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Four Ways to Maximize Garage Doors for Non-Home Use

There is an advent of using of garage doors for non-home use. Establishments are choosing garage doors as part of their structures due to their price, ease of use in terms of mounting it and producing it, and the look of modernity it instantly provides a place. Places such as offices and retail stores are using garage doors as more and more designers are opting for it given the flair it gives the place. 

Garage Doors for Commercial Use

Here are some ways that businesses can fully utilize the gift of garage doors that residential homes have known and enjoyed for many years now:

  1. Insulation

When choosing a garage door material for a store or office, use those that provide ample insulation. This helps manage electricity costs due to maximized heat and cold inside any place. Most homes enjoy lesser bills due to this one simple fact.

Insulated doors may be much more expensive, but the returns are immense as these regulate the temperature in any place effectively.

  1. Better structural effects

Compared to walls and doors, garage doors are relatively easier to maintain as there are technicians who are dedicated to this type of work. For one, garage doors do not need to be constantly painted on. Those found inside a structure are not prone to rusting or dents as they are not exposed to damaging external elements.

Also, garage doors make for better and cheaper dividers to create additional rooms for public places such as libraries and restaurants without affecting the overall look of the place when using doors with aluminum and steel supports. Compared to expensive noise managing structural additions, garage doors provide the ultimate privacy for meetings and private parties with their naturally occurring soundproofing abilities that do not require high maintenance paddings and the like.

Garage doors can also be moved and are more malleable in fitting into structures compared to constantly renovating expensively because of cement walls.

  1. Optimized security

Garage doors provide better security compared to normal doors or pull down stainless doors. They are made of strong bolts and nuts that make intrusion much harder to accomplish. The garage door’s structure is also harder to penetrate as it is often made of thick material whether it is steel, aluminum and the more contemporary ones such as fiberglass or PVC.

Most garage doors are also now equipped with the latest in technology such as CCTV cameras and tech-controlled lock mechanisms. This can help store owners watch over their stores offsite 24/7 without any hassle and stress. The garage doors of today can also be installed with automatic alarm systems, which can alert authorities in case of intrusions even when the owner is asleep or out of town.

  1. Modern feel

The quickest way to make a structure be more amazing is by the use of garage doors which makes them a favorite of interior designers. Especially for advance looking structures, garage doors provide an industrial look to any place and instantly updates it. 

More Than Just a Door

Today, garage doors are multi-functional. More than just providing security, they can also be an essential part of the structure’s design and it can help regulate temperature. If you need advice on which garage door type to purchase for your property in Roseville, California, call Perfect Solutions Garage Door company.

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Five Ways to Avoid Garage Door Accidents

Your garage door may seem innocent enough and safe, but there are some cases where garage doors can cause injury to some people.  The sad thing is that these injuries are the fault of the garage owners themselves and are totally avoidable. If you want your family to be safe from garage door accidents, you can minimize the risk by implementing some safety measures.

Keeping Your Garage Doors Safe

Just like any device, garage doors should be used with caution to prevent damages and accidents. Here are some ways to keep you and your family safe from garage door accidents:

  1. Keep the remote out of children’s reach.

One of the common dangers of garage doors comes from children playing with the remote to open and close the door. Not only will this damage the door, it can also harm your children if they are underneath the door when they close it. To avoid this, hide your garage door remote in a safe area out of children’s reach. If you have a door leading from the garage into your home, keep this door locked when children are at home to prevent them from going inside this area.

  1. Always open and close all the way.

When opening the door to get inside your garage, always make sure that it is opened all the way. If it is only partially open, it will put too much tension on the spring, which can snap and send the door crushing down. If a person happens to be under the impact site, he can get seriously injured.

  1. Check the reversing mechanism monthly.

The reversing mechanism ensures that if the garage door is closing and it notices that something is underneath the door, it will go back up to avoid accidents. However, some conditions prevent it from doing so, like for example if the sensor is covered in dust. To test if the mechanism works, place a tissue roller on the bottom of the door and close it. If it reverses, then it is good. If it does not reverse, contact a garage door technician right away.

  1. Learn how to use the emergency release feature.

The emergency release feature ensures that you can manually open the garage door in case of power outages.  If the garage door accidentally closes on someone and their feet are trapped, you can use this to open the door in a hurry.

  1. Always check the garage door.

Visual investigation at least once a week can help keep your garage door safe. You should check the spring for any signs of wear and tear. Also, listen to the sound your garage door makes. A squeaky sound may mean you need to lubricate the parts.

