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Off-Track Garage Door Project

Our latest project included saving a beautiful classic car from destruction! Ok, so it was really about fixing an off track garage door that a beautiful classic car happened to be parked in, but we like to think of ourselves as heroes! 

Mike and Suzy called and said their main garage door went off it’s tracks and some rollers and cables had fallen off the door. 

   off track garage door

When we arrived we found even more problems. The opener needed adjusting, the size of the springs were wrong and the cables were bad.

The challenge was completing these repairs and getting the door back on track without disturbing their amazing car! The garage wasn’t huge, so working around the car was tricky. 

Steps for Repair

The first thing we did was level the door. We then put the rollers back in the hinges. Once that was done, we were able to remove the tension from the old springs.

With those tasks checked off, we replaced the cables with heavier gauge cables that are the right thickness for this door. Then we installed 2 properly fitted springs, that will carry the weight of the door correctly and support the opener.

The door also had a cracked upper panel. Since this door had been discontinued and we couldn’t order a replacement panel, we installed a 16′ strut for reinforcement, as well as a center style mount to mount the opener “J” arm.

The last fix was adjusting the opener. We noticed during the initial inspection that the opener installer had adjusted the force to the maximum. This isn’t good since it opens and closes too forcefully and can cause the door to come crashing down. This was a good reminder to get a professional to set your force properly. The setting will depend on the weight of your door as well as the type of door you have. 

And now, Mike and Suzy are ready to rock and roll!


Installing a Center Mount Opener for Your Garage Door

These homeowners were finally ready to address some lingering issues in their garage after purchasing their home last year. As they were cleaning up and just generally inspecting areas they needed to work on, they noticed that the door wasn’t straight and tilting away from the house.

Uh-oh. Before attempting to fix it, they called Perfect Solutions right away to figure out what was going on.

We discovered that the upper panel was damaged, and needed to be replaced.

damaged upper panel

After brainstorming all the ways in which this upper panel could have been damaged, it became clear that the garage door opener was to blame. The previous owners installed it themselves, so it wasn’t done properly. The bad installation resulted in the upper panel being damaged.

What was wrong with the opener installation?

The garage door opener the previous owners installed was mounted to the garage itself with a piece of wood. This isn’t how to mount an an opener! You should always use proper mounting materials and a proper mount meant for garage doors.

Mounting it to the wood is what damaged the panel, which you can see below.

improper garage door mount

What’s the fix?

We simply remounted the garage door opener properly, with a center mount. We also found a replacement panel for their door, ordered and installed it!

After we installed the new upper panel, we re-balanced the door and made sure the opener, springs, censors, etc were all set properly.

Now that this part is done, they can keep up the great work on putting their own stamp on their new, and first, home!

center mount garage door opener

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What to Do When Your Garage Door Doesn’t Open All the Way

We got a call from a customer last month that their garage door wasn’t opening all the way. Naturally, they were very annoyed and wanted to resolve the issue. Perfect Solutions to the rescue! We were able to get out to their house same day and fix the problem!

Below you can see what they meant by not opening all the way…


Solution: The Right Size Torsion Springs + Dual Spring System

When we arrived at our customer’s house we began the process of troubleshooting all the potential issues. The problem ended up being the heaviness of the door and the opener. The door was too heavy for the opener to properly open and close the door.

The door was too heavy because the torsion springs that were installed are too small for the garage door. Sizing your springs properly really do make a difference in the proper functioning of all of your garage door parts!

In the video below, you can see the results of installing the right size torsion springs. Now the door opens and closes all the way!


You can see in the video, we not only replaced the small torsion spring, but we installed a new dual spring system as well. Not only is the dual spring system more durable and stronger than 1 spring, it will increase the longevity of your springs, your opener and all the other working parts of your garage door.

There aren’t many cases that we don’t recommend installing a two spring system for your garage door. It costs a little more upfront, but is worth it in the long run. Springs are important, not just the right size, but the number as well!

Now our customer is happy since his garage doors are opening and closing as they should. Another satisfied customer!

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