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Caring for Your Garage Door During Winter

iStock_000002832183_SmallDuring winter, a home’s garage door is probably the most vulnerable part of the house. Exposed to the elements, garage doors take a beating during winter compared to most seasons with the combined powers of nature of providing cold, gusty winds and pouring snow.

As a homeowner, it pays to care for garage doors as it not just keeps important belongings safe from burglars and destruction, but a working garage door also keeps the home warm and toasty as it keeps the cold at bay and maximizes the heat. After all, one great sign of a garage door that’s ridden with problems is one’s electric bill.

Garage doors also care for another very expensive item a homeowner has – the family car. Imagine it being outside on a snowy night. It would take a miracle and a lot of shoving to get it started, or to even find it under all that snow, after a continuous pour.

Winter should not be a death sentence to any garage door to the owner that cares enough for it. How to help it survive the cold chill? Let’s count the ways:

If possible, opt for a metal garage door 

Garage doors made of thick, heirloom wood is beautiful—no doubt about it. But if the location of one’s home is right smack in the middle of snowstorms on a yearly basis such as upstate New York, it’s time to re-think beauty to something more economical.

Wooden garage doors are a nightmare to maintain during winter as the wood reacts to the season. It’s basically soaking the door in water that slowly melts and small cracks on the door may lead to flooding inside the garage. This type also is prone to hardwood flies that may eat into it especially those coming from firewood for the fireplace.

Metal garage doors are also much cheaper to maintain in the long run versus the regular polishing and alignment of knobs involved in a wooden garage door.

Lubricate just right 

One key problem during winter for garage doors is lubrication. Having more or less of it makes the knobs and tracks misalign.

To avoid this, first start with a thorough cleaning of the grease. Make sure that old and hardened oil is not the culprit of garage doors that would not close. After this, switch to a silicone-based lubricant as silicone handles the cooler weather better as its contents are not as easy to harden or be affected by the temperature.

Metal also reacts to the weather by contracting or shrinking. One way to resolve this is by making sure that all metal and moving parts have ample lubrication or are not affected by rust.

It’s good to have them replaced by professionals before the temperature further drops in the middle of the season.

Check the rollers 

Sometimes, rollers are the problem and can be extremely misaligned during winter. Garage door professionals can take care of this through replacements or simple repairs.

Have a professional ready 

Always have a 24/7 garage door repair service number ready and on standby. As the weather worsens, garage doors can go from bad to worse – and the worse it gets, the harder it is to maintain.

And the last thing any homeowner wants is to have all their Christmas bonus go into buying a new garage door for the coming year.

Stay safe by keeping that garage door working!

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