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Project: Replacing a Rotten Wood Garage Door

We recently completed this awesome project in Midtown, Sacramento. Our customer’s old stand alone garage door had a rotten wood garage door that only opened manually, and barely opened at that.

He wanted to use his garage for it’s intended function. That meant he wanted to remove those old wood doors and install a brand new garage door and garage door opener. He also wanted to add a walk through door so he could access the garage without having to open the big door.

Here is what his door looked like before we got started:

rotten wood garage door

Project: Remove Rotten Wood Garage Door

The project began with demo! We removed the old rotten wood garage door. All of the framing around the old door was in a bad shape and rotting as well. So we got to work removing that and just generally cleaning up the space to prep it for the construction.

Once that was done, we were able to re-frame the opening to properly fit the garage door we chose, as well as frame out the walk through door.

Here is the project after the initial framing:

rotten wood garage door

Once we completed the framing, we were able to install the brand new walk through door! Looks great, right?

rotten wood garage door

The last part of the project is of course the most dramatic, the installation of the brand new door! The door he chose is a great door, and we also insulated it to help with temperature control in his garage.


rotten wood garage door

Once the door was installed and looking good, last step was all the finishing! We textured and painted the exterior.

Lastly, we installed the garage door opener to make this baby go up and down with ease! Our customer chose the LiftMaster 8550W opener. The opener has some great features including WiFi connectivity so you can control it with your tablet or smartphone.

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Garage Door Spring Repair Projects

Below is a collection of a few spring repair projects we’ve completed lately. Spring repair is one of the most common repairs we perform.

The most common issue is springs that are not the right size to support the weight of the door. This can cause problems, including the opener not functioning properly. It can also shorten the life of your springs and opener.

We generally recommend a dual spring system for all garage doors. This helps your springs function properly. Your entire garage door system will also last longer.

While there is a higher upfront cost with a dual spring system, it’s worth it over the life of your springs. Plus, it helps your door function safely.

Spring Repair #1

Here you can see a broken spring. When we arrived, we upgraded to a 2 spring system. We also reinforced the garage door.

The springs should last longer in a dual spring system. It will support the weight of the door better, and allow the garage door opener to function longer.

Customers tend to be scared to upgrade to a dual spring system at first since it is more expensive upfront. The time you will get out of your system returns your investment.

The harder impact on your garage door opener with 1 spring versus 2 makes a dual spring system more affordable in the long run, since you will get more life out of your opener.

We also installed braces, as you can see in the picture above, to reinforce the garage door. Reinforcing the door helps to prevent cracks.

Spring Repair #2

This house was built by a big builder. These builders generally take the easy and cheap route when building homes. That means that garage doors generally only have 1 heavy duty torsion spring installed. While it saves them money upfront, like we talked about above, it doesn’t give as much life as a dual spring system.

A double size garage door, like the one in this picture, will function better and last longer with a dual spring system. The double springs will also balance the door more effectively. This helps the garage door opener work better.

The spring works by carrying the weight of the door. Doors are heavy! If you think you have a broken spring, or if the spring looks like it does above, or in any of the before pictures in this post, call us! We can check it before it snaps, which can cause damage.

Spring Repair #3

The videos below show a spring that is too small for this garage door. The customer called saying he could only open his garage door part of the way. You can see what we mean in the video:

After troubleshooting for a while, we realized the door is too heavy for the springs, which are too small for the door.

We changed the springs to properly fitting ones, and adjusted the motor. The door is working like new now!

Spring Repair #4

A standard spring repair. Broken spring before…

Newly installed springs, after…

Spring Repair #5

This spring broke in TWO places!

We quickly swapped it out for new springs, and good as new!

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Garage Door Cracked Panel Replacement

If you notice that your garage door is making loud popping sounds. Or if you are having problems closing your garage door. If you see some dents on your garage door that weren’t there before, then you might have a cracked panel.

A cracked panel is a common problem, especially if a door was hit by an object in the past. It can crack one or more panels as part of the overall damage.

Visual of a garage door with a cracked panel:

In many cases, if you don’t take care of your entire garage door, it can collapse. If you have a cracked panel, or a panel that completely collapses, there are 3 options to repair it.

Cracked Panel Repair Options

  1. Install braces to support the damaged panel or panels. This is a temporary fix. It will last maybe a year before you need to repair it permanently. Below are 2 options.
  2. You can replace the damaged panel or panels. The catch here is that your door needs to be in production still, in order to order the right panels. This isn’t usually a problem if your door isn’t newer. But for many older doors, this isn’t possible, so you have only option #3.
  3. You must replace the entire door. If your door was older, this can be a blessing in disguise. You can get a new style you want, add some value to your home, and get a better quality door that will last years. Better quality doors include doors with better insulation, which directly benefits your home and utilities. And increases your home’s security.

A cracked garage door panel is a serious issue. Call a garage door company with experience in identifying cracked panels, and a company skilled in replacing panels or installing new garage doors. You can call Perfect Solutions 24/7 for a free evaluation and estimate.

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Garage Door Replacement Project: My Son Ran Into the Garage Doors!

