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Four Benefits of Sealing Your Garage Door

When your technician recommends that you seal your garage door, you might be thinking that it’s just another unnecessary expense on your part. Yes, replacing your garage door seal may cause some money. However, counting the cost without considering the benefits always leads to a poor decision.

Why Seal Your Garage Door

A garage door seal fixes gaps under your door. This may seem like a trivial element to spend on, but it actually has a lot of benefits. Before you say no to the garage technician’s offer to replace your garage door seal, think of the following advantages:

  1. Keeps insects out.

Insects are bad news especially if you keep electronics inside the garage. Ants, spiders and other insects may decide that your electronic devices are good places to start a colony.  Garage door seals ensure that these critters are kept outside the garage.  Insects could crawl through gaps between the garage door and the floor and invite other insects as well, causing destruction to some items inside your garage. An airtight seal blocks the path of these insects, saving your things.

In some cases, poisonous spiders and insects like scorpions can also crawl through gaps in garage doors. You don’t want to get bitten by these insects when you rummage through your stuff in the garage. A little amount of money can go a long way especially if it is to protect your property, yourself, and most importantly your family.

  1. Keeps energy bill low

No one wants the unpleasant surprise of receiving their electric bill and realize they have to pay too much.  The truth is, if you have a temperature-controlled garage and you have gaps under your garage door, this would use a lot of energy. You see, if the temperature in your garage remains constant, your temperature control equipment will not have to regulate more often, which helps you save energy. On the other hand, if your garage door seal lets outside air in, it will affect the garage temperature and your thermostat will have to work double time, using more energy. Replacing your garage door seal costs a little, but it basically pays itself with savings from your electric bill.

  1. Keeps burglars out

Burglars love broken garage door seals, especially those with gaps big enough for a crow bar to open. In fact, many burglaries happen because of gaps on your door. If you want to keep your car and other things in the garage safe, then replacing your old garage door seal is not just for convenience but a necessity.

  1. Gives you peace of mind

Peace of mind is something all humans want to achieve. Worry and anxiety deprives you your peace of mind. If you keep worrying about your electric bill being high, if you are anxious about the safety of the things in your garage and if you fear for the safety of your family, then replace that broken down garage door seal.

Benefits Outweigh the Cost

Yes garage replacing garage door seals may cost a little—it’s not even expensive, but the benefits you reap from this little investment is huge. You can save electricity, your stuff in the garage stays safe and burglars are kept away. The benefits definitely outweigh the cost. If you want to need help with replacing your garage door seal in Roseville, California, you can contact Perfect Solutions Garage Door.

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Buying the Right One: What to Look for When Shopping for a Garage Door

A garage door is a big investment, no doubt about it. With prices ranging up to the thousands of dollars, at times not inclusive of installation, the decision to purchase a garage door is not one to be trifled with. Much like a whole kitchen setup, once it’s all set up and put in place, the owner is stuck with until it breaks down.

Tips for Garage Door Shopping

Here are some tips and important items to look into to get the perfect door for your home or office:

  1. First, know your needs

When buying garage doors, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the gamut of options available in the market. However, homeowners or businesses should always be guided primarily with one thing: their needs.

Buyers can first look into their lifestyles. Do they travel more? Then a garage door with more security assets should be a priority. Are they trying to be more cost-efficient long term? Then choosing garage doors made with stainless steel or plastic must be the top choices, especially with the latter material being virtually indestructible.

For businesses, are they trying to fit into a certain space for their retail business? Then the way the garage door rolls up must be the main consideration above everything else.

In reality, many garage doors are available but the perfect one is the kind that is able to successfully fulfill the needs of the family or the organization.

  1. Warranty and availability of parts

When purchasing, it may be tempting to go and choose the one that is cheaper. However, owners might be shortchanged by this strategy as most doors that have a lesser price tag does not always come with the longest warranty. For those that will use their doors extensively, a warranty that lasts for at least two to three years is the most ideal. Look also for providers that have their own team of experts and technical professionals that can be called for maintenance and repair work.

