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Selecting the Right Automatic Garage Door Opener


There have been many recent breakthroughs in automatic garage door technology that make it more challenging to select a new automatic opener for your garage. The technology is more reliable and it offers various new safety and security features that can protect your garage and home. It also allows you to select the horsepower and mechanism that best suits your needs.

Selecting the Right Horsepower 

Automatic garage door openers are made with a ¼ HP, ½ HP, or 1 HP electric motor. You can use a ¼ HP motor on a lighter garage door, but a heavier wood or steel set of double doors will need at least a ½ HP to lift the extra weight. It is always beneficial to select more horsepower then you need, especially since there is not a big price difference between a ¼ and 1 HP electric motor.

Selecting the Right Mechanism

There are basically three kinds of automatic garage door mechanisms; chain drive, belt drive, and screw drive. A chain drive is the most affordable and commonly used opening mechanism available. Unfortunately they can be quite loud and will require some regular maintenance. A belt drive is the most costly type of mechanism, but it does not require any maintenance. A screw drive is the mid-range option and it is not as loud as a chain drive opener.

Selecting the Right Security Features

Automatic garage door openers come with many different security and safety features, like motion detectors that turn the lights on anytime someone enters the garage. In 1993, the Consumer Product Safety Commission made it mandatory for all automatic openers to have an auto-reverse safety feature that detects if something is in the door’s path.

Another security feature is rolling code technology. This advanced feature changes the access code every time the remote is used, which makes it practically impossible for thieves to crack it. There are also now openers that utilize fingerprint recognition software.

Selecting the Right Garage Door Company

Selecting an automatic opener seems simple enough, but there are many things you need to consider before you can select the right one for you. You need to determine the horsepower you will require, the noise and cost of the mechanism you select, and the type of security features you will need to feel safe. You also need to find the right garage door company. Please contact Perfect Solutions Garage Doors for help with selecting the right automatic garage door opener if you live in the Auburn, Granite, El Dorado, Roseville, and Rocklin area.


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How to Keep Your Garage Safe from Intruders

garage_door_safetyGarages are a convenient entranceway into your home, which is why many unwanted intruders will specifically target your garage, especially if you don’t have a proper security system to stop them from gaining access. The experienced professionals at Perfect Solutions Garage Doors strongly encourage you take the necessary precautions to keep your garage safe from intruders. It will definitely make it harder for criminals to break into your garage if you practice these simple security tips.

Here are a few proven ways to keep your garage safe from intruders:

1.      Invest in a Better Opener

Modern garage doors openers are now available with rolling-code technology and fingerprint recognition capabilities to make it significantly harder for criminals to access your automatic opener. Please contact Perfect Solutions Garage Doors for a free quote on any of our brand name garage door openers if you live in the Sacramento, Auburn, El Dorado Hills, Roseville, or Rocklin, CA area.

2.      Lock Your Interior Door

Many people will leave the door between their garage and home unlocked for easier access. Even if you have a solid steel garage door with the highest level of security features available, it should be kept locked at all times. You should also install a peep-hole and deadbolt on the interior garage door, just like every other exterior door to your home.

3.      Keep the Garage Closed

It may sound pretty obvious to most people, but many people leave their garage door open during the day. Although potential intruders may not attempt to break into your home while you are there to protect it, leaving the garage door open will advertise to potential criminals the valuables that are inside of your garage. If you have nice stuff, it could inspire them to visit your home when you are not there.

4.      Buy a Keychain Remote

One mistake that most people make is leaving their automatic garage door remote inside their car. Thieves can break into your car, take the remote, and then use it to break into your garage. Using a keychain remote that stays with you whenever you go is a smart way to keep your garage safe from intruders.

5.      Install Outdoor Sensor Lights

You should strategically place outdoor sensor lights throughout your property, especially around the entranceway to your garage. These lights will keep your garage and home safe by scaring off any unwanted intruders.

Investing in a better opener, locking the interior door, keeping the garage door closed, buying a keychain remote, and installing sensor lights are all proven methods for keeping your garage safe from intruders. Please feel free to contact Perfect Solutions Garage Doors if you need any assistance implementing these valuable security tips.

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How to Perform Basic Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door installation in Granite Bay CA 95746

Garage door maintenance

Garage doors require a little basic maintenance to ensure they perform safely and smoothly, and there are many workings part that need to be kept in top condition. Fortunately, most people can perform their own basic garage door maintenance without having to call in a professional technician. However, if you are unsure of any of the following maintenance tips, please do not hesitate to call the professionals at Perfect Solutions Garage Doors. A garage door is a massive, mechanical, and costly part of your home. You should never perform any maintenance you are not confident in doing.

