s a safety feature in case a child or a family member is below the door when it closes. However, there are times when the photo eye is obstructed so it thinks that there is a block beneath the garage door. When this happens, it refuses to close. The photo eye operates by shooting a laser across the garage length. When this laser is interrupted, the garage will not close.  

You can find the photo eye four to six inches off of the ground under the door. You can check if there is something blocking the laser or if it’s broken. If the photo eye is broken, it needs to be replaced by a certified garage technician.

2. Power source not connected.

This possible reason seems very basic, but sometimes people just don’t check whether the garage door is connected to a power outlet. If your garage door mechanisms don’t even make a weak whirring sound when you try opening the door, then the power source should be your primary suspect.  The solution is simple. You just have to check if the garage door is properly connected to the power source. If not, then just attach it.

However, if you find out that the wire is broken or cut, then don’t put yourself at risk for injuries trying to fix it. Call a certified garage door technician right away. Remember, electricity kills.

3. Remote control is malfunctioning.

If you have ensured that the garage door has power and it’s still not working, try checking your remote control. Try replacing your remote control’s battery. If the battery replacement solved the problem, then well and good. If it is still is not working, have your remote checked by a technician.

4. Torsion springs are broken.

Garage door torsion springs are responsible for making the garage door easy to lift. Without these springs, the door will be too heavy for the mechanism to open. There are times when  due to too much pleasure, the garage door torsion springs break which results in, you guessed it,  the door not opening.

When garage door springs are broken, don’t try to fix it, because it’s already irreparable. Don’t try replacing them yourself either because these could snap or hit you. Many people had to be taken to a hospital because of accidents caused by trying to replace the springs themselves. Call a garage door company and have them send someone to replace the torsion springs.

Work With Garage Door Technicians

When your garage door refuses to open and close properly, it might be one of the problems mentioned above. It is a great idea to have your garage door maintained by certified technicians to avoid problems. A trusted garage door company in California is Perfect Solutions, which has a 24/7 hotline to attend to all your urgent garage door issues.

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Six Preventive Maintenance Tips for Garage Doors

As a garage owner, you are probably worried about maintenance cost in case your garage door gets broken. Even if garage door repair and maintenance are not expensive, if your garage door keeps on having problems, the expenses will soon add up. Fortunately, for you, there are many ways to help ensure that your garage door will work well without too much maintenance.

How to Care for Your Garage Doors

Doing preventive maintenance for your garage door follows the popular principle that it’s better to be safe than sorry.  This article will guide you how to check and care for your garage door to keep them in good condition. Here are six preventive maintenance tips:

  1. Observe your garage door.

One of the most effective ways to ensure your garage door works flawlessly for a long time is by treating it like a friend. Listen and observe for any signs of distress such as jerky movements when opening and closing as well as any strange sounds. These signs usually mean something is wrong with your garage door.

  1. Tighten what’s loose.

Check the roller brackets and bolts for any looseness. These parts loosen over time as you continually use your garage door. When you notice your garage door vibrate so much when you use it, then it’s time to check these parts. Don’t delay because the longer you wait, the more it can damage your garage door mechanism.

  1. Lubricate the moving Parts.

Friction can harm to the mechanism that makes your garage door work.  The best way to counter friction is by lubrication.  It only takes around 10 minutes to lubricate the parts, but will add years to the life of your garage door. White lithium grease is the best lubricant for the chain and screw of the opener. For the overhead spring, you can buy a high-quality spray lubricant from a garage door company.

  1. Check the cables.

Check the condition of the high tension cables that lift your garage door to know their condition. However, do not tinker with them because they can snap and injure you. If the cables have broken strands and are damaged, call a garage door technician right away. Never tinker with the high-tension cables.

  1. Clean the tracks.

Debris on the garage door track can cause the garage door many problems like becoming unbalanced, malfunction, and damages to the garage door mechanisms. A lot of people neglect this even though it’s very easy to do, resulting in high repair cost and regret. Spend a few minutes every day to check the tracks and remove any debris. Michelle M. Howard of SFGate recommends using an old toothbrush to clean the inside of the tracks.

  1. Check if the garage door is balanced.

If not properly balanced, you garage door opener will have to exert more effort in opening and closing the heavy door and will lessen its life span.  However, professionals should do the adjusting of an unbalanced door or you might damage it more.


Garage door problems are inevitable, but with proper care and maintenance by its owner, the frequency of repair is lessened.  It only takes a few minutes a day to do your own safe checks on your garage door so add this crucial task to your list of things to do. When in need of emergency repair, call the trusted technicians at Perfect Solutions Garage Door.

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