One key thing when buying doors from other states is the availability of its parts. Some doors are very specific when it comes to their nuts and bolts. In general, it is much more advisable to go for doors whose parts are more universal to prevent costly purchases and maintenance fees.

  1. Design

Garage doors have really come a long way. People don’t really have to suffer from generic looking garage doors anymore. In fact, it can be custom fitted to the needs of the place as well as the preference of the owner.

With the help of a designer, garage doors can be painted and added with elements to make it more beautiful and modern, depending on the overall theme of the structure. Remember, garage doors can be used inside too and can really blend into the interiors for a seamless look. With a few tweaks here and there, a basic garage door is no option at all when buying one these days.

Consult a Professional

Garage door companies like Perfect Solutions may be consulted if you are not sure on what to get for your home or office. They can recommend models and models of doors based on your needs. A reliable garage door company would be happy to help you arrive at the best decision when it comes to purchasing your door.

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Why Repurpose Your Old Garage Door

When garage doors are no longer functioning well, it is only right to consider replacing them with a new one from a reliable garage door company.  Imagine how much you would have to spend for maintenance if your garage door gets broken every week.  However, one question needs to be asked: What happens to the old garage door?

Repurposing Your Old Garage Door

You may immediately think of disposing it to a landfill or sending it to be recycled, but don’t be too hasty because even though old garage doors may not be useful for your garage, it can still be useful for other things, especially considering the materials they are made of.

Repurposing is a good way to deal with an old garage door and give it a new life.  Here are some compelling reasons to repurpose instead of disposing old garage doors:

  1. To avoid waste of useful materials

Your old garage door may not be fit to guard the contents of your garage anymore, but the materials it’s made of are still usable and it would be wasteful to just put them on a landfill. The panels of a wooden garage door for example can be converted into a cabinet for your clothes. Your metal garage door panels can be used to make a safe.  Imagination is the limit to the things you can do with your old garage door materials.

  1. For the environment

Wasting your old garage door materials is also a burden to the environment. For example, if you buy a new wooden coffee table, some trees will have to be cut to make them. You can save some trees by re-using the wood from the garage door panels to make one.  Metals are mined from under the earth and the more mines there are, the more damage it may do to the ecosystem. So instead of buying new metal furniture, use instead the panels from the metal garage door and help save the planet.

  1. To make money

If you are savvy with tools and have a hidden artistic talent, you can make money by making artworks out of the materials from your old garage door. Maybe you can use the wood panels as an elegant photo frame and the metal panel into unique modern art.  Then you can sell them at the flea market for some cold cash. You can also sell the old garage door itself to some companies who will repair and refurbish it for those people who are looking for cheaper options

  1. Donating it

Donating your old garage to charity like for example to the group Habitat for Humanity, does not only give your garage a new purpose, it also  gives you that sense of  fulfillment  and joy that can only come from helping others. Charities will sell these garage door materials and the money is going to be used for their projects.

Don’t Dispose of Your Old Garage Doors

Don’t dispose of your old garage doors right away. Think first if there is something else you can use it for. The materials used in these doors are high-quality, especially if you have purchased it from a reputable garage door company. They are perfect for furniture, home decor, and modern art. You can also make money from them or help others by donating them to charity.

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A Few Ideas to Repurpose Old Garage Doors

If you have recently changed your garage door, don’t dispose the old one right away.  It may no longer be usable as a garage door, but the materials it is made of can still be used to make amazing stuff for your home or office.  If you purchased it from a reliable garage door company, you can be assured that they are made of the highest quality materials, which can withstand external elements. Not only will repurposing old garage doors benefit you, it help save the environment.

A Newfound Purpose

Throwing away your old garage door to install a new one can be a cumbersome process and is unnecessary, according to Sara Carpenter of Bob Vila. Here are some smart and creative reuse ideas for your doors according to their material.