Here are five important tips on how to perform basic garage door maintenance:

1.      Visually Inspect the Door

The first thing you should do is visually inspect the garage door for wear-and-tear or damage. Carefully check the garage door’s tracks, rollers, springs, pulleys, and cables. Make sure the cables are not fraying and that everything is still in good working condition. You should also inspect the mounting hardware, especially hinges and screws, to make sure they are still securely in place. A visual inspection of your garage door should be performed monthly or at least quarterly.

2.      Clean the Door’s Tracking

While you are visually inspecting the garage door, you should also wipe down the tracks with a damp cloth. Make sure to remove any debris or gunk that has become wedge within the metal tracking.

3.      Lubricate Working Parts

Twice a year, you should apply a small amount of spray lubricant along the door’s tracks, hinges, and rollers. This will prevent future damage and ensure that the garage doors glides smoothly and safely along the tracks.

4.      Test Door’s Safety Features

All garage doors made after January, 1993, will have an auto-reversing mechanism to prevent anything from becoming pinned under the door. It is important to test this feature to make sure it is working properly. You can test it by sticking a rolled up newspaper in the garage door’s path while it is closing. The sensor should detect the newspaper and the garage door should automatically reverse. If it does not, please contact Perfect Solutions Garage Doors. We can either repair the opener or install one that does have this fundamental safety feature.

5.      Check the Door’s Balance

You should close the door, disconnect the automatic garage door opener, and perform a simple balance test once a month. Manually lift the door to make sure it glides smoothly with little or no resistance. After you lift the door, it should stay completely open. If it does not remain open or it is difficult to open manually, your door may no longer be balanced properly. The garage door technicians at Perfect Solutions Garage Doors can fix it if your monthly test determines it is needs to be rebalanced.

Basic garage door maintenance can be as simple as visually inspecting, cleaning, lubricating, and testing the door throughout the year. Just be sure to always keep safety in mind when you are working with a garage door. Make sure everyone is your home is aware you are working on the garage door and that it is not to be opened or closed until you let them know that your work is finished. If you discover any major issues during your maintenance and you live anywhere in the Roseville, Rocklin, ElDorado, Sacramento, Auburn, CA area, please call Perfect Solutions Garage Doors for a free estimate.

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Seven Steps to Keeping Your Garage Safe

dog_garageGarage safety is not something most people consider until it is too late. It usually takes something drastic like a garage door crashing down on your vehicle or an intruder breaking into your home with your automatic opener before your realize that you have not been keeping your garage safe. There are so many simple steps you can take to ensure your garage door is secure and that your house cannot be accessed using the automatic garage door.

Here are the top seven steps to keeping your garage safe

1. Inspect & Clean The Tracking

The tracking along your garage door can bend or bulge overtime, especially if debris or gunk gets trapped inside it. Spend ten to fifteen minutes once a month, wiping and inspecting your garage door tracking. Make sure to also tighten or replace any screws that are loose. This will ensure that your garage door stays suspended to your ceiling and smoothly glides along the tracks.

2.       Invest in a New Opener

Modern automatic garage door openers come with some pretty impressive safety and security features. Buying an opener with rolling code technology or fingerprint recognition software will keep your garage safe and secure. Perfect Solutions Garage Doors has a wide selection of different automatic garage door openers that all offer unique safety features.

3.       Buy a Durable Garage Door

Some garage door materials, like aluminum, are easier to damage. If you don’t feel your garage door is strong enough to withstand a hard kick, it is definitely time to upgrade to a more durable material like steel, thick wood, or fiberglass with a PVC overlay.

4.       Look the Interior Door

So many people leave the door between the garage and their home unlocked. It might be more convenient to you and your family if it is left unlocked, but it is also easier for an intruder to get into the house. Hopefully you have a solid garage door and a state-of-the-art opener, so there is no risk of someone getting into the garage. I would still play it safe and keep the interior door locked.

5.       Install Sensor Lights

You can keep your garage safe by installing strategically placed sensor lights around your garage doors. You should also have a light inside your garage that automatically turns on when the garage door is opened. This will scare off intruders and make it safer for you and your family to enter the garage at night.

6.       Teach Kids Garage Safety

Children should never play around with the automatic garage door opener. Hopefully your garage door has an auto-reverse sensor, which was made mandatory in 1993 to prevent children and small pets from getting seriously hurt by garage doors, but even if it does, it could still malfunction if they are abusing the controls.

