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Garage Door Installation | Old Wood Garage Door | Sacramento, CA

Paul and his wife, Karen, recently purchased a home in Sacramento, CA. Their plan was to remodel it and then sell it for a profit.

When they got to the garage, they knew they had a big project on their hands. The door was an old wooden garage door, and was falling a part, as you can see below. 

old wooden garage door sacramento, ca

In addition to needing to replace the garage door with an updated, modern one the frame of the garage was also in need of repair. The frame itself was also not the right size for any standard size garage door. 

We came in and repaired and updated the size of the frame. Then we were able to install a brand new one car garage door. 

white UDT steel garage door

The door Paul and Karen chose was this short UDT door. It is 25 gauge steel and comes in white, so no painting necessary!

We also installed a new garage door opener, and a brand new spring so the door will operate like the brand new door that it is.

udt garage door installation sacramento ca

Updating your garage door before selling is important, and will help you get more money for your home. No one wants to buy a home knowing right off the bat that they need to replace or repair the garage door and garage door parts.

This simple and inexpensive fix goes a long way! The UDT door they chose is a durable steel and will last for many years. A new spring + opener can last a good 10 years, so they can market in their listing that the garage door and its parts are new and upgraded!

Paul and Karen can’t wait to finish their house and get it back on the market! In the meantime, they are already enjoying easily opening their garage door to park their car.


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Commercial Garage Door Installation on Shed

Our customer, Gary built this amazing shed on his property about 3 years ago. When he built the shed, however, he left the side open with the hopes of one day installing a door to enclose it.

commercial roll up garage door

This past fall, he decided it was time to finally invest in a good commercial garage door to complete the shed. Gary had critters in and out of his shed all the time, and it just didn’t make sense to not have the opening closed up.

The commercial garage door size he needed at 16×11. We went with a commercial roll up garage door to suit his needs.

Installing a Commercial Garage Door

We ordered the door, and got to work!
commercial garage door roll up installation

The door was BIG. And heavy! Thankfully Gary had the right equipment to get it unloaded!

installing commercial garage door

Once installed, it looked great! Gary is super happy and now his shed is completely closed off from the elements, so his things and space are protected!

installed commercial roll up door

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

There are many options to choose from when looking at commercial garage doors.

You can pick full-view doors. These are great for restaurants or retail businesses looking for an industrial look.

Gary of course chose a durable industrial roll up garage door. It works for Gary’s shed, as well as auto shops or warehouses that have things to store. Industrial doors help insulate the space and help with climate control, which is great for many types of applications.

The roll up garage door that Gary chose comes in many colors, as a standard. So anyone can get a unique and custom look. It’s always great when doors come in standard colors beyond grey, beige and white, as it saves the hassle of painting the door once it’s installed.

Just like a residential door, you can insulate commercial garage doors as well. They also sell fire and smoke rated models made from steel and aluminum. These options are great depending on where you live and what you are storing inside your space.

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Entry Door Installation with Matching Garage Doors | Auburn, CA

Reinhard and Stephanie called us when their torsion spring broke and they were unable to open or close their garage door.

Since their existing door was over 25 years old, it would be costly to get the parts to fix it. Given the door was already very old, they decided it made sense to buy a new door. This would get them better function, and allow them to update their curb appeal with a new style.

Stephanie really loves a more modern look, so they ended up choosing this beautiful garage door:


The door is glass with a black aluminum trim. It is a Clopay door, from their Avante collection. The glass is frosted and the frame is a black anodized aluminum.

The exterior of their home was completely transformed! They quickly realized that their traditional front door no longer matched their new bold garage door choice.

They decided to upgrade their entry door as well to compliment their new exterior look.

They ended up choosing the Contemporary Thermal 7404 model entry door by Simpson Door Company. The glass in the entry door matched the garage door, and we requested the entry door be painted black to match the garage door frame.

Looks pretty good, right!?

glass entry door installation auburn ca

Residential Entry Door Installation

If you live in the Auburn, Roseville or Greater Sacramento area, give us a call! We don’t do just garage doors, we do all exterior doors for your home including front entry, rear entry and side entry doors.

Purchasing and installing entry doors that match or compliment the style and design of our garage doors is a great way to really give the exterior of your home an upgrade!

Just ask Reinhard and Stephanie! They are so happy with their beautiful new doors. It looks great from the outside, and the front entry door is enjoyed from the inside as well!

glass entry door


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