Monthly Maintenance is Necessary

A garage door in good condition is a safe door.  This is why it is important to invest in monthly garage door maintenance with a reliable garage door company.  Having professional technicians check the condition of your garage door may be the best safety strategy of all.  The tech will be able to check and determine if your garage door needs repair before any accidents can happen.

Nobody has to get injured because of garage doors. As a garage owner, you should never neglect your garage door and follow the tips above to make it safe.

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Garage Door Technicians: Four Ways to Differentiate the Frauds from Legit

If your garage door is causing you problems, you would want someone trustworthy to fix it.  Unfortunately, there are many people who are not qualified to repair and maintain your garage doors but parade themselves as certified technicians. Be wary of these impostors because they may cause more damage to your garage door instead of fixing it. Not only that,  if you realize that your garage door is worse off than before, you won’t have a way of contacting the false technician since he is not working in a legitimate garage door company.

Knowing the Technicians to Trust

How are you going to spot the fakes from the legit technician? Here are some pointers for you.

  1. Check their identification cards.

The first thing you should do when a garage door technician comes to your door is to check his identification. If a technician is working for a legitimate garage door company, he should have an ID card that states the name of the company, his name, the name of his manager with signature and the phone number of the garage door company. If he can’t show you a valid ID, don’t let him work on your door. At worse, this can be a security issue as the person can be a burglar or an intruder with malicious intentions.

  1. Call the company they claim to be from

Once you have verified that he has an ID, take note of the name, the company and the number then call it. Just ask them if the person on your premises is really their employee. Most company can check their list of employees and see if that same name appears on that list.  If the name is on their list, ask them to describe him so you can confirm if he really is the guy.

  1. Ask for the price book

Legit garage door technicians who work in a company will always have a price book with them. This book contains all the garage doors and parts that the company sells. Garage door companies only give this book to their employees.  If the person claiming to be a garage door technician has the book, then you can be sure he is working for a legitimate garage door company.

  1. Observe how he works

A real garage door technician will know exactly what to look for and where to look for it.  If it seems that the he does not know what he is doing or if he didn’t even bother to investigate your garage door, then you should start doubting.

Be Secure

Knowing the legit garage door technician from the fake one is easy once you have mastered the steps above. Remember that fake garage door technicians may not know what they are doing and may damage your garage door. It may also be a threat to your security. Only work with technicians trusted by your community. If you are in Roseville and Sacramento areas, you can call Perfect Solutions Garage Door.

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How to Polish Your Wooden Garage Door Using a Natural Cleaner

If your wooden garage door looks old and tired, it may be the perfect time to polish it.  Commercial wood polish would work just fine, but they could be expensive and since they are made with petroleum-based wax, it could be bad for your health and the environment. A safer wood polish that you can make at home is the beeswax wood polish.

Making the Beeswax Polish

To make your beeswax wood polish, you only need two ingredients, bees wax and olive oil or coconut oil.  First, you need to pour some oil into a microwave safe container.  Then, pound or grate some beeswax to make it easy to melt later. Add the grated or pounded beeswax into the oil, making sure that the ratio is one part beeswax and four parts oil.

Now you need to heat it up in the microwave for several minutes to melt the wax. Once it is heated, take out the mixture, which now looks like oil, and carefully stir it thoroughly until it becomes cool.  You now have your beeswax polish.

Cleaning Your Wooden Garage Door

Before you apply your all-natural and non-toxic polish, clean your garage door first using water mixed with some vinegar.  Make sure all the dust and grime are wiped out before proceeding to the next step.  After cleaning or washing the garage door, let it dry naturally.  Once the wooden garage door is dry, you can now start polishing.

Polishing the Garage Door

Using a soft cloth, apply some of your beeswax polish onto the wooden garage door starting from the upper left corner  down to the  bottom right. This is to ensure that all the parts of the garage door are polished well.  Make sure that all the nooks and cranny of the garage door are covered with the polish.  Apply evenly for a perfect look.  Once the entire garage door is polished, wait for the wax to harden. This may take several minutes.

Once the wax is hardened enough, gently scrub the wooden garage door with soft cloth until the wax begins to appear glossy and sparkly. You have to ensure no part is left un-scrubbed or else it will not look even.  Now you can enjoy a revitalized and polished wooden garage door that you can be proud of.

A Beautiful but Malfunctioning Garage Door is Useless

You may now have a sparkly wooden garage after you polish it with natural beeswax polish, but if your garage door is not functioning well, its beauty is useless.  Wooden garage doors should also be looked at and maintained by garage door professionals to make it not only beautiful, but also flawless in looks and in action.  Never hesitate to call a garage door company for your garage door problems. Always remember, beauty and function are best paired together. If you are based on Roseville and Sacramento, the company to call is Perfect Solutions Garage Door.

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