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How to Take Care of Your Garage Door

Ask most people how they care for and maintain their garage door, and they will probably just stare at you for a second and then say “nothing!”

We tend to only care about our garage doors when something goes wrong and it is in need of repair. 

However, your garage door is expensive! And it’s something you use every day. Taking time to care for it can help keep it working longer, and can also help catch a problem early before it becomes a bigger problem.

Here are a few things you can do to help take care of your garage door.

Regular Maintenance

Even if you have a professional company come out one time a year, it’s a big step in the right direction.

Many garage door companies offer a maintenance option. They will come out and ensure the opener is set properly, that the garage door is lubricated, and all the hardware, tracks and rails are functioning as they should.

Even taking care of some minor repairs yearly can avoid the costly expense of a big problem later on.

Visual Inspection Every Month

You can also give your garage door some love once a month just with your eyes!

Here are a few things you can look for:

  • Is there any paint peeling? Schedule a painter ASAP if so, to avoid rust and unnecessary wear.
  • Everything looking good – the door is running smoothly on the tracks? You hear anything that doesn’t sound normal? Does all the hardware look tight?
  • You can take a moment to wipe down the tracks, rinse off the door and clear any cobwebs from corners.

Lubricate Your Garage Door

You can have a professional garage door tech do this for you during a maintenance call, or you can do this yourself. A good rule of thumb is to do it every time the season changes or once a quarter. Even twice a year is better than nothing!

We recommend using a silicone based lubricant and grease your garage door wires and cylinders. This will help your garage door open and close properly and smoothly.

As you can see, there are a few things you can do once a month or quarter to help keep your garage door working well and avoid any costly big repairs that come out of the blue!

If you are in the Roseville or Sacramento area, give us a call and we are happy to come perform a maintenance service for you!


Clopay Insulated Gallery Garage Door Installation + Landscaping

Amber began a landscaping project in her Granite Bay, CA front yard and knew something was missing in her curb appeal project: new garage doors!

She wanted to replace the standard and boring white garage doors with an upgraded wood look that included windows for some natural light. Not only did they not look very exciting, they were also 30 years old! Wow! Time for some new garage doors with updated features like better insulation and windows.

Since it gets hot in the Sacramento area, insulated garage doors were an important consideration when looking for new garage doors. If she was going to change the garage doors, she also wanted to move away from the white color scheme and try a darker wood finish.

Her home “before” shot:

Clopay Insulated Gallery Garage Door Installation

Amber decided to go with Clopay’s gallery garage doors. These garage doors are insulated via their GD2LP 2″ steel back insulation and feature long panels, SQ24 windows all with a walnut oak finish.

Don’t they look great!

clopay gallery insulated garage doors

Here is a close up:

The double row of windows is very stylish and offers a ton of natural light into her garage.

This landscaping project turned in to a full-on exterior remodel project.

The walnut oak finish really pops on this home, and the added hardware gives a custom, upgraded look.

Amber is really excited to continue working on the landscaping in the front of her home. She also is enjoying the new garage door openers we installed that replaced 10-year-old openers that were noisy and causing trouble.

Her new belt drive garage door opener is quiet, has WiFi abilities so she can open or close them from a smartphone or tablet, and includes a security light that reacts to motion. Sometimes it’s the little things!

The most important thing is Amber is happy with her new garage doors! Another satisfied customer!


Garage Door Panel Repair While Deployed

Our customer, Chris, was deployed overseas when his family gave us a call. They were helping Chris get his condo ready to put on the market while he was away.

Unfortunately, someone hit and damaged the garage door on his condo. Not just that, the corner wall was damaged as well in the accident.

Last we checked, you can’t sell property with a damaged garage door and exterior wall.

Thankfully Chris’ family gave us a call and we were able to get everything squared away.

As you can see in the image below, only 2 panels were affected by the accident.

damaged garage door panel

To save some cash, which is always a great thing when putting your home on the market, we decided to replace the panels instead of buying and installing a brand new garage door.

If your garage door is relatively new, or not super old, the manufacturer probably still produces the individual panels to your garage door model. This was the case for Chris, so we quickly ordered 2 new panels and installed them when they arrived.

Once the new panels, above, arrived, we installed them and painted them to match the existing door and exterior.

While we waited for the panels, we also were able to work on fixing the frame and stucco and got that paint matched and painted.

Within a week, the garage door was good as new and the condo went up for sale shortly thereafter.

Chris was grateful his family was able to handle this inconvenience and get everything taken care of quickly. His goal was to have the condo sold before he returns from his latest tour.

Chris received 10% off his entire bill just as all veterans, military, policemen and firemen receive as well. Thank you for your service Chris! Good luck with the home sale!

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Large Metal Garage Door Installation

Our customer, Antonio, had a very large building built for all the vehicles he owns. 

Once construction on the building was finished, the last step was to install large metal garage doors to close in the building and provide adequate environmental protection to Antonio’s vehicles. The doors will also provide security for the valuable property inside. 

