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How to Make Your Automatic Garage Door Last a Long Time by Tuning

Yellow hardhat and leather glovesThough they look sturdy, garage doors are the implements in people’s house that are most often subjected to wear and tear. Unlike the other doors in the house, garage doors are opened and closed often, using delicate mechanisms that can get broken after frequent use. For this reason, garage owners should keep their doors well maintained to avoid the cost of repair. Garage door owners can do part of the maintenance work by themselves. All they need are the right tools and some free time.

Safety instructions when doing garage door maintenance:

  • Always  unplug the automatic door opener to avoid accidental activation
  • To keep the door open while you work, make sure to clamp locking pliers onto the roller tract under the rollers.
  • When the door spring is in tension, leave the lift cable alone, never remove it to avoid injury because the spring can snap and injure.
  • Don’t replace the tension spring. Only garage door professionals should handle that.

Inspect your garage door

Check for loose nuts and bolts and tighten them. Since the garage door is always moving, nuts and bolts specially those bolts keeping the rails to the support bracket.  Checking and tightening the roller brackets is also necessary to keep the door working properly.   The reason garage door hardware loosens is the constant motion of the door when opened and closed.

Also, inspect the rollers and lift cable for wear and tear but because those parts are under high tension, leave the replacing and repairing to professional garage repair people.

Lubricate the chain or the screw of the opener

To keep the garage door operating smoothly and quietly, the opener screw or chain should be lubricated with white lithium grease once a year or as often as needed.  Because lubricants help lower the friction on the opener chain and screw whenever the garage door is opened, lubrication will also help protect the parts from wear and tear. There are spray-on versions for the lithium grease lubricant that are easier to use.

Lubricate the spring

To keep the spring from corroding, garage door owners can spray them with a lubricant/cleaner, which can be bought from hardware stores.  If corrosion is already eating the metal, it is best to call professionals to replace it.  Again, non-professionals should not try to remove or replace the garage door spring.

Check the garage door seals and replace if necessary

The weather stripping or astragal of the garage door keeps cold and small insects from entering the garage, but they can easily wear and can also get damaged by mice. Replacing them is easy and not dangerous.  Garage door owners should make sure that the materials used are the right size for their garage door. They can also measure the damaged weather seal and take the measurements to the shop to ensure they get the right one.  Many companies offering garage door repair also sell these parts.

Only experienced professionals can perform complete maintenance of garage doors, repairs and replacements. However, as owners,it is your responsibility to do basic care for your garage door to prolong its lifespan and maximize your investment.

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Top Tips for Caring for Your Wooden Garage Door

garageWith more homes being built with designs that are being borrowed from homes in the 50’s and 60’s especially in suburban areas, there is starting to become a resurgence of interest in wooden garage doors.

In general, wooden garage doors provide a very homey and polished look to any house, more so for those who follow the Mediterranean style. It gives a sense of warmth due to the earthy and natural feel that only wood can provide. Versus metal garage doors that stick out due to its cold and hard finish, wooden garage doors are more into blending into the house’s design and add a bigger look to the garden.

However, as with anything wooden, homeowners pay for it through maintenance and upkeep. Imagine if appliances made of wood that are already found indoors need utmost care, what more for wooden garage doors that are exposed to the elements day in and day out?

Read up on how to care for those garage doors the right way:

1. Proper ventilation and pest control

Make sure that your garage has proper ventilation to ensure that the door is not kept moist or kept hot for too long. Proper airing also maintains the wood and prevents signs of wear and tear such as sagging or white spots. If there are already molds in your garage, a wet spot is not unlikely so a general cleaning is much needed.

Proper pest control is also needed to make sure that those pesky wood eating bugs especially termites are out of sight and permanently out of your home.

2. Get the right contractor to install

Even if you are going for the natural look with a wooden garage door, it does not mean that it should become an object made from the 19th century with manual pulleys. For it to work and work well for you, it will still rely on hinges and rollers to go up and down automatically, with a sensor and a remote control to ensure your garage’s and your home’s security.

Compared to a metal garage door, it’s a bit trickier to do this with a wooden garage door and it pays to have your trusted contractor handle the details on this. If possible, let your contractor source everything from getting the materials to installation.

As much as it’s more romantic, leave the choosing of the type of wood to the professionals. Some types may be too heavy and will sooner or later affect also the integrity of your own house as it goes up and down on a daily basis, getting so much pressure from your walls.