7.       Perform Annual Maintenance

Garage doors require yearly maintenance and lubrication to keep them working properly. Perfect Solutions Garage Doors has previous blogs that will walk you through basic garage door maintenance. If you are not comfortable performing the maintenance yourself, please call us for a free quote. It is always beneficial to have your door inspected by a trained technician, especially if it is an older garage door. That is the best way to keep your garage door safe.


How to Make Your Garage Doors More Eco-Friendly and Cost-Efficient

GreenGarageDoorToday’s conscientious homeowners are constantly searching for ways to make their homes more eco-friendly and cost-efficient. Although there are many beneficial changes you can make within the interior of your home that will save money and energy, there are also several cost-effective things you can do to make your garage more environmentally friendly.

Here are a few simple tips to make your garage more eco-friendly and cost-efficient:

1.      Use Recycled Material

Garage doors made of composite steel or wood are more durable, they hold up well under severe weather conditions, and they come in an extensive selection of different sizes and styles. Due to the extensive range of design options, composite doors are available in both low and high price ranges if you are trying to stay within a pre-set budget. It is also better for the environment, since the doors are made with recycled materials.

2.      Insulate the Garage Door

Adding a layer of insulation on the inside of your garage door is an inexpensive upgrade that will save you significant money in the long run. Insulated doors are more durable, quieter, and they will help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. If you live in a warmer climate like Roseville, CA, you can try a perforated garage door to allow more light and ventilation without affecting privacy or security.

3.      Install New Weather Stripping

If you have cracks or tears in the weather stripping along the bottom of your garage door, they should be replaced as soon as possible. All the air in your garage will penetrate towards the tiny openings and counteract the insulation. Perfect Solutions Garage Doors will be happy to give you a free quote on replacing your weather stripping if it is currently not energy-efficient.

4.      Insulate the Garage Walls

You should insulate your garage walls if you have heating and cooling vents going into the garage. Installing insulation and drywall will add a protective layer that will significantly reduce your heating and cooling expenses.

If you are buying a new garage door and you want to be eco-friendly and cost-effective, start your search looking at doors made from recycled materials. You should also invest a little money to add insulation to your garage door and walls. It will reduce your energy consumption, as well as your heating and cooling bills. If you have any questions on the most eco-friendly and cost-effective options, please contact Perfect Solutions Garage Doors for a free estimate on insulated composite garage doors.

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What to Expect from a Good Garage Door Service Technician

bigstock-Remote-Control-3731908The home improvement industry is filled with hard-working, reliable, and honest businesses. Unfortunately, it is also filled with some less-favorable scam artists who will take advantage of consumers if given the opportunity. The team at Perfect Solutions Garage Doors wants to make sure you know what to expect from a good garage door service technician, so you don’t end up spending more than you should.

Here are five things you can expect from a good garage door service technician:

1)      Thorough Industry Knowledge

A good garage door service technician knows the industry inside and out. They should be able to offer insight into certain benefits of products and not simply push the most expensive option. It is a good idea to quiz the technician by researching some facts in advance.

2)      Detailed Diagnostic Evaluation

A good garage door service technician will thoroughly test and inspect the garage door to determine the exact cause of the problem. They will also recommend the most cost-effective repair. For example, if there is a crack in the wood around the hinge. A good technician will remove the hinge, fill the crack with wood fill, and move the hinge to a more solid location. An untrustworthy garage door technician will insist the entire door needs replacing.

3)      Offer Less Expensive Options

A good garage door service technician will cover both quick fix options for short-term use and more expensive long-term solutions. If they are giving you a quote to replace a garage door or automatic opener, they should show you all the different price ranges available.

4)      Pricing Book for Parts

A good garage door service technician will arrive at your home with their pricing books for parts. They will know which items they have in stock and how long it will take for parts they don’t usually carry. Be careful about any technician that can’t give you a definite answer on the price or delivery of basic parts.

5)      Standard Parts On Hand

If you give a technician an idea of what the problem may be when you make the appointment, they should arrive with some replacements parts on hand. Most good garage door service technicians will have hinges, rollers, bearings, springs, screws, and weathering strip in their company vehicle. This way they can tackle the problem immediately if you approve their estimate.

Perfect Solutions Garage Doors has a solid reputation for being reliable and trustworthy. We would never jeopardize our future by trying to persuade a customer to spend more than they should. If you are concerned the garage door service technician you hired is not providing fair pricing, please call Perfect Solutions Garage Doors for a comparable quote. If the price is the same, at least you will know that the original company was trying to take advantage of you.