The opening we had to work with was 10 feet wide by 14 feet high. That’s a BIG space! It isn’t challenging to find doors this size, however Antonio wanted doors that didn’t look too commercial. Ideally, he wanted garage doors that had the same look and feel of residential garage doors. 

In addition, Antonio he wanted as much natural light coming into the building as possible, however he did NOT want all glass garage doors either.

Basically, he wanted a residential garage door with a window panel but in a size generally reserved for commercial garage doors.

The end result was these beautiful 24 gauge garage doors, with upper window panels. 

We were able to add more natural light by adding two panels worth of windows instead of 1, which still look great since the doors are so tall. 

Check out just how big these are as compared to our installer

Garage Door Opener Installation

In addition to the new doors, we also installed 2 LiftMaster 8500 Jack shaft garage door openers

The jack shaft opener installs on the wall instead of the ceiling for extra height in the garage. Paired with high lift tracks, you can get the garage doors almost flush with the ceiling to allow for maximum clearance. 

The garage door openers are quiet, and have a battery backup so they will still open even if the power goes out. They also include WiFi connectivity so Antonio can open and close the doors from a tablet or smartphone. 

This installation wasn’t easy, but it came out perfect and everyone is happy with the results!

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Damaged Carriage House Style Garage Door

Our client, Rachel, pulled out of her garage one morning in Granite Bay, CA a little bit before her garage door was fully open. We’re guessing she hadn’t finished her first cup of coffee yet. 

This is a common garage door accident and isn’t that challenging to repair. However, if you’re like Rachel and have very nice, brand new carriage house style garage doors, the accident and repair is a bit painful. 

damaged carriage house garage door

Damaged Carriage House Garage Door Options

The good news for Rachel is that only one panel was damaged in this accident. And since the door is new and therefore, being manufactured, we were able to order one new panel.

This option is much more affordable than getting a whole new door. It’s also the greener option since swapping out a panel is less wasteful than a brand new door.

Many people opt to replacing or swapping out a garage door panel as a way to upgrade their garage door. A common upgrade is swapping out the top panel of a garage door with a panel that has decorative windows. This can help add some light into the garage, and some style as well.

Once we got the new panel ordered, we came out to remove the old panel and install the new one. Now the door is back to looking brand new!


Rachel’s garage door is beautiful, and includes decorative hardware and a beautiful panel of windows!

If you have a dent in a garage door panel and want to see about repairing or replacing it, give Perfect Solutions a call if you’re in Granite Bay, Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln or surrounding areas.

We have a lot of experience in panel and garage door accident repair and can find a solution that fits your budget as well as your look!

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Clopay Coachman Garage Door Installation

Our customer, Steve, called us because he was looking to upgrade his garage door. The current door came with the house when he purchased it over 10 years ago in Roseville, CA.

His current door was old, starting to rust and matched the rest of his house, but not in a good way. His garage door opener was also getting older, squeaky and loud.

He wanted to install a new garage door that would give some contrast and a much needed face lift to the exterior of his home.

Clopay Coachman

After reviewing all of his options, he decided on this beautiful Clopay Coachman garage door. It is steel backed and insulated.

The Clopay Coachman collection of doors look like wood, but are made of insulated steel and composite. So you get the look of wood, with the strength and durability of low maintenance steel.

LiftMaster 8500W

To complete the overhead garage door installation, we installed a brand new LiftMaster 8500W garage door opener. This opener has amazing updated features including WiFi ability so you can control the door from anywhere and subscription-based partner integrations. Additionally, the opener features battery backup and an automatic garage door lock, perfect for your home’s security.

This opener is a wall mount opener, which mounts to the wall of the garage instead of the ceiling. This helps save overhead space in a garage, especially if space is tight or limited.

Now all Steve needs to do is decide whether or not to paint the door or to leave it as is.


Steve’s new garage door looks amazing. It adds an updated, modern look to his traditional home and best of all, it’s quieter and functions way better than his old garage door. He couldn’t be happier with the upgrade, and we’re happy we were able to order and install his new garage door in less than a week’s time!


New Garage Door System | Granite Bay, CA

Our customers, Kevin and Whitney in Granite Bay, gave us a call. They wanted us to inspect their garage door system.

Their garage door opener was broken. They also had a tension cable that was broken and two of their rollers had come off.

Thankfully their cars weren’t parked inside when the door broke, so they weren’t impacted too much by their garage door problems.

garage door cable broken

They decided that instead of repairing what they had, they would finally upgrade their garage door as they’d been planning doing it for a while.

The garage doors are the original doors to the house and they had been wanting to change them for a new design since they purchased the home 7 years ago.

old garage doors

Above is Kevin and Whitney’s existing garage doors.

After searching for a door that looked good and fit in their budget, they ultimately went with a 325 model door by UDT. The model they chose comes with a carriage door stamp.