Let your contractor also do the upkeep, making sure that all hinges are well lubricated on a monthly basis.

3. Paint and seal it

Sealing the garage door is part and parcel of the process. A coat of sealant protects it from direct sunlight and harmful UV rays and at the same time, takes care of it from very cold and wet weather that may seep in. Painting also provides much needed protection and makes sure to do a once-over every time peeling or flaking begins to happen.

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What to Do When an Automatic Garage Door Won’t Open

shutterstock_1589767When your automatic garage door won’t open, there’s a high likelihood that the problem is electrical rather than mechanical. Mechanical problems tend to give you some warning signs before the door stops working completely. There are a number of possible reasons for an automatic garage door to suddenly refuse to open. If you should find yourself stuck outside your garage with an impotent remote in your hand, try the following checks before calling in the repair guys.

1: Check Vacation Mode

Someone may have inadvertently switched your automatic door opener into “lock” or “vacation” mode. If so, your door will not open in response to the remote. If the door is not in lock or vacation mode, move on to the next check.

2: Test the Remote Battery

If the battery in your remote control is getting low, the automatic garage door opener unit may not receive a signal from the remote. Go into your garage (via the internal door from your home) and check for a red blinking light on the garage door opener housing. If the light is blinking, press the “open” button on your remote control. If the door opens, move further from the control unit and press the “close” button. If there is no response from the door, you know your battery is getting low and is only sending a weak signal. Replace the battery and your door should open and close just fine from outside.

If the door doesn’t open or close even when you are close to the control unit or the red light is not blinking, replace your remote battery and then test the door again. If the door still won’t respond to the remote control after you have replaced the battery, move on to the next check.

3: Test the Wiring

If you look closely, you will see that there are two fine wires running from the garage door control unit to the internal switch, which is normally located near to your internal garage door. There will be two more wires running from the control unit to each of the electric eyes at either side of your garage door, near the bottom.

You will need to test all the connection points, do this by wiggling one wire at a time while pressing the “open” button on your remote control. In total you will be testing two wires at the wall switch, four wires at the control unit and two wires at each of the electric eyes. If the door opens while you are wiggling any of the wires and pressing the “open” button, you will know that the wire you are wiggling is loose.

Shut off the power to your automatic garage door. Use a screwdriver to tighten the loose wire at its connection terminal and then turn the power back on. You should find your door will now open when you operate the remote control.

If you still can’t get your garage door to respond to your remote control after following all the above checks, it might just be time to call in a local garage door installation/repair service. The technician will be able to identify any more complex problem with your automatic garage door and get it back in working order for you.


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What Puts the Go into Your Garage Door Opener?

shutterstock_99749666Like many convenience gadgets in your home it’s easy to take your automatic garage door opener for granted. You just press the little button on the remote and your door opens or closes.  However, the system which enables your garage door to open automatically has some clever engineering packed into it.

Even your electrical supply is used in a smart way to deliver the oomph necessary to get that heavy door moving, especially when you are opening it. Perhaps the most important component putting the go into your garage door opener is an item called a capacitor.

The Role of the Capacitor in a Garage Door Opener

A capacitor(sometimes known as a condenser) is an electrical component built into your garage door opener. Its purpose is to build up a store of electricity from your mains power to deliver in a fast burst. This is what gives your garage door opener the extra energy required to overcome inertia and get your door moving.

More accurately called a “start” or “electrolytic” capacitor, this small component quickly builds up an electrical charge when you operate the switch to power your door opener. After sufficient power has built up, the capacitor discharges.  This gives the opener mechanism a jolt of power.

When Good Capacitors Go Bad

Garage door opener capacitors can fail. The symptoms of a faulty capacitor include a failure of the door to move when you press the opener’s start button. Although the door won’t open you will probably hear a humming or buzzing sound coming from the opener unit. In some cases, the door may begin to move but stop after opening or closing partially. A few garage door opener models have a system of warning lights which will flash when the capacitor fails.

Replacing Your Garage Door Opener Capacitor

If the capacitor in your garage door opener gives up the ghost, it’s a simple task to replace it with a new one. Of course the most important point is never to try and work on your door opener without first isolating it from the power by unplugging the cable from the wall or ceiling outlet.