Most metal garage doors are made with steel, a very strong material.  These doors are designed to withstand elements of nature like wind, water, even fire. Because this is a highly durable material, you can use it to create many things including:

  • A safe to keep your valuable items
  • Metal benches on your lawn.
  • Hanging platforms for plants
  • Modern-looking shelf


Like steel, aluminum is also a metal. However, its strength lies in its malleability and its lightness. Many people prefer aluminum garage doors because it’s cheaper and provides the same amount of protection as metals.  Because of aluminum’s malleability, it can easily be used for various purposes within the house.  For example, using this material, you can:

  • Reinforce your fence
  • Use it as a DIY room divider
  • Turn it into an awesome lawn table or chair
  • Convert it into a grill


Wood is, of course, the most classic among garage door materials.  Reliable garage door companies would only provide you with the highest quality wooden garage door if you get it from them. If time comes when you need to replace your wooden garage door, don’t get dismayed because you can still use it for other things and none of these repurpose ideas include firewood:

  • You can use the panels as accents to an empty wall. They will look good if placed horizontally above the couch.
  • Convert the wood to other furniture like cabinets, shelf etc. The design of the garage door panels will look awesome and classy.
  • Use one of the panels as a headboard for a bed. The carvings and designs of a wooden garage door will look awesome as a bed headboard.

All It Takes is Creativity and Imagination

The list of the things you can do with your old garage door in this article is not exhaustive. This is just to show you that with a little elbow grease and some imagination, your old garage door, no matter what material it is made of can still be useful in many ways.  Throwing them away or selling them for scrap would be a waste of money. If you need to consult an expert whether you really need to have your door replaced in Placer County, California, call Perfect Solutions Garage Door company.

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Four Questions to Ask Before Buying a Garage Door

The garage door is one of the most important investments a homeowner can make when in the process of improving their home. In general, it is the first level of defense against intruders and keeps the interiors of the home safe from wear and tear, especially the vehicles. Also, the garage door can keep the home within budget in terms of electric bills if it’s properly insulated to maximize the heat or cold within the house. Simply put, it can really make or break the house.

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Buying Your Garage Door

There’s more to garage doors than simply choosing one that fits the frame. Here are some tips to a more effective shopping experience:

  1. What is the overall look of the house?

Today, garage doors are not just for industrial or technical reasons. It can also be an ally in achieving the right look for the home. Is it a Mediterranean design that’s being achieved? Then choosing a nice wooden garage door is a really beautiful focal point from the outside amidst the European design of the home and sprawling gardens.

Is it more modern? Then a garage door with an aluminum frame painted in black will blend right in. However, it is important to make the door solid and sturdy to ensure the family’s security. People from the outside should not know whether there is someone in the house or not by just looking straight through the garage door.

  1. What’s the climate in your area?

Sadly, no matter how good wooden doors are, it just would not work in a place that gets submerged in several feet of snow almost all year round. The freezing and thawing can render the door useless due to water damage. In the same way, being prone to floods should also be thought of when choosing a garage door. Although aluminum or steel is perfect, it will rust from all that water. It also affects the integrity of the whole structure.

  1. What is the family’s lifestyle?

Is the family leaving the home several times a year to travel overseas? A garage door which has the complete sensors and electric lock system is a better option. Also, having CCTV’s in the garage can help ease the minds of the owners.

If the owners are looking for a more low maintenance garage door due to their lifestyle, opting for a plastic garage door also helps cut down the time invested towards upkeep. Plastic garage doors are easy to clean, is rust free, and virtually indestructible. There is almost zero need to replace it and can last for several years, making it a very smart purchase. However, compared to other materials, plastic is not as versatile design-wise.

  1. What is it for?

In addition, garage doors can be incorporated in other parts of the home and even in other requirements such as offices. When choosing a garage door, how it will be used ultimately dictates the right type to buy.

Consulting a Garage Door Company

When you are unsure what type of door to get for your home, it is best to consult experienced technicians. Companies like Perfect Solutions can help you pick the right door for your home based on your needs.

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