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6 Advantages of a Roller Garage Door

double_garage_door_1If you’re thinking about shopping for a new garage door, you might be undecided on which type of door you require. All the common types of garage door have their unique advantages and disadvantages and everybody has their own reasons for choosing a particular type. If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive solution and especially if space is an issue in your garage or drive, you might consider a roller door. Here are 6 key advantages to this particular type of door, which is becoming a popular alternative to sectional garage doors for space saving situations.

#1 Easy to Open and Close

Roller garage doors have an opening and closing mechanism that provides a smooth, fluid action, making them easy to open manually. To make it even easier, non-automated roller doors are generally fitted with a spring mechanism to aid manual raising and lowering.

#2 Compatible with Automation

Roller garage doors lend themselves well to the addition of automated garage door openers. The relatively low resistance of the opening and closing mechanism means they don’t require a particularly heavy-duty opener. If you prefer not to have to open your garage door by hand, you can have an electrically powered, automated opener installed.

#3 Overhead Space Saving

Because roller doors literally “roll-up” into a tight space above your garage door opening, you don’t have any tracks running along your internal roof space. The rolled-up door fits right above the door aperture, so you also have the advantage of a few extra centimeters headroom. This is particularly welcome if you have a taller vehicle such as a van that you wish to keep in your garage.

#4 No Kick-Out

If you’ve ever had your shins smacked by the bottom of an up and over door while you or someone else was opening it, you’ll appreciate this particular benefit of a roller garage door. This door type opens vertically, so your shins don’t need to take any punishment.

#5 Save Space in Your driveway

Another benefit of a roller door’s vertical action is that you can park a vehicle very close to the door. Even if the nose of your vehicle is almost kissing the door, you can still raise and lower the door on its roller. This makes a roller garage door very advantageous if you have a short driveway, or if your drive space is regularly taken up by multiple parked vehicles.

#6 Good against the Weather

If maintaining a certain temperature in your garage is important, you can purchase a double-skinned roller garage door with insulating material between the skins. Double-skinned roller doors are very good at isolating a garage interior from external temperature fluctuations. Additionally, roller doors usually come with a rubber seal on the bottom, which forms a tight closure and resists water ingress.


If you need a garage door which provides good weatherproofing, doesn’t take up space and is easy to open, a roller door could be your best solution. In addition to the 6 advantages listed above, roller garage doors also look good and can be supplied in just about any color. If these benefits match your needs, why not take advantage and get your garage door on a roll?

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