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Double Garage Door Opener Project | Granite Bay, CA

What a fun and unique garage door opener installation project in Granite Bay!

Our customer, Josh, called us when his garage door opener broke. We figured it would be a straightforward fix but when we arrived, we knew we had a fun problem to solve.

Josh’s existing opener was VERY old. Most likely it was installed 15-17 years ago. On our advice, Josh decided to forgo the expense of repairing the opener and invest in a new one.

Josh’s garage space is interesting, as you can see in the picture below. There are actually 2 garage doors!

garage door opener repair granite bay CA garage door opener repair granite bay CA

Originally, he had one opener to operate the garage door facing the road, but no opener serving the back door. The back garage door leads out to his garden and yard.

So the job was not just to replace the current opener with a new one, but also install a new system for the back door. This would allow Josh to open the door automatically instead of manually, which saves time and muscle!

The challenge here is that we didn’t have much clearance to install two openers. We had to get creative and eventually found a setup that allowed for two openers to be installed.

And we did all that in just a few hours! Josh was thrilled and is so excited to be able to open his back garage door with ease!

garage door opener repair granite bay CA

As you can see, we installed brand new LiftMaster openers. The specific model Josh chose: the LiftMaster 8355 series. It has built-in Wi-Fi, so he can operate the doors from his smartphone or tablet. The doors are belt drive openers, so they are maintenance free and very quiet!

We love LiftMaster openers as they are high quality for a great price. Read why we love LiftMaster in this post. We be these openers will last him another 15 years!



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Garage Door Replacement Project in Granite Bay, CA

We recently replaced this old, rusted garage door on our customer’s home in Granite Bay, CA.

Rebecca has lived in this house for over a decade and her garage door has been on longer than that. The door itself was in bad shape. It had rusted so severely that the door wasn’t functional anymore.

You can see the rust in the pictures below; one taken on the inside of the garage and one from the outside.

rusty garage door rusty garage door

Rebecca wanted a new door installed but she had some conditions based on the space of her garage. There wasn’t much room to install the tracks for a new door.

Thankfully we made it work and we installed the door just in time for winter and the rainy season. Rain and rust is never a good combination!

We installed a new LiftMaster garage door opener as well. So Rebecca can now enjoy a beautiful new garage door, and a quiet, smooth opening and closing experience as well.

The door looks great now!

garage door replacement granite bay, ca

Options for repairing a garage door with rust:

It isn’t necessary to replace a garage door that has some rust. In Rebecca’s case, her door was very old and she wanted and needed an upgrade.

However, if your door is newer and is rusting, it might just need a facelift.

Painting rust is a great alternative to replacing the door. If you want to paint, here are a few tips:

  1. Don’t just paint directly over rust.
  2. Clean the rust properly first and let it dry completely.
  3. Note: if your door was made before 1980, wear a mask and other protective gear. It’s possible the door contains lead, and you want to make sure you are protected.
  4. Apply a primer that is specific for preventing rust. This is the KEY to a successful paint job.
  5. Next, paint!

Painting your garage door is not only a great solution for rust but an expensive way to get a new, fresh look on your garage door and change up the style of the exterior of your home.


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Granite Bay Custom Garage Door Installation

John and Rebecca’s home in Granite Bay, CA was in need of a little curb appeal upgrade. They wanted to change the look of their exterior and thought a great place to start was replacing their garage door. 

Often times in planned developments of homes, the garage doors are very standard and it can make the whole neighborhood look similar. Instead of spending thousands to repaint or relandscape, installing a brand new unique garage door can help your home to stand out, and look good!

John and Rebecca ended up choosing this BEAUTIFUL Clopay garage door. The door comes with 2″ of steel back insulation, which is great for keeping the garage cooler in the hot Granite Bay summers and warmer during the cool and rainy winter.

clopay garage door installation granite bay, ca

Now generally we would perform a standard installation on this door like all garage door installs.

However, John wanted to install a car lift in his garage. Basically, this means the door needs to open as high as possible. This type of installation is called a “High Lift” installation. 