If you remove the cover from your door opener unit, you should be able to locate the capacitor clamped to the side of the housing. A capacitor normally has the appearance of a large black cylinder. Replacing the capacitor is simply a case of unclipping the wires from the terminals on the component, unscrewing the clamp which holds it in place and then fitting a new capacitor in place of the faulty one. After reconnecting the wires, just replace the cover on your opener, plug the unit back in and you should be good to go.

If you prefer not to mess with your garage door opener or you don’t like working with electrical systems, just call on your local garage door installation and repair service. They will be happy to send a technician to replace the capacitor for you.


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Is it Possible to Have a Glass Garage Door?

Garage door with no parking signFor sure you have thought about having a garage door made of glass at least once. If you did some research on the market you may have noticed that there are no offers when it comes to this product. The truth is that in theory it is possible to have an all-glass garage door, but reality begs to differ.

Why aren’t there any glass garage doors?

If you do research the matter you might see that the garage doors you find are sectional garage doors made of aluminum frames that come with inserts of glass or polycarbonate which give the impression of a door made of glass only. Naturally, we also have to take into consideration that there are some places where the law doesn’t allow constructors to use glass right above the heads of the people passing by.

What is that you can find on the market?

If you are determined to have a glass garage door, most probably you will get a sectional garage door. It is common for the manufacturers to achieve a glass-like surface by using toughened acrylic. At the moment there are two main options for you to achieve a glass door. One of the options is to use a sectional door that comes with glazing sections which make the door look like it is made of glass. The second solution is to have a trackless sectional door that has glazed panels.

In order to make the door lightweight, easy to operate and modern, the majority of the manufacturers use aluminum. If you want to make sure that you have the glass door that you always wanted but you have some privacy as well, you might want the glazing to have a smoky effect. The only downside of these garage doors is that you need to place a special order for them and they are usually made only in large sizes as they use the mechanism of industrial garage doors.

Other options for special garage doors

If this isn’t exactly what you had in mind, you might also consider the trackless sectional doors. In this case the door has a counterbalance weight system, which is able to lift the two panels vertically without using internal tracking. This solution is suitable for your home if you have a high ceiling. Usually the frame of the garage door is made of timber. The advantage of this material is that it is durable and the homeowners can choose from numerous different colors to match the style of their home.

Privacy and security

Some might have concerns regarding the glass garage doors. As it has already been mentioned, these are made of toughened materials so they offer some degree of sound and heat insulation. In order to have as much privacy as possible, it is best to choose the garage doors that come with a smoky color.

Although it’s not possible to have a garage door made only of glass, there are several alternatives that look just as good and that are highly functional.


Chain, Belt, or Screw: Which Garage Door Opener Suits You?

bigstock-Garage-Door-Opener-20287970One of the big decisions about having a garage door opener installed is which type of drive mechanism to go for. There are three common types of mechanism from which to choose and each one has its share of proponents. Really and truly though, your choice of garage door drive mechanism needs to be an informed decision, based on your needs and priorities. The best garage door opener mechanism for you could be determined by asking yourself (and answering) the following questions:

  • Do I need the quietest mechanism?
  • Do I care about how fast my garage door opens and closes?
  • Is the mechanism affected by the climate in my area?
  • Will my garage door opener installation be DIY or professional?
  • Do I want the cheapest option?
  • Do I want a low maintenance option?
  • Do I need a Heavy Duty garage door opener?

Taking each of the above questions in turn, let’s see which type of mechanism is the most practical solution.

When Noise is a Concern

If your home has an attached garage, and particular if you have a bedroom over it, you might prefer it if your garage door opener doesn’t produce much in the way of noise and vibration. Belt drives are the clear winner in these circumstances. Rubber belts make a lot less noise than metal chains and turning screws and are virtually free from vibration.

When You Want Your Garage Door to be Fast

Garage door openers are generally designed to move the door fairly slowly for safety reasons. If you don’t like waiting around too long though, you’ll probably be happiest with a belt drive. These drive mechanisms tend to run more smoothly and quickly than chains or screws.

For Heavy Garage Doors

Extra-large garage doors or those, which are insulated, will need a powerful opener with a heavy-duty mechanism. Getting the extra power is more about the choice of motor for your garage door opener, but you also need a mechanism that will stand years of lifting and lowering the heavy door. The screw drive wins the day in this regard, although chain drives aren’t far behind in terms of resilience.

Climatic Conditions

There’s not much to choose between the three types of drive. They will all do well in hot or cold climates. However, if you live in a climate, which swings dramatically between hot and cold temperatures, it might be wise to steer clear of screw drives. They don’t stand up well to unstable climates.

