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Amarr Oak Summit 1000 Walnut Garage Door

Nic and Malinda recently purchased their first home together. As part of a long list of projects they wanted to tackle, they took to upgrading the outside of their home. This included minor jobs like new paint, minor repairs, and of course, a brand new garage door.

The garage door that came with the house was in OK condition but lacked character and just wasn’t their style. And with such a bold exterior paint color and style to their home, they needed a garage door that could stand up to the rest of the house.

They called Perfect Solutions to help them land on a garage door that would meet their needs!

After looking at many garage door options on the market, and figuring out what style of door they loved most, Nic and Malinda went with a gorgeous Walnut finish door. They chose the Oak Summit 1000 model by Amarr. The door they chose include a recessed design, Thames windows, with a walnut finish.

Part of the garage door update also included a new garage door opener as well. They chose a LiftMaster Screw Drive 1/2HP opener, which is quiet and a perfect compliment to their beautiful door.

Amarr Oak Summit 1000 Garage Door Features

Amarr’s Oak Summit doors are also insulated, a great feature when in the market for any new garage door. Not only does this help in temperature regulation, but coupled with Nic and Malinda’s new LiftMaster opener, makes for a much quieter door as well!

The Amarr Oak Summit door is a great choice for the budget conscious garage door shopper! They are known to be one of the most affordable carriage house garage doors on the market. This model is a metal carriage house garage door. Metal is a great alternative to it’s more expensive counterpart material, wood. Metal is also low-maintenance compared to wood.

This Amarr door is not only affordable, it comes with over 70 design options, so style, options, and affordability can all be achieved!

Hardware Update!

A few weeks later, we headed back out to this home to install the hardware they ordered to accompany their new look! We think it looked great without, but it looks amazing with these accents!

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