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Broken Trolley Repair

This customer called us because their garage door wasn’t opening. They mentioned the garage door was making a very loud noise but they weren’t sure what the problem was. 

We came out and inspected the garage door. The issue was a broken trolley.

The old trolley on top, new on the bottom.

The sound you can hear in the video below is what a broken or worn out trolley sounds like. The trolley is the part that travels up and down the rail while the garage door opens or closes.

This is an easy fix. Not only did we change out the broken trolley with a new part, we also greased the rail as well. We use a white lithium grease for this.

white lithium grease for garage door rail white lithium grease for garage door rail

As you can see in the video below, the garage door not only works but sounds a bit better too!

Broken Trolley Repair Video: Before and After


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Replacing a Trolley Carriage

The picture below is a great example of what an old and work carriage looks like next to a new one. These carriage parts are for a Genie opener. You will know if your carriage needs repair if you hear grinding noises when your garage door is operating. Or if you have a hard time closing or opening your garage door.

This customer’s worn carriage also had a spring replacement around a year ago for normal wear and tear. The installer who did that spring repair installed springs that were too small for this particular garage door. This is a common mistake, but a costly one! Since the springs were too small, the garage door was heavy and caused a lot of wear on the carriage. It took less than a year for it to wear out.

Springs serve an important purpose. They help to carry and balance the weight of the garage door so your garage door lifts properly. When the springs can’t handle the weight, it puts the burden on the opener, which then weighs down the trolley carriage. Once the wear and tear is too bad,the garage door won’t open at all, or will open but not easily.

You can hear the grinding sound in the video below. Keep watching, and you’ll see the difference once we replaced the trolley carriage.



Steps to Fix the Trolley Carriage

The first thing we did was just replace the trolley carriage itself. We used a brand new carriage, which you can see in the image at the top. It’s an easy and quick fix, and not very expensive. This repair took us less than an hour.

After we did that, we installed the right size springs. We adjusted the tension so the springs will carry the weight of the garage door properly.


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Garage Door Sealing

Most garage door technicians will mention sealing your garage door if they are servicing your garage door, especially if they notice any cracks in your seal or an absence of a seal altogether.

There are many benefits for a sealed garage door, including insect prevention, home security and energy benefits.

Insect Prevention

It’s easy for insects like spiders and ants to enter your garage door through an unsealed garage door or a broken seal. This alone is a great reason to seal your garage door!

Home Security

A broken seal is a great opportunity to shove a crowbar under a garage door and get it open to gain entry to your home.

Sealing your garage door helps to keep a main entry point to your home more secure.

Energy Efficiency

If you have an attached garage door, the temperature of your garage directly impacts the temperature in your home. A garage door seal can help regulate the temperature INSIDE your garage, which will positively affect the inside of your home.

Whether you have an attached or detached garage, many people enjoy working in their garage, or keep their car inside. A garage door seal can help keep temperatures cool in the summer, and warmer in the winter, so your car stays comfortable and you can work with the door shut comfortably.

Spending some money to seal your garage, can lower your energy bills and help pay for the seal itself!


Should I seal my garage door?

Yes! The small investment has a ton of benefits, including closing off entry to insects and burglars alike, and contributing to energy savings in your home.

Call a professional garage door company today to have a licensed garage door technician check out the seal on your home, and give you a quote! An annual maintenance call is a great time to check the seal of your garage, and make any improvements and upgrades you need!

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Realtor Garage Door Fix: Damaged Panels

We have a great working relationship with realtors and realty companies. Often times they are given homes that they need to get ready to put on the market, and there is important work that needs to be done before that can happen!

One of our Keller Williams realty customers gave us a call about a mobile home they were putting on the market. The garage door was damaged and needed to be repaired before the first open house.

As you can see, the bottom two panels were damaged. Most likely at some point, someone bumped into the door with their car.

When we arrived and inspected the door we confirmed that only 2 panels were damaged. Thankfully for the realtor and the homeowner, it was only two panels, which made replacing them instead of replacing the entire door, the best choice. Replacing 2 panels is a lot cheaper than ordering and installing a new door.

We ordered 2 new panels to replace the damaged ones and got to work installing them.

The door looks great now!

Importance of curb appeal when selling your home!

The damaged panels didn’t do much to affect the functioning of the garage door, but curb appeal is very important, especially when selling a home! This quick fix, especially as compared to replacing the entire door, made a huge difference during the sales process for this home.

If you have an older garage door, it can sometimes be more cost effective to replace the entire door. Especially if you are selling your home, a new garage door adds instant value and helps tremendously with the exterior curb appeal.

In this case, the door was in great shape, and spending a small amount of money to update the damage, made all the difference!

The house sold after only 1 week on the market!

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Garage Door Panel Update with Windows

Our latest project in Roseville was with our customer, Mike. This project is a great example of how you can get a brand new look for your garage door, without the expensive project of buying and installing a brand new door.

In this case, Mike was getting bored with his plain white garage doors and wanted to update his curb appeal a bit! A few things you can do, just like Mike, is installing new hardware, replacing a panel or panels and new paint!


Mike decided that he’d love windows on his garage door. He was hoping that we could find panels with the window design he liked, so instead of getting all new doors, we could just swap out his upper panels.

Well lucky for Mike, his garage doors are still being manufactured. This meant we were able to find some panels with a window design he loved. We ordered the panels, and installed them when they came in!

They look pretty good, right?


garage door panel update

Replacing the upper panel saved Mike a ton of money. But the work wasn’t done with the panel swap.

Since the windows added extra weight to the door, we switched out his garage door springs . This helps to properly balance and support the weight of the new door.

We also installed a new LiftMaster belt drive opener that is quiet and handles the load of his doors properly. The doors open more smoothly as well!

Switching out his garage door panels instead of getting a new door saved Mike thousands. And he got the garage door windows he was hoping for! The last step in this makeover was a quick fresh coat of paint so all the panels matched each other and Mike was good to go!

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