We decided that to get the maximum clearance for the High Lift installation, we also needed to not do a standard overhead garage door opener installation as well so we could save space on the ceiling.

high lift garage door installation granite bay, ca

To solve this, we installed a LiftMaster Jack Shaft opener, which is installed on the wall of the garage door, as seen below.

liftmaster jack shaft opener installation granite bay, ca

The tracks we installed with the high lift installation also gave us a gift! Since the tracks have an early break away from the frame of the home, it allowed us enough clearance to install some decorative hardware on the garage door.

We were able to install some iron handles and other accent pieces to really make a unique, custom look for John and Rebecca’s new door. This gave them a better functioning door, a smooth and quiet new opener, and a definite curb appeal upgrade!

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Updating One-Piece Garage Door On Rental Home

Our customer Marie bought a new house and was moving out. She decided that instead of selling her current house, she would rent it out.

She did some necessary repairs around the home to get it ready to rent, and knew she needed to address her garage door. The door was old. It is also made from wood and was in need of serious maintenance Marie wasn’t sure she wanted to take on.

She decided that instead of repairing her current door, she would get a new, updated door that offered security for her home, and her tenants, and would also be low maintenance for everyone.

The problem with Marie’s garage door is that it is a one-piece garage door. Converting a one-piece garage door into an overhead door isn’t typically an issue, however the garage doubles as a bedroom that had been built into the garage a while back. 

You can see the old door below: 

We found a creative solution to this problem so Marie could get a new door and keep the bedroom functional. We took a new overhead garage door and mounted it as a one-piece door. 

This gives Marie the ability to continue to use the garage as a bedroom, which is helpful for her rental opportunities. The door, however, is still functioning properly and can be converted back to a garage in the future with a working, secure door.

Here you can see the final result: 


For Marie, she got the look of a standard overhead door but the function of a tilt door. We think it looks great, and most importantly, Marie is happy with the final result!

Now her door is updated, functional, and looks great from the outside. Curb appeal means a lot when trying to rent out a home. Getting as many renters interested as possible gives you options and ensures you will rent the home quickly so you don’t face vacancy loss.


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Gallery Collection by Clopay Garage Door Installation

This Roseville, CA was built 15 years ago. The doors the house was built with were very simple, had no windows and no insulation. Every summer, the garage was very hot, and the homeowner was frustrated. He wanted to work in his garage year round.

After 15 years, they decided to replace the garage doors. They wanted something with style, with windows, and a door that was insulated.

They looked at tons of styles and ultimately decided upon the Gallery collection by Clopay. The biggest draw to these doors was that they come heavily insulated.

This style also had big windows. The outside of the door is painted to look like wood, with a wood grain paint,  so it gave them a unique style.

They chose the “Dark Oak” finish. The door itself, while painted to look like wood, is actually made of steel. Steel is very durable and much easier to maintain than real wood. It’s also less expensive.

The doors also have the carriage house style they loved. The groove panel design of the door and it’s raised panels, allow this steel door to have a vintage carriage house look.

The insulation on these doors can range from an R value of 6.3 to 18.4 depending on where you live, and what you are looking for.

The homeowners also chose some decorative wrought iron hardware to complement their new doors.

The after pictures are gorgeous. And most importantly, the homeowners are so happy with their new garage doors.

Changing out your garage doors can instantly give your home updated curb appeal, and is immediate equity into your home. The builder basic white doors this home had before looked cookie cutter and didn’t offer any practical features like insulation or natural light from the windows.

Simply changing out the garage doors gives this home an updated and custom look. Great to enjoy, and great for resale!


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Benefit to Hiring a Professional Garage Door Company

The main reason to hire a professional, well-reviewed garage door company is simple: less stress.

Garage doors and their parts are expensive. You want a professional who knows what they are doing to service and maintain your garage for peace of mind, if nothing else.

Some people think hiring a local handyman does the job just as well, but this just isn’t true. Only a professional garage door company, with trained, licensed, insured and bonded technicians, are qualified to work on your garage door.

Aside from peace of mind, hiring a professional company can save you tons of money and time. Fixing it yourself, or hiring someone unqualified for the job, will cost you double to fix anything since you will have to have the work redone. Save the hassle and hire a local company with experience!