When Cost is a Concern

When you are on a tight budget and just want the least expensive option, choose a garage door opener with a chain drive. If you need to take noise into account, a screw-drive will set you back a few more dollars, but offers reduced noise at lower cost than a belt driven opener.

Installation and Maintenance Considerations

A screw-drive garage door opener has few moving parts, when compared to the other types of mechanism. This generally makes for lower maintenance and marginally easier DIY installation.

By answering the questions above, balancing the pros and cons of each mechanism shouldn’t prove too difficult. Whichever garage door opener type you choose, it will be with you for a few years. Therefore, it’s a good idea to prioritize your requirements and make an informed choice.


How to Choose and Program a New Garage Door Remote Control

bigstock-Garage-Door-Opener-20287970Remote control garage door openers are great until you lose the remote, or your kids flush it down the toilet. Fortunately you can easily purchase a replacement remote controller. There are a few things to consider when purchasing a new garage door remote and once purchased, you will need to program it to work with your door opener. If you have found yourself in a bit of a predicament and need to buy a new remote, this guide will explain the fundamentals of selecting and programming the replacement.

How Garage Door Remote Controllers Work

Older style remote controllers have code switches that you can turn off and on. A matching set of switches will be present in the base controller for your garage door. This older method of operating garage doors is today being replaced by controllers with what’s known as “rolling code” technology. Each time you use the remote, the code is changed. Rolling code controllers have the advantage of being more secure against garage break-ins. Your remote controller uses a radio frequency signal to activate the garage door opener via the base control unit.

Choose the Right Garage Door Remote

There are two things to consider when buying a replacement remote for your garage door. Firstly, you should purchase a remote control by the same manufacturer as your garage door opener. Secondly, you need to make sure you choose the right radio control frequency. Commonly used frequencies are 300 megahertz (MHz), 310 MHz, 315 MHz, 318 MHz and 390 MHz. You should find the frequency used for your door opener printed on the motor. Make sure you buy a controller of the same frequency.

Programming Your Garage Door Controller

The process for programming a garage door remote varies slightly depending on the manufacturer, but as a general guide you can follow these 5 simple steps.

  1. Somewhere on your garage door opener (Overhead unit) you will find a button marked “Learn” or “Learn code”. This button may be found on the bottom of the unit, or on one side.
  2. Press and release the learn button. You should either hear a beep or see a flashing LED indicating that the unit’s learn mode is activated.
  3. While the Led is flashing, or within 30 seconds of hearing the beep, press the button on your remote control.
  4. At this point the LED should stop flashing on the door opener or you will hear another beep to signify that the garage door opener has paired itself with your replacement remote control.
  5. Test your remote by pressing the button and your garage door should respond by opening or closing.

If your garage door opener and replacement remote control have code switches, you must make sure that the switches in the opener and the remote are in the same position.

That’s pretty much all you need to know, in order to buy and set-up your replacement garage door remote control. So now all you need to do is raid your errant child’s piggy bank and get down to your local DIY store or garage door supplier. You will be back to effortless garage door opening in no time.

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What You Need to Know to Buy an Automatic Garage Door Opener


Most people would assume that buying an automatic garage door opener is a pretty simple and straightforward purchase, but there are actually a lot of factors that you will need to consider. Modern garage door openers come with a wide-selection of options and special features, depending on what you need.

Here are six things you will need to know to buy an automatic garage door opener:

1.       Size

You will need to know exactly what size of garage door you own before you start to research your options. The size of the door will determine many of the other critical factors in choosing the right automatic garage door opener. Perfect Solutions Garage Doors can help you determine the size you have, if you are not sure how to accurately measure the space.

2.      Horsepower

Automatic garage doors come with a ¼, ½, and 1 horsepower motor. A lightweight single-door garage will only need an opener with a ¼ horsepower motor. Two-car garages typical require a ½ horsepower motor, unless it is a heavy carriage-style door. It is always better to make sure you have more power than you need. Keep in mind that there is normally not a significant price difference to choose an automatic opener with a more powerful motor.

3.      Drive

There are essentially three types of drive-chains for automatic garage door openers; belt-drive, chain-drive, and screw-drive. A belt-drive is the quietest type of drive mechanism and a chain-drive is the least expensive. A screw drive is the easiest to install and falls somewhere in the middle in regards to price and noise.

