If you’re looking into opening a new business in Roseville, CA, you might be interested in designing a space that incorporates a commercial garage door. Commercial garage doors are no longer limited for use in large warehouses and fire stations but can also be used in various other settings. Installing one in a fitness studio or restaurant provides unique utility and decorative flare for these types of businesses, to name a few examples.

When looking to get a new commercial garage door installed in an existing building, Perfect Solutions Garage Door can install a variety of door types, such as roll-up garage doors, large metal garage doors, or modern glass garage door designs.

Here are a few business examples that are incorporating new commercial doors into their space to give it fresh and modern look:

Brewery or Craft Brew Restaurant

If you’re going to have a space where the doors will be open throughout the day and would be opening often from customers walking in and out, a garage door could be a helpful asset.

For an industrial look, a strong and durable roll-up door will be something that you could open at the beginning of a busy workday and then keep open throughout the evening and night (weather depending, of course).

During spring and fall days, having some fresh breeze flowing into the restaurant space will save you money on your electricity bill instead of running fans or excessive air conditioning. When it’s cold and cloudy outside, a glass door will look classy in your space while letting in more light and won’t give your restaurant or brewery a “warehouse vibe.”

Fitness Facilities and CrossFit Gyms

Seeing as CrossFit is all the rage these days with workout fanatics, adding something that makes it easy to move a workout from indoors to outdoors will fit right in. Depending on the types of fitness classes you intend to offer for people living in the Sacramento area, an aluminum garage door will blend well with a gym full of exercise equipment.

It’s handy to have a garage door because you can open it up and get a refreshing breeze while your clients are working up a sweat and burning calories. And trust us, you’ll want to have an easy way to bring in some fresh air when you have a room full of perspiring clients!

Coffee Shops and Cafés

Speaking of trends, coffee shops and tea houses are beginning to pop-up all over Roseville. To help your new coffee shop stand out from the rest, you might want to consider having a large garage door take the place of a front door.

In a small space, it’s easier to get people in and out, and seeing as it doesn’t take too long to drink a cup of coffee or eat a pastry, some customers will be coming and going rather quickly.

Like garage doors used in a brewery space, you can implement the design in a way that makes your location more attractive to customers. Providing access to a comfortable patio out front from inside makes the space feel a little bigger yet more intimate than a closed off shop.

A strategically placed commercial door can even allow people walking by to get a peek (and smell) of the delicious brews and vibes from your business, potentially peeking their interest to get new customers in the door.

Storage Unit Facilities

Without large garage doors, storage units would be difficult to move in and out of. Someone moving to Roseville may need to move large furniture or in and out smoothly. Roll-up doors are great options for self-storage, RV storage, boat storage, and personal storage sheds too. They’re convenient solutions for businesses that need to provide security and ease of access for loading and unloading.

With certified wind load doors and insulated doors available on the market, storage unit business owners have a wide range of options to provide their customers.

Mechanic and Boat Repair Shops

Perhaps a bit obvious but also a classic use case, auto body shop owners and mechanics in Roseville can make their shop look great during off-hours and make their jobs a lot easier with a new commercial door installation.

If you’re opening a mechanic or repair shop of some sort, consider bay door options that are fire-rated and designed to close automatically if a fire starts, or steel doors with windows that allow you to see customers pulling their cars up to the bay. With enhanced safety systems available that can sense objects, play an audible warning noise or flash strobe lights when closing, you can install new doors that maximize both functionality and safety.

The Possibilities are Endless

Although primarily helpful for keeping assets safe, modern commercial garage door trends for business owners mean that there are useful applications for a wide variety of businesses in Roseville. Whether you need a high-speed door for quick access, aluminum glass doors for light and decoration, or rolling counter doors to lock up a grills and food counters in a baseball stadium, Perfect Solutions Garage Door our team will provide the right solution for your business needs.