We recently received a call from Paula that her garage doors weren’t looking so hot and that she might need a garage door replacement. We came out to see what she was talking about. Look what we found when we drove up:


Not looking so hot? That’s an understatement, Paula. Apparently Paula’s teenage son had a bit of an accident and drove into the garage doors. She called us immediately and we sent a tech out to take a look at the damage.

We decided with Paula that replacing the doors was the best solution. Her other garage door was also damaged so at that point it made sense to go ahead and replace both.

After considering several options, we eventually landed on the UDT short panel 25 gauge doors. Since they aren’t custom doors, we were able to go and get the ones she picked, and install them THE SAME DAY!


Since the springs were still loaded on the damaged garage doors, the tech first needed to put the old door back on it’s tracks. After that, he was able to safely remove both garage doors. After those were out of the way, we removed the old rotted wood we found. Then, we installed and anchored a new seal plate and framed out the new openings. Then, we replaced the tracks, and installed the new doors! Once the new doors were in we installed the trim and a vapor barrier, followed by wire reinforcement for the stucco. Now, cosmetics! We re-stuccoed the wall that was affected by the accident and installation, and matched the texture. Final step is repainting the stucco, and voila! Good as new!


The repair and installation went smoothly, and Paula’s doors look great! The UDT doors Paula chose came with a lifetime cracks and rust warranty which are much more durable than the doors she had previously. They might not withstand another ramming from her teenager, BUT they will stand up better to every day wear and tear.

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Easy Garage Door Updates: Panel Replacement

Replacing your garage doors is sometimes necessary, whether due to damage or just wanting a whole new look. But sometimes there is a way to change the look and feel of your garage door, without actually replacing the entire thing and incurring the expensive of replacement. Below we will take a look at one such change, which not only looks great, but is affordable too!

An affordable way to get a new look for your garage door is to replace a panel and paint your doors. Changing paint and other details can change the look of your home. And without the cost of a big garage door renovation.

In addition to painting your doors a new color, replacing a panel with a panel that includes window decorations or other decoration features can really enhance the look you are going for. If your existing garage door is in great condition but you want some more decoration, it is much easier and cheaper to replace the panel with a decorative feature you want, then to choose and pay for an entirely new door.

Below you can see a recent project we did where we painted the doors and replaced a panel to change up the look. This door was in excellent condition to replacing the whole thing would have been a waste.


Here are the doors before any work was done. You can see that the condition is great, and they look stylish! The homeowners were looking for a bit more drama and design.


Here are the doors halfway through the transformation. The upper panels of both doors were removed. Then we installed new panels that feature decorative windows that the homeowners really wanted.


After the new panels were installed, all we had to do was paint! As you can see in this after picture, the doors look amazing! The newly installed upper panels were painted to match the existing doors and voila! These doors look totally different, and for a great price!


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LiftMaster Wall Console Installation

One of our loyal clients, Irene, had been having an issue with her garage door opener. For more than a month, she was unable to open her garage door with her remote when she came home. Being that it’s winter, leaving her car in the driveway wasn’t pleasant, in order to come through the front door. The mornings are especially rough!

We wish she would have called us sooner, since we were able to get everything fixed in no time. Initially, we had some trouble figuring out what was wrong. We first tried reprogramming her remotes and her inside keypad to see if that would solve it. It did work at first, but then we tried her remotes and her car’s home link system, and it stopped working. What a nightmare! We assumed there was some sort of device issue. Or perhaps there was something jamming or blocking the frequency of the garage door.

Ultimately we decided to replace her existing wall console with a new LiftMaster 888LM MyQ wall console. This console is seriously the coolest! You can control the garage door features, which include locking, programming and settings, right from the console yourself. You can also extend the range of the remote controls with your “home link” system.

More Features of the LiftMaster 888LM MyQ model.

  • WiFi enabled
  • Smartphone or tablet control to open and close doors
  • Program remote controls yourself from the panel.
  • Controls the doors and your garage door lights. Even set timers for your lights from the panel!
  • 150 degree sensing angle and motion detection. Garage door lights will go on when movement is detected.
  • You can set a timer to close your doors after a certain number of minutes for increased security!
  • The lock function will disable your remote controls if you are away.

liftmaster wall console installation myq 888lm

This LiftMaster wall console is affordable, with top of the line features for functionality and security!

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Glass Garage Door Installation in Auburn, CA

We recently installed this new custom glass garage door for clients in Auburn, CA.

Reinhard and Stephanie were looking to update their old, dated garage doors with something new and modern. Their kids have all moved out, and instead of buying a new home, they decided to invest in remodeling their current home.

As you can see in the before, the brown color against the brown and white bricks has a very dated vibe.

glass garage door installation

What you can’t see in this picture, is the sound of the 20 year old opener which actually complimented the 20 year old garage doors! Reinhard and Stephanie didn’t just want a garage door update, but an opener update as well!

Clopay Garage Doors + LIftMaster Opener

The doors Reinhard and Stephanie ended up choosing were these Clopay doors from the Avante collection. Frosted glass doors with a black frame, in a beautiful contemporary style.

