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3 Ways to Make the Garage Door Safer for the Family

iStock_000043296394_SmallOne of the greatest fears of parents is their kids getting involved in accidents. However, accidents could happen even within the premises of the home and adults are not exempted from these. As innocuous as it may seem, your garage is an accident-prone area.   Most people keep power tools and other heavy stuff in shelves of the garage and they could fall on a family member. The garage door could also be a cause of accidents if they are defective or if the owner is careless especially when it comes to repairing and maintaining your garage doors. However, there are several ways to keep the family safe from garage door mishaps.

Regular maintenance and repair

People can’t live without garage and garage doors. They keep the car safe from vandals and car thieves. However, after using it many times, some parts may malfunction and they become unpredictable and therefore dangerous.  For example, the heavy door might suddenly close on the user while he is trying to enter his garage door and cause injuries. If children play near an open garage door, they could be in danger, too. Calling for a garage door company for repair and maintenance once a year should help keep the family safe from garage door-related accidents.

Install an IP cam in front of the garage door

An IP cam is a type of security camera that can send the pictures and video it captures through the internet. This is very useful for those parents who leave their kids at home when they work.  They can check if the child strays into the garage door area and plays with the garage door remote control. They can then call neighbors or friends to ensure that their child is taken away from the garage area. In fact, modern phones can be used as IP cams with the right software programs.

Keep the remote way up

Children love to play. Everything they can get their hands on could be a toy for them including garage door remotes. That is why it is very important for parents to keep the remote beyond the reach of children or better yet bring it with them when they leave the house.

Motion sensors

Motion sensors help keep people safe when accidentally closing the garage door and there is a child under it. The sensor will detect if there is a child or a person under the door and it will send the command to the door to go back up. Some technologies use infrared beams. When the infrared beams are cut off because a person passes under the garage door, the door will not close down.

Everyone is afraid to hear the news that a family member was involved in an accident.  Parents can do a lot to make their home, particularly their garage doors safer by following the tips provided above.  There are many other ways  to  keep family members safe from garage door accidents but these are some of the most effective and low cost ones.  Of course, proper maintenance tops the list.

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