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How to Cure a Noisy Garage Door

New two-storied beige stone cottage with garage in front of it.Does your garage door make a racket when you open and close it? If so, you can probably cure it yourself and have it opening and closing quiet as you like within an hour. Follow this simple, step-by-step guide to find the source of noise and put an end to it.

Tools and Materials

Naturally you will need a few tools and materials. If you choose not to buy all the materials up-front, the job might take a bit more than an hour. Just add the amount of time you think you’ll need to rush to the hardware store. Here’s the list:

Tools: Socket set, assorted screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, wrench set, stepladder.

Materials: Replacement hinges, nylon rollers, garage door lube.

5 Steps to a Quiet Garage Door

1) Tighten all the nuts and bolts on the garage door and the track hardware. Use a socket and ratchet for this and be careful: Over-tightening can strip the bolt threads or pull the bolt heads through the door skin.

2) Check all the garage door rollers for wear and identify any that need replacement.

3) Replace the rollers one at a time. To do so, unbolt the hinge and tilt the roller out of the track in which it runs. While the hinge is off, check it for wear. Metal filings or gray dust around the hinge pin are sure signs of wear. If you see an oblong shaped hole where the tubular hinge pin and the hinge bracket mate, you should definitely replace the hinge. Replace the worn roller with a new nylon one and then re-install the hinge or fit a new replacement.

Warning – If your garage door is mounted on torsion springs (most of them are), do not try and replace the rollers on the bottom-most hinge brackets. These are under tension and can seriously injure you if you unbolt them. Call in the professionals if the bottom rollers need changing.

4) If your garage door has an automatic opener with a chain mechanism, check the chain for tightness. A loose chain creates a lot of noise. If the chain is loose, follow the opener manufacturer’s manual for the correct way to tighten the chain.

4.1) If you have an opener with a track drive, use some grease to lubricate the track. Squeeze a large amount of grease onto your hand (wear gloves