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What You Need to Know Before Buying a Garage Door

New Garage Door Buying Tips

Most people will only need to buy a new garage door a few times over the course of their lifetime. It is something you might update every 15 or 20 years, provided that there are no issues with it. Garage door technology and materials are constantly evolving, so it is important to do some preliminary research to ensure you get the best product and the best deal.

If you are in the market for a new garage door, these are a few things you should know before approaching the first vendor.

1.      Size of Door

All of your options will be based on the size of your door. Certain sizes will require stronger mechanisms and more powerful openers. Measure the size of your current garage door or the intended size of the opening. Compare the measurements you get with standard garage door sizes on sites like Perfect Solution Garage Door. If you are unsure of the size of your door, you can always consult one of our professional installers.

2.      Material Preference

Perfect Solutions Garage Doors offers an extensive selection of garage door materials, including options that can be customized to suit the style of your home. The material you should choose for your door will depend on your budget and style of your home. If you decide to go with steel, make sure there is a topcoat designed to provide maximum rust protection. It should also be backed with rigid-foam insulation.

3.      Garage Door Safety Features

Automatic garage doors can come with many different safety features. For example, most doors that fold up in sections have shaped edges that gently push fingers out of the cracks when the sections start to close together. All automatic garage doors should also have an auto-reverse feature that stops the door from closing if there is an object detected in its pathway. This was made mandatory in 1993 by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

4.      Opener Security Features

There are all types of different automatic garage door openers on the market depending on the level of security you require. You can get a remote for your keychain, a mounted access control pad, or a system with fingerprint technology. Most openers allow you to select multiple options for added convenience.

If you are interested in buying a new automatic garage door, start by doing a little research on sites like this one. Find out all your options and establish a list of preferences before requesting a quote. Perfect Solutions Garage Door will be happy to provide you with a free estimate on any of the options you are considering.

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The Importance of Hiring a Professional Garage Door Installer

professional Garage Door Installation

Installing a garage door is a significant investment in the resale value of your home. It is also something that could have scary and expensive consequences if it is not performed by an experienced installer. You can save yourself the stress and worry by hiring an established and experienced garage door company that guarantees their work.

You might be tempted to choose an inexpensive handyman or carpenter to save a little money, just make sure that you verify their credentials. A garage door installation is a complex home improvement project that should only be done by a professional. Perfect Solutions Garage Door has fixed many garage door disasters that were caused by low-budget, inexperienced home contractors.

Here are five important reasons why you should hire a professional garage door installer:

1.     Expensive Repairs or Damage

An inexperienced installer can cause expensive damage to the tracking or pulley system, they could bust the door during installation, or they could possibly cause damage to valuables in your garage. The team at Perfect Solutions Garage Door have repaired and serviced many garage doors that were not properly installed.

2.     Hire Potential Thieves

Most regular, honest people have a hard time believing the worst of others. If you hire an unprofessional or unknown installer, they could be thieves in disguise. They could take your deposit and run, or they can use the installations as an opportunity to break into your home. That’s another reason why it is so important to make sure you deal with a professional garage door company. 

3.     Dangerous Safety Issues

Our garage door experts have seen the aftermath of too many garage door accidents caused by careless installers. They have witnessed pets, children, and adults with serious injuries caused by a garage door that came crashing down unexpectedly. Hiring a professional installer will ensure that does not happen.

4.     Original Installers Close Their Doors 

Our garage door installers are often asked to finish projects or handle maintenance problems because the original company has suddenly gone out of business. Be sure to investigate the business’ history and reputation in the Sacramento area before you give them a deposit.

5.     Not Happy with the Finished Product

Professional garage door installers will help you choose the right material, make sure everything is perfectly aligned, and stand by the finished product. Perfect Solutions Garage Door even offers customized garage doors and security features, so you get exactly what you want.

Those are five important reasons why you should hire a professional garage door installer. Perfect Solutions Garage Doors has the experience and knowhow to make sure your garage door is properly installed. Please call us for a free quote before handing your deposit over to an unknown installer.

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How to Repair a Garage Door

Easy to Repair Garage Door

Whether your door folds up in sections or swings open in one solid piece, all overhead garage doors are driven by a high tension spring. The garage door moves along metal tracks secured to the walls of your garage and a powerful spring(s) supplies the power to lift the massive object.