4.      Security

Rolling code technology is highly-recommended for automatic garage door openers, since it prevents intruders from cracking your code and breaking into your garage. There are also automatic garage door openers that use fingerprint technology to grant access into the home.

5.      Warranties

Make sure to compare warranties when you are evaluating different garage door opener models. Most automatic openers will come with a ten year warranty, but every model is different and some companies will even offer lifetime warranties.

6.      Extras

Automatic garage door openers can come with some beneficial extra features, such as battery back-up power, interior garage door lights, and additional safety features. Perfect Solutions Garage Doors will explain in detail what each automatic opener has to offer, so you can make an informed decision.

It is important to know what size, horsepower, chain, and security features you need before you buy an automatic garage door. Make sure to also look into the warranty and any extra features that make it more valuable to you. If you have any questions on buying an automatic garage door, please feel free to ask any of the experts at Perfect Solutions Garage Doors.

Why Do Homeowners Choose Us?

There are many companies offering garage door and garage door repair services but only a select few actually stand out.  Our garage door solutions are built on quality, excellence, and affordability. Here are the top 3 reasons why homeowners choose us.

Qualified Technicians

Here at Perfect Solutions, our technicians are highly-experienced, trained, and certified to ensure that we provide only the best garage door services for you. When you contact us, you know you are dealing with a professional company that completely understands the science involved in garage doors and garage door troubles. From diagnosis to repair and maintenance, our expert technicians have the competencies to carry out repair projects, of any scope and size.

Excellent Workmanship

Whatever project we undertake, we ensure excellent workmanship at all times. Whether it’s a simple or complex installation project or springs replacement, we carry out our jobs with complete diligence and attention to detail. We also offer emergency services to address garage door troubles from broken springs and damaged panels to sensors adjustment.  You can call on us in the middle of the night or even at the most inconvenient time – our emergency solutions are available 24/7. This is precisely why most of our clients are repeat customers. The trust and reliability that we have built over the years make these clients our customers for life.

Competitive Prices

Finally, we take pride in our high-quality, reasonably-priced services. Our competitive rates are among the best in the industry. While quality and excellence always come with a price, we also know that it is possible to provide top-notch solutions at reasonable prices.

Here at Perfect Solutions, we offer not only garage door services but outstanding, detailed, and lasting solutions.  Contact us for your free estimate today.

What to Look for in a Garage Door Repair Company

Without a properly functioning garage door, your garage will only be fulfilling half of its intended purpose. After all, garage doors are designed to keep the contents of your home garage safe from the elements and secure from theft or burglary. Since a garage is usually situated at the front of any home, a beautifully maintained garage door also leaves an excellent first impression on your home.

However garage doors are subject to eventual wear and tear. There will come a time when repairs are needed. Whether you’ve been living in your current home for several years or just moved into a pre-owned property, getting the services of a garage door repair technician can help you in the necessary repairs. Check out our Roseville garage door repair services to find what you need.

Below you will find a useful checklist in hiring the right garage door service provider:

  1. Professional servicemen and well-equipped repair technicians.
  2. When you choose to hire a repair company, they will be sending repair technicians your way to make inspections and to carry out the necessary repairs. Take time to know whether your service provider actually employs highly-trained professionals when it comes to restoring and repairing garage doors. It’s also helpful to know whether the servicemen actually have access to the latest tools in garage door repairs. A reliable company employs individuals who understand the importance of professionalism as well as prompt, individualized, and efficient service.

  3.  Specialized repair services.
  4. Does the company offer only general repair services or do they also offer specialized services tailor-made to suit the requirements of different homeowners? Is your repair company also prepared to carry out broken spring replacement, sensors adjustment, or remote programming? Are they actually available 24/7? Check out Auburn garage door services to find which individualized services you might need.

  5. Valuable consultation advice.
  6. Finally, an excellent garage door repair company is willing to help. Some of the most reliable companies around are more than willing to walk you through the entire process and to answer all of your questions. These people also take your existing budget into consideration. They usually provide you with an appropriate estimate on the costs as well as other information regarding the repairs or the new installations.

    It’s really not difficult finding the right company to help you in all your garage door concerns. Remember that your garage door is a significant component in your home, whether for safety, or practical and aesthetic considerations.

    To help you in any of your Granite-Bay garage door needs, drop by Perfect Solutions Garage Doors today.

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