Clopay Insulated Gallery Garage Door Installation + Landscaping
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Clopay Insulated Gallery Garage Door Installation + Landscaping

Amber began a landscaping project in her Granite Bay, CA front yard and knew something was missing in her curb appeal project: new garage doors!

She wanted to replace the standard and boring white garage doors with an upgraded wood look that included windows for some natural light. Not only did they not look very exciting, they were also 30 years old! Wow! Time for some new garage doors with updated features like better insulation and windows.

Since it gets hot in the Sacramento area, insulated garage doors were an important consideration when looking for new garage doors. If she was going to change the garage doors, she also wanted to move away from the white color scheme and try a darker wood finish.

Her home “before” shot:

Clopay Insulated Gallery Garage Door Installation

Amber decided to go with Clopay’s gallery garage doors. These garage doors are insulated via their GD2LP 2″ steel back insulation and feature long panels, SQ24 windows all with a walnut oak finish.

Don’t they look great!

clopay gallery insulated garage doors

Here is a close up:

The double row of windows is very stylish and offers a ton of natural light into her garage.

This landscaping project turned in to a full-on exterior remodel project.

The walnut oak finish really pops on this home, and the added hardware gives a custom, upgraded look.

Amber is really excited to continue working on the landscaping in the front of her home. She also is enjoying the new garage door openers we installed that replaced 10-year-old openers that were noisy and causing trouble.

Her new belt drive garage door opener is quiet, has WiFi abilities so she can open or close them from a smartphone or tablet, and includes a security light that reacts to motion. Sometimes it’s the little things!

The most important thing is Amber is happy with her new garage doors! Another satisfied customer!


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