They also decided that to customize their door and get the look they wanted, they would add Stockton style windows and some decorative hardware to the outside of the doors.

new udt carriage garage doors

Above are Kevin and Whitney’s brand new garage doors. Don’t they look great? The Stockton windows are great, more modern upgrade to the home’s exterior.

udt garage door

Above you can see a little bit closer detail of the new garage door hardware and carriage stamp detailing.

Since their garage door opener was already broken, we also installed new openers on the new doors. Kevin and Whitney chose the 8550W model by LiftMaster.

These openers are belt drive, which are very quiet and requires little maintenance. They also come complete with WiFi abilities and a battery backup system.

installed liftmaster 8550w

Above you can see the new LiftMaster 8550W installed in Kevin and Whitney’s garage. The doors also look great and new from the inside of the garage as well!

RV Garage Conversion Project | Roseville | Garage Door Installation

This project was a fun one!

Our customer, Andrew, bought a new house and needed some remodeling work done. On his list was replacing his garage door and widening the opening so he could fit his RV in his garage.

While he could park it in a storage facility nearby, that costs money and isn’t always convenient when you want to pack up and go quickly. He was not able to park it on the street or in his driveway.

Andrew was willing to pay for his garage to be upgraded over rent at a storage facility.

His RV isn’t huge, so all he needed to fit it in his garage was a larger, taller opening in order to make it fit.

So, we removed his existing garage door first. Then we were able to reframe the opening. His garage had been 16×7.

rv garage conversion project

After reframing the opening, the new measurements are 16×12!

Once the opening was reframed, we fixed the stucco around the garage, and installed a new sectional garage door.

We used a LiftMaster Jack Shaft garage door opener with the new garage door. The jack shaft opener is installed on the side wall of a garage, not on the ceiling. This is a great option when you want to park something tall, like an RV, in your garage. It gives maximum clearance for the RV or whatever object you are parking inside.


The new door looks great!

narrow garage door opening

Now the last job is panting the door and surrounding stucco so it looks seamless, and reinstalling those lights so they are in a more logical and visually appealing place!

Andrew is very happy he has a beautiful new garage door, new garage door opener, and space for his RV in his own home! He is enjoying loading it up on a Friday afternoon and heading out early Saturday morning on an adventure!

Updating Garage Door for New Home

Our client, Pam, bought her house recently and had many projects on her to do list. 

On of her first was updating her garage doors and the garage door openers, as they were old and not working right. Not only were the garage doors old, but they weren’t insulated. 

Pam wanted to use her garage as a workout space, so she wanted insulation that would regulate the temperature in both cold and hot weather. 

Another goal of Pam’s was to improve her new home’s curb appeal. The paint was ok on the home, so changing out the garage doors would give an instant boost to the look and feel of her home’s exterior. 

In the end, Pam chose two new overhead garage doors. The new garage doors are 25 gauge doors with PVC insulation to achieve the temperature control Pam wanted. 

Decorative Upper Panel with Windows

Pam chose upper panels with decorative windows to enjoy some natural light in the garage. They also make the garage doors look more custom and add a nice design element. 

Adding an upper panel with deocrative windows is a great way to add a specific design and style to your home without paint or other decorative elements. And it’s easy to do! You can do this on an existing door as well, not just new ones. It’s a cost effective solution if you don’t want or don’t need to replace your garage door.

On the inside, we installed 2 new LiftMaster garage door openers. The new openers have a battery backup, are WiFi enabled, so Pam can control them from her smartphone whether she’s home or away. This is a great security feature!

Overall Pam is happy with her new doors. They look great, gave a needed functional and decorative update to her home, and now she can move on to other projects while she enjoys her new home!


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Garage Door Installation | Old Wood Garage Door | Sacramento, CA

Paul and his wife, Karen, recently purchased a home in Sacramento, CA. Their plan was to remodel it and then sell it for a profit.

When they got to the garage, they knew they had a big project on their hands. The door was an old wooden garage door, and was falling a part, as you can see below. 

old wooden garage door sacramento, ca

In addition to needing to replace the garage door with an updated, modern one the frame of the garage was also in need of repair. The frame itself was also not the right size for any standard size garage door. 

We came in and repaired and updated the size of the frame. Then we were able to install a brand new one car garage door. 

white UDT steel garage door

The door Paul and Karen chose was this short UDT door. It is 25 gauge steel and comes in white, so no painting necessary!

We also installed a new garage door opener, and a brand new spring so the door will operate like the brand new door that it is.

udt garage door installation sacramento ca

Updating your garage door before selling is important, and will help you get more money for your home. No one wants to buy a home knowing right off the bat that they need to replace or repair the garage door and garage door parts.

This simple and inexpensive fix goes a long way! The UDT door they chose is a durable steel and will last for many years. A new spring + opener can last a good 10 years, so they can market in their listing that the garage door and its parts are new and upgraded!

Paul and Karen can’t wait to finish their house and get it back on the market! In the meantime, they are already enjoying easily opening their garage door to park their car.


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