While beautiful, these doors are also very heavy. An opener that could handle it’s weight was needed. We decided on the LiftMaster 8587W opener. It’s a chain drive opener that is WiFi enabled and an upgraded security system.

With the addition of these beautiful glass garage doors, plus an upcoming front door installation to match the look and feel of the garage door, this house got a serious makeover! No painting or resurfacing the front of the house. A simply switch of garage doors makes a huge difference!

glass garage door installation

We all installed a new entry door that matches their new garage door.

glass entry door installation auburn ca

You can read all the details here.

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When and How to Replace Garage Door Rollers

A common garage door repair is replacing garage door rollers that are worn or broken. Rollers can break and cause your garage door or doors to go off track. It’s a good idea to have routine garage door maintenance performed so ensure worn rollers are spotted before they break and cause more damage. Worn rollers can not only get your doors off track, it’s noisy!

If your routine maintenance doesn’t catch the rollers and they do break, replacing them is pretty easy! The repair is an easy fix that will have your doors back on track and running much quieter!

The video below is a great example of what a worn out roller looks like versus a new roller. We are big fans of silicone rollers. While they are the most expensive as compared to plastic, steel or nylon rollers, they are the most durable and they don’t make a sound when your doors open or close. If you go with another roller material, ensure you care for them properly. Rollers with ball bearings need to be lubricated once a year. You or a garage door tech doing maintenance, can take care of this.

How do you replace garage door rollers?

The process to replace garage door rollers is pretty easy. Start by opening your garage door. Clamp the track, make sure you disconnect the opener from the door, remove the older rollers and then slide new ones into place! Safety is important here, as garage doors that aren’t clamped properly can fall and cause damage. Best course of action if you aren’t confident in replacing worn rollers, is to have a tech come in.

Since you are already clamping your doors and removing the rollers for replacement, this repair is a great opportunity to also tighten your hardware, ensuring all bolts and screws are tight and your tracks are aligned properly. Loose hardware can cause your door to vibrate, which loosens the hardware even more, and can affect the performance of your doors.



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Modern Garage Door Installation with Side Windows

Our clients, the Rosens, decided they were ready to renovate their old house. They wanted a more modern look, and one way they achieved this on the exterior is by replacing their garage doors.

Clopay Modern Steel Collection

There are so many options on the market to get that great modern look. The Rosens ended up choosing the Clopay model doors, from their modern steel collection. These doors are a perfect complement to contemporary and mid century modern homes, so it was perfect for the Rosens. They chose the 9209 model with a bronze finish, and obscured glass. A great choice to get the look they wanted!

These doors are steel backed and insulated with an R rating of 18.4. This is the highest insulation level on the market today. Great for keeping your garage temperature controlled, especially in the extreme heat or cold.

clopay modern steel collection

New LiftMaster 8550W Opener

While they were replacing their doors to upgrade their home’s exterior, they also wanted some practical changes as well. They decided to also replace their opener, as they wanted a quieter model with a high safety rating. We recommended the LiftMaster 8550W, which is perfect. The opener comes with 2 hand held remote controls, a wireless keypad, battery backup and built in Wi-Fi.

The first step in this transformation was removing the old garage doors and hardware. Then we were able to start the installation of the new Clopay doors. We installed the new tracks, which are heavy duty tracks that properly support the weight of the steel backed doors. Next came the spring system installation which counter balances the weight of the doors. Lastly, we stacked the panels and installed the hinges and rollers.

That takes care of the doors, and then we were onto the openers. We set the travel limits of the door, and made adjustments to the force to ensure safe and smooth opening going forward.

The Result

You can see for yourself how they turned out! These doors are beautiful, extremely durable, highly insulated. When you pair them with the LiftMaster 8550W openers, you get the best garage doors and opener money can buy!

clopay modern steel collection

What do I do if my garage door won’t open?

A popular issue that plagues homeowners is a garage door that won’t open, even though their opener seems to be on. So what do you do if your garage door isn’t opening and your opener is seemingly trying to lift your door?

Why Won’t Your Garage Door Open?

If your garage door opens but your opener is trying to operate, most likely is your garage door gear. The gear is probably stripped. The solution: replace the gears, or replace your opener. The solution will depend on your situation. If your opener is quite old, it might make sense to replace it. If not, new gears is an easy fix!

The video below is a great example of a stripped gear. The video will show you what it looks like when your garage door gear is stripped. It also lets you hear what this sounds like. This can help you determine if this is the case for your garage door. The general idea though is that your opener will hum and make noise when you press the button, but nothing will happen. The opener motor will be running, but the door won’t move.

How did my gears get stripped?

There are a few things that can cause your gears to strip. In some cases, if your door is too heavy, your gears will strip over time. Making sure your springs are the correct size and your hardware is intact can help prevent a situation that would make your doors strip. You can read more about how the wrong size springs can mess with your door here.

In the video we posted above, you see replacing the opener solved the problem. The LiftMaster chain drive opener was able to lift the weight of the door correctly, which solved the problem. If you go the route of replacing just the gear, keep in mind that if more than one gear was stripped, replacing your garage door opener is the best option.

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