Trust us, we have profited off the poor jobs done by other repair men and sub par companies. But we don’t enjoy charging people to do a job they’ve already paid to have done the first time around.

If you aren’t already convinced to hire a professional garage door company, below are a few more reasons you should!

Reason #1

Hiring someone or a team to repair your garage door could be thieves not professionals! Sounds crazy, but it has happened. And more than once!

One step up from thieves, is poor businessmen who perform sub-par work. They take your deposit, and then don’t finish the job, or do a bad job! This is a waste of time and money.

Reason #2

A bad installation can cause a bad accident. We have performed repair work on garage doors that failed in some way: springs broke, cable broke, unbalanced door or mis-aligned sensors causing havoc. If you don’t have your garage door and parts installed correctly, it’s an accident waiting to happen: to property or person!

Reason #3

Bad companies often go out of business. We have experienced more than one example of a homeowner paying for a job to be done, and it not being finished due to the business shutting down. Or a repair job that needs warranty work done, and the business isn’t around to do it.

Hiring a quality company means you’re hiring professionals who plan to be in business for the long run!


There are many reasons to hire a professional garage door company, including the ones mentioned above.

If you are in the Roseville and Greater Sacramento area, give Personal Solutions and shot! Put us to the test: read our reviews, check our BBB rating, and ask to see our proof of insurance and documentation. We’ll pass!


Case Study: What Happens When You Don’t Fix a Broken Spring

We recently fixed a broken spring for a customer. While this is a fairly normal job we perform each week, this one was special enough for a blog post. The spring, as you can see below, broke in 2 different spots.

This happens from time to time, however in this case, one break is from the spring breaking 6 months ago, and the other is the more recent one.

Always Get Your Springs Repaired Quickly!

The problem here is that when this customer’s spring broke 6 months ago, they didn’t get it fixed. Only when it broke the second time, did they call a garage door repair company to address the problem.

This is VERY unsafe! Operating your garage door with a broken spring is a recipe for disaster. The garage door at any point could fail as the springs will not work properly. This means the door can fall quickly onto your property, or worse, a person. This will happen forcefully and quickly.

Operating your garage door with a broken spring can also risk burning out the motor on your garage door opener. The garage door opener will compensate for the spring not holding the weight of the garage door, and will run harder. Garage door openers, and their

Garage door openers, and their repair, can be expensive. Additionally, the time you need to wait to repair your garage door opener if it fails, can be frustrating, especially if you park your car inside and it gets stuck!

Make sure that when your spring breaks, you get it repaired! And when looking for a garage door company to repair your springs, check their reviews and references! We often perform spring replacements on springs that were too small for the garage door, installed by a bad repair company.

Springs that are not the right size for the weight of your garage door and installed improperly with your garage door opener, can also cause problems and unnecessary wear and tear on your garage door parts.

Now the spring is fixed, installed properly, and the garage door can operate safely!


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Wayne Dalton Torque Master Spring System Review

We recently replaced this broken torque master spring system for a customer. We see time and again the failing of these torque master systems a few years after they are installed.

We recommend installing a standard torsion spring system, as the life of this spring system is much longer.

About: Torsion Springs

Torsion springs do a better job of lifting the weight of your garage door more easily than a torque master spring.


Why is this good? It doesn’t wear as much on your garage door opener, which will extend the operating life of your opener.

If the correct sized springs are installed properly, the garage door essentially weighs less than it actually does when it is in motion. Which of course, is less taxing on your opener.

What is a balanced garage door?

A balanced garage door is a door that weighs “less” consistently through the opening and closing track. The spring system used is essential in this working as it should.


So what’s wrong with a torque master system?

Torque master springs are made by Wayne Dalton. Most of the parts are made of plastic. Plastic is notorious for breaking easily or warping in extreme temperatures.

When we install a standard torsion spring system, we use metal parts, which helps the entire system last longer.

Extra Repair: Cracked Panel

In addition to the broken torque master spring, and installing a brand new standard torsion spring system, we also fixed the customer’s cracked panel.

