Ryan and his wife gave us a call because they had plans to paint their house and the current condition of their garage doors necessitated a paint job for them as well.

Their goal was to give the exterior an upgrade, so they figured they would paint the doors to go with the new house color.

During our initial visit and inspection, we saw that the existing garage doors were in pretty bad shape. The overlay outside was falling apart due to extreme exposure to the sun.

Additionally, the doors were not balanced properly since the torsion springs were old and the existing hardware (the rollers, hinges and cables) weren’t sufficient enough to carry the weight of the doors.

After calculating the cost of the replacement of the damaged panel and spring replacement, Ryan suggested that we might just go in a different direction and replace the garage doors instead of repairing them.

Clopay Garage Doors: Installation

Now that new doors were on the table, they had to think about what kind of garage door they wanted. They landed on this wish list: low maintenance garage doors that are durable, quiet and above all – beautiful.

We stepped outside and examined the house. The key for a successful match of a garage door is to choose a style that corresponds with the house, hence the right design, the right windows, and the right paint.

After comparing paint samples and choosing the type of insulation and construction we decided to go with Clopay Gallery Series in a dark oak finish.

clopay gallery

One of the reasons we love working we Clopay is the lifetime warranty they give to their paint system. Perfect for the hot Roseville summers!

Ryan’s house gets a lot of direct sun and he wanted a door he wouldn’t need to repaint every few years.

clopay gallery series

A week after the end of the installation, we called Ryan to follow up and he told us that the new design definitely made an impact on the neighbors and that he and his wife are very happy!