Most garage door repairs are easy, as long as there is not a problem with the spring. Any adjustments to the spring should be made by a garage door professional, like the technicians at Perfect Solutions Garage Doors. Keep in mind that the tension in your garage door spring is so powerful that it could seriously injure you.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to repair a garage door:

1.      Inspect the Metal Tracks

Examine the door’s tracks for dents, creases, or rough spots while the door is both open and closed. Try gently pounding any damaged spots back into shape using a hammer or a rubber mallet. If the tracks have significant damage, have them replaced by a professional garage door installer.

2.      Clean the Metal Tracks

You can clean the tracks while you are inspecting them for damage. Use a concentrated household cleaner to wash away any dirt or hardened grease. Be sure to clean the rollers thoroughly and then wipe down with a dry cloth.

3.      Lubricate the Metal Tracks

It is a good idea to lubricate your garage door twice a year even if you are not having issues. There are two types of lubricants you can use on an overhead garage door. The hinges, rollers, and pulley will need a little light-weight oil, while the track and springs will benefit from a silicone spray lubricant.

4.      Double Check All Hardware

Check the hinges that hold together the individual sections of roll-up garage door and replace any that are damaged. On swing-up doors, check the mounting plate for the spring to make sure the screws are secure. Sagging at one side can usually be fixed by repairing the hinges. If the wood has a crack by a hinge, take off the hinge and use wood filler to fill in the crack and screw holes. You should move the location of the hinge to an area with solid wood behind it. Replace the screw with a longer one inside of a hollow fiber plug filled with carpenters’ glue if the hole is enlarged.

5.      Make Sure the Tracks are Aligned

Use a level to make sure the tracks are properly aligned. Horizontal tracks will slant slightly towards the back of the garage. On roll-up doors, the vertical sections should be completely straight. Both tracks must be at the same height on the garage walls. If the tracks are not properly aligned, only loosen the screws (do not remove them completely) that hold the mounting brackets, and then carefully tap the tracks back into position. Recheck the tracks to make sure they’re level and then tighten the screws.

If you are unsure of any of these steps, please consult a professional garage door technician. A heavy garage door and high spring tension can cause costly property damage or bodily injury if handled incorrectly. The garage door experts at Perfect Solutions Garage Door will be happy to help with any repairs your garage door needs.

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Six Reasons to Invest in a New Automatic Garage Door

New Garage Door Opener Not a Big Investment

If you currently have a manual garage door or if your garage door opener is causing more trouble than it’s worth, it’s probably time to invest in a new automatic garage door opener. Automatic garage door openers are now more reliable and affordable than ever.

Here are six reasons to invest in a new automatic garage door:

1)      New Safety Features

Every garage door opener made since 1993 has an auto-reverse safety feature that ensures nothing or no one can get pinned underneath the massive door. They also come with an emergency manual release pull-chain in case there is ever an issue with the opener. If your garage door does not have these features, please contact Perfect Solutions Garage Door for a free estimate.

2)      New Security Features

Today’s garage door openers come with many beneficial security features like fingerprint recognition access and rolling code technology. Thieves can crack the code on older garage door openers and then break into the home using the interior garage door. New automatic garage door technology makes it practically impossible for someone to gain access to your home using your garage door opener.

3)      Safer Storage

If you have a high-quality garage door opener, you will feel more comfortable storing your valuables in the garage. Garages are the perfect place to store sports equipment, bicycles, gardening tools, and lawnmowers.

4)      Increased Home Value

If you are considering selling your home, a new automatic garage door opener will increase the resale value of your home. Potential home buyers will appreciate the convenience and security it provides. You can also update the garage door at the same time. Garage doors are now available in a variety of stylish materials, designs, and colors. Please feel free to visit any of our Perfect Solution Garage Door locations to view the wide selection of doors that we can custom order for you.

5)      Safer Home Entry

An automatic garage door provides a convenient and safe entrance way into your home. You can click your keychain remote, pull the car into the garage, and immediately shut the door behind you. This will ensure that no one has the chance to sneak in.

6)      Affordable Home Upgrade

The best part about treating yourself to a new automatic garage door is that it’s not a huge investment. You can find a reliable, state-of-the-art garage door opener for a few hundred dollars. Some models are priced as low as $150. When you consider the cost of most home repairs, an automatic garage door is one of the least expensive upgrades you can do.

A new automatic garage door opener is not a large investment, but it is definitely a worthwhile one. Please contact Perfect Solutions Garage Door if you are interested in a free quote for a new automatic garage door.

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