We added a strut to reinforce the cracked panel.

There are 2 other options for repair when you have a cracked panel: replacing the panel, or replacing the entire door.

The strut is a great temporary option and is also very affordable. The strut helps to reinforce the panel and keep it from cracking further.

Replacing the panel is the second cheapest option, and only an option if your garage door is still being manufactured. Otherwise, there is no panel to purchase to replace.


Replacing the entire door can be a big expense. A good quality, affordable garage door isn’t a budget breaker but is the most expensive option if you have a cracked panel on your current garage door.
When we were all done, this customer has a new spring system that will help balance and carry the weight of her garage door, and a reinforced panel to prevent further cracking!

Getting Ready to Sell: Garage Door Updates

Dorothy was ready to put up her beautiful home in El Dorado Hills for sale. She wanted to improve her curb appeal before selling to make it more marketable. This includes switching out the garage doors, upgrading the garage door openers, and painting her house.  

The garage doors was old wood doors that were 30+ years old. Her garage door openers as well were 30 years old. 

Note here that any openers made before 1993 don’t come with an auto reverse feature. This important safety feature is crucial for garage door safety, and having it will help sell your home. Auto reverse means probably what you think – that the door will automatically reserve. This happens if there is something in the way of the sensors.

You should test that your garage doors do this, regardless of whether you are selling your home. Whether you are or aren’t, you can test by simply taking a rolled up newspaper and putting it in the path of the garage door. Now close the garage door. If the door automatically reverses upon sensing the newspaper, you’re good! If it doesn’t, call a professional!

When looking at different garage door options and what would make the most sense, Dorothy’s only requirements were doors that would compliment the style of her house, and that were durable.  Besides style, nothing else much mattered, as she was planning on painting her home, including her garage doors.

Dorothy ended up choosing Clopay garage doors, their T52 model. We added plain windows, which were a nice compliment to the large windows she has throughout her home.  

Dorothy needed 2 garage doors: 1 two car garage door and 1 one car garage door. They look great, especially with the windows!

As for the garage door openers, she went with the 8065 LiftMaster 1/2HP chain drive openers. This is very durable, and very affordable! 

Ready to be put on the market and photographed!

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How to Take Care of Your Garage

The difference between the longevity of a maintained garage door and an un-maintained garage door is YEARS! Caring for your garage door is a necessity to getting the most life out of it, and saving you money!

There are some easy ways to keep your garage door maintained properly. You can do these tasks monthly, quarterly and some are yearly. Many of them can be done on your own. It’s always a great idea to schedule a yearly maintenance check with a licensed company to catch anything you might have missed, or to fix anything you might not realize is broken, before it gets worse!

Monthly Tasks

Checking your tracks is something that can be done every month and only takes a few minutes.

Simply grab a wet cloth and wipe down your tracks carefully. Feel as you go for any bumps or dents that might need your attention. Cleaning the tracks also helps the door run more smoothly along them, as it removes any debris or built up residue.

Make sure to grab a dry towel and wipe the tracks dry when you’re done!

Quarterly Tasks

Check your weather sealant at the start of every new season. When temperatures change quickly, the sealant is more prone to crack or tear. So this makes the change of seasons a great time to check.

Sealant helps keep critters out of your garage door, but it also helps seal the door off from the air flow outside. In the summer this protects your garage from the hot air, and cold air in winter .

Checking this is easy, just take the tip of your finger and run it along the seal. If you feel any tears or cracks, either replace the sealant, or call a professional to do it for you.

Lubricating your door and parts is also something that is great to do quarterly. We recommend a lithium or silicone spray, NOT WD40. Lubrication helps your door run smoothly and more quietly.

Spray on your rollers, ball bearings, hinges, chain rail and the arm bar of your garage door. Avoid spraying the chain, springs or the bottom of the chain rail.
Simply performing these THREE tasks every month or quarter, can go a long way in catching any problems before they arise.

You save money just by checking these things, even if actual repairs are done by a professional garage door company. 5-10 minutes every month and quarter can really save you a ton!