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LiftMaster Wall Console Installation

One of our loyal clients, Irene, had been having an issue with her garage door opener. For more than a month, she was unable to open her garage door with her remote when she came home. Being that it’s winter, leaving her car in the driveway wasn’t pleasant, in order to come through the front door. The mornings are especially rough!

We wish she would have called us sooner, since we were able to get everything fixed in no time. Initially, we had some trouble figuring out what was wrong. We first tried reprogramming her remotes and her inside keypad to see if that would solve it. It did work at first, but then we tried her remotes and her car’s home link system, and it stopped working. What a nightmare! We assumed there was some sort of device issue. Or perhaps there was something jamming or blocking the frequency of the garage door.

Ultimately we decided to replace her existing wall console with a new LiftMaster 888LM MyQ wall console. This console is seriously the coolest! You can control the garage door features, which include locking, programming and settings, right from the console yourself. You can also extend the range of the remote controls with your “home link” system.

More Features of the LiftMaster 888LM MyQ model.

  • WiFi enabled
  • Smartphone or tablet control to open and close doors
  • Program remote controls yourself from the panel.
  • Controls the doors and your garage door lights. Even set timers for your lights from the panel!
  • 150 degree sensing angle and motion detection. Garage door lights will go on when movement is detected.
  • You can set a timer to close your doors after a certain number of minutes for increased security!
  • The lock function will disable your remote controls if you are away.

liftmaster wall console installation myq 888lm

This LiftMaster wall console is affordable, with top of the line features for functionality and security!

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Glass Garage Door Installation in Auburn, CA

We recently installed this new custom glass garage door for clients in Auburn, CA.

Reinhard and Stephanie were looking to update their old, dated garage doors with something new and modern. Their kids have all moved out, and instead of buying a new home, they decided to invest in remodeling their current home.

As you can see in the before, the brown color against the brown and white bricks has a very dated vibe.

glass garage door installation

What you can’t see in this picture, is the sound of the 20 year old opener which actually complimented the 20 year old garage doors! Reinhard and Stephanie didn’t just want a garage door update, but an opener update as well!

Clopay Garage Doors + LIftMaster Opener

The doors Reinhard and Stephanie ended up choosing were these Clopay doors from the Avante collection. Frosted glass doors with a black frame, in a beautiful contemporary style.

While beautiful, these doors are also very heavy. An opener that could handle it’s weight was needed. We decided on the LiftMaster 8587W opener. It’s a chain drive opener that is WiFi enabled and an upgraded security system.

With the addition of these beautiful glass garage doors, plus an upcoming front door installation to match the look and feel of the garage door, this house got a serious makeover! No painting or resurfacing the front of the house. A simply switch of garage doors makes a huge difference!

glass garage door installation

We all installed a new entry door that matches their new garage door.

glass entry door installation auburn ca

You can read all the details here.

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When and How to Replace Garage Door Rollers

A common garage door repair is replacing garage door rollers that are worn or broken. Rollers can break and cause your garage door or doors to go off track. It’s a good idea to have routine garage door maintenance performed so ensure worn rollers are spotted before they break and cause more damage. Worn rollers can not only get your doors off track, it’s noisy!

If your routine maintenance doesn’t catch the rollers and they do break, replacing them is pretty easy! The repair is an easy fix that will have your doors back on track and running much quieter!

The video below is a great example of what a worn out roller looks like versus a new roller. We are big fans of silicone rollers. While they are the most expensive as compared to plastic, steel or nylon rollers, they are the most durable and they don’t make a sound when your doors open or close. If you go with another roller material, ensure you care for them properly. Rollers with ball bearings need to be lubricated once a year. You or a garage door tech doing maintenance, can take care of this.

How do you replace garage door rollers?

The process to replace garage door rollers is pretty easy. Start by opening your garage door. Clamp the track, make sure you disconnect the opener from the door, remove the older rollers and then slide new ones into place! Safety is important here, as garage doors that aren’t clamped properly can fall and cause damage. Best course of action if you aren’t confident in replacing worn rollers, is to have a tech come in.

Since you are already clamping your doors and removing the rollers for replacement, this repair is a great opportunity to also tighten your hardware, ensuring all bolts and screws are tight and your tracks are aligned properly. Loose hardware can cause your door to vibrate, which loosens the hardware even more, and can affect the performance of your doors.



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