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Garage Door Cracked Panel Replacement

If you notice that your garage door is making loud popping sounds. Or if you are having problems closing your garage door. If you see some dents on your garage door that weren’t there before, then you might have a cracked panel.

A cracked panel is a common problem, especially if a door was hit by an object in the past. It can crack one or more panels as part of the overall damage.

Visual of a garage door with a cracked panel:

In many cases, if you don’t take care of your entire garage door, it can collapse. If you have a cracked panel, or a panel that completely collapses, there are 3 options to repair it.

Cracked Panel Repair Options

  1. Install braces to support the damaged panel or panels. This is a temporary fix. It will last maybe a year before you need to repair it permanently. Below are 2 options.
  2. You can replace the damaged panel or panels. The catch here is that your door needs to be in production still, in order to order the right panels. This isn’t usually a problem if your door isn’t newer. But for many older doors, this isn’t possible, so you have only option #3.
  3. You must replace the entire door. If your door was older, this can be a blessing in disguise. You can get a new style you want, add some value to your home, and get a better quality door that will last years. Better quality doors include doors with better insulation, which directly benefits your home and utilities. And increases your home’s security.

A cracked garage door panel is a serious issue. Call a garage door company with experience in identifying cracked panels, and a company skilled in replacing panels or installing new garage doors. You can call Perfect Solutions 24/7 for a free evaluation and estimate.

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Garage Door Replacement Project: My Son Ran Into the Garage Doors!

We recently received a call from Paula that her garage doors weren’t looking so hot and that she might need a garage door replacement. We came out to see what she was talking about. Look what we found when we drove up:


Not looking so hot? That’s an understatement, Paula. Apparently Paula’s teenage son had a bit of an accident and drove into the garage doors. She called us immediately and we sent a tech out to take a look at the damage.

We decided with Paula that replacing the doors was the best solution. Her other garage door was also damaged so at that point it made sense to go ahead and replace both.

After considering several options, we eventually landed on the UDT short panel 25 gauge doors. Since they aren’t custom doors, we were able to go and get the ones she picked, and install them THE SAME DAY!


Since the springs were still loaded on the damaged garage doors, the tech first needed to put the old door back on it’s tracks. After that, he was able to safely remove both garage doors. After those were out of the way, we removed the old rotted wood we found. Then, we installed and anchored a new seal plate and framed out the new openings. Then, we replaced the tracks, and installed the new doors! Once the new doors were in we installed the trim and a vapor barrier, followed by wire reinforcement for the stucco. Now, cosmetics! We re-stuccoed the wall that was affected by the accident and installation, and matched the texture. Final step is repainting the stucco, and voila! Good as new!


The repair and installation went smoothly, and Paula’s doors look great! The UDT doors Paula chose came with a lifetime cracks and rust warranty which are much more durable than the doors she had previously. They might not withstand another ramming from her teenager, BUT they will stand up better to every day wear and tear.

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Easy Garage Door Updates: Panel Replacement

Replacing your garage doors is sometimes necessary, whether due to damage or just wanting a whole new look. But sometimes there is a way to change the look and feel of your garage door, without actually replacing the entire thing and incurring the expensive of replacement. Below we will take a look at one such change, which not only looks great, but is affordable too!

An affordable way to get a new look for your garage door is to replace a panel and paint your doors. Changing paint and other details can change the look of your home. And without the cost of a big garage door renovation.

In addition to painting your doors a new color, replacing a panel with a panel that includes window decorations or other decoration features can really enhance the look you are going for. If your existing garage door is in great condition but you want some more decoration, it is much easier and cheaper to replace the panel with a decorative feature you want, then to choose and pay for an entirely new door.

Below you can see a recent project we did where we painted the doors and replaced a panel to change up the look. This door was in excellent condition to replacing the whole thing would have been a waste.


Here are the doors before any work was done. You can see that the condition is great, and they look stylish! The homeowners were looking for a bit more drama and design.


Here are the doors halfway through the transformation. The upper panels of both doors were removed. Then we installed new panels that feature decorative windows that the homeowners really wanted.


After the new panels were installed, all we had to do was paint! As you can see in this after picture, the doors look amazing! The newly installed upper panels were painted to match the existing doors and voila! These doors look totally different, and for a great price!


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