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Getting Ready to Sell: Garage Door Updates

Dorothy was ready to put up her beautiful home in El Dorado Hills for sale. She wanted to improve her curb appeal before selling to make it more marketable. This includes switching out the garage doors, upgrading the garage door openers, and painting her house.  

The garage doors was old wood doors that were 30+ years old. Her garage door openers as well were 30 years old. 

Note here that any openers made before 1993 don’t come with an auto reverse feature. This important safety feature is crucial for garage door safety, and having it will help sell your home. Auto reverse means probably what you think – that the door will automatically reserve. This happens if there is something in the way of the sensors.

You should test that your garage doors do this, regardless of whether you are selling your home. Whether you are or aren’t, you can test by simply taking a rolled up newspaper and putting it in the path of the garage door. Now close the garage door. If the door automatically reverses upon sensing the newspaper, you’re good! If it doesn’t, call a professional!

When looking at different garage door options and what would make the most sense, Dorothy’s only requirements were doors that would compliment the style of her house, and that were durable.  Besides style, nothing else much mattered, as she was planning on painting her home, including her garage doors.

Dorothy ended up choosing Clopay garage doors, their T52 model. We added plain windows, which were a nice compliment to the large windows she has throughout her home.  

Dorothy needed 2 garage doors: 1 two car garage door and 1 one car garage door. They look great, especially with the windows!

As for the garage door openers, she went with the 8065 LiftMaster 1/2HP chain drive openers. This is very durable, and very affordable! 

Ready to be put on the market and photographed!

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How to Take Care of Your Garage

The difference between the longevity of a maintained garage door and an un-maintained garage door is YEARS! Caring for your garage door is a necessity to getting the most life out of it, and saving you money!

There are some easy ways to keep your garage door maintained properly. You can do these tasks monthly, quarterly and some are yearly. Many of them can be done on your own. It’s always a great idea to schedule a yearly maintenance check with a licensed company to catch anything you might have missed, or to fix anything you might not realize is broken, before it gets worse!

Monthly Tasks

Checking your tracks is something that can be done every month and only takes a few minutes.

Simply grab a wet cloth and wipe down your tracks carefully. Feel as you go for any bumps or dents that might need your attention. Cleaning the tracks also helps the door run more smoothly along them, as it removes any debris or built up residue.

Make sure to grab a dry towel and wipe the tracks dry when you’re done!

Quarterly Tasks

Check your weather sealant at the start of every new season. When temperatures change quickly, the sealant is more prone to crack or tear. So this makes the change of seasons a great time to check.

Sealant helps keep critters out of your garage door, but it also helps seal the door off from the air flow outside. In the summer this protects your garage from the hot air, and cold air in winter .

Checking this is easy, just take the tip of your finger and run it along the seal. If you feel any tears or cracks, either replace the sealant, or call a professional to do it for you.

Lubricating your door and parts is also something that is great to do quarterly. We recommend a lithium or silicone spray, NOT WD40. Lubrication helps your door run smoothly and more quietly.

Spray on your rollers, ball bearings, hinges, chain rail and the arm bar of your garage door. Avoid spraying the chain, springs or the bottom of the chain rail.
Simply performing these THREE tasks every month or quarter, can go a long way in catching any problems before they arise.

You save money just by checking these things, even if actual repairs are done by a professional garage door company. 5-10 minutes every month and quarter can really save you a ton!

Amarr Classica Steel Garage Door

We recently installed this beautiful Amarr Classica carriage house style garage door for a client. Below you can see the door in a walnut finish, with large windows as an accent.

amarr classica

The style you see above is the “Cortona” design with “Thames” windows with “Alpine” decorative handles and “Blue Ridge” strap hinges.

The Amarr Classica series is a top of the line carriage house garage door on the market today. The door has a variety of safety and design features that make this Amarr door stand out among the rest.

Large Windows

The Classica door offers large windows as part of the design. These windows let in more light than traditional sized windows and offer a more authentic carriage house look.

Wind Load Garage Door

These Amarr Classica series doors are “wind load” garage doors. This means they are designed to withstand high wind pressure and offer an interior wind load reinforcement system.

The wind load feature meets all local code requirements for your area.

Safe Guard Pinch Protection

The Amarr Classica door has a great feature called the Amarr “Safe Guard System”. The way the panels are put together ensure that fingers won’t be pinched if they a hand happens to be on the door when the door is operating. Amarr’s patented center end hinges safe bottom brackets, and pinch protection sections help to increase the safety of this Amarr door.

Steel, Not Wood

When you first see this beautiful door, in this Walnut finish, you would probably bet a hefty sum its wood. In fact, it’s steel. Steel is a durable, low-maintenance garage door material. Compared to wood, it’s lighter and easier to care for long term.

This Amarr Classica design offers all the beauty and design of a custom wood carriage house door, at the price and durability of a steel garage door. With low maintenance and a high safety rating, this Amarr steer garage door is a top pick amongst homeowners looking for style and affordability.

Lifetime Warranty

Amarr offers a lifetime warranty on all Classica garage door purchases.

Perfect Solutions Garage Door, in addition, offers a 5-year installation warranty on all Amarr Classica doors installed.


Garage Door Opener Guide

If you are in the market for a new garage door opener, then this post is for you. It can be difficult to figure out what garage door opener you want, and need. And what opener will work for your garage.

Garage Door Opener Horsepower

The first thing you need to understand is the difference between the horsepower sizes.

There are 3 different opener types: 1/3HP, 1/2 HP and 1 HP. 

1/3 HP garage door openers are perfect for a 1 car garage door or a light 2 car garage door.

1/2 HP garage door openers work well for doors made of wood and steel. This the minimum size for a 2 car or double garage door.

1 HP garage door openers work for double garage doors, or for very heavy doors.

The general recommendation is to size “up” for your opener HP. The price difference isn’t great, and a stronger opener will last longer and allow your other garage door parents to function at their optimum level.

Garage Door Mechanism Choice

After you decide what size horsepower you need, you then need to choose the mechanism. There are also 3 types here: screw drive, chain drive, and belt drive. The big choice here is price and noise level.

Screw drive openers are the middle of the road option. They aren’t super loud, but not the quietest, and cost more than a belt drive, but less than a chain drive.

Then you have a chain drive. This is the most affordable, but also the loudest. You also need to perform regular maintenance on them to work well.

Belt drive openers are the top of the line. They are the most expensive, but they also require no maintenance and are very quiet.

Opener Security Options and Features

Once you decide on the horsepower and mechanism type, you just need to see of those options, which opener has the features you want. There are a lot of cool features out there, and they don’t cost as much as you think.

Motion Detector Lights

Many new openers have this feature. The opener has a light attached and turns on when motion is detected. This is great for garage door security.

Rolling Code Tech

This is pretty standard now, but ensure your opener offers this. This changes the code of your garage door opener, so that a remote can’t be created  by a stranger. This will help you keep your garage door secure and prevent against break ins.

Fingerprint Tech 

Some openers have a fingerprint scan that allow only fingerprints registered to open and close the door.

Auto Reverse Feature

This is standard on all new garage door openers made after 1993. It’s a safety feature that will automatically reverse the door if it senses something in it’s path. This is essential for garage door safety, and we recommend anyone who has an opener made before 1993 to upgrade.

Garage Door Opener Apps

Garage door openers often now sync up with an app on your smartphone or tablet. You can turn on the garage door light, open or close it even when you aren’t home and control the opener right from your device! High tech!

Call a professional garage door company today if you are looking for a new opener. Not only can they install it, they can help choose the right horsepower, mechanism and features that fit your door, your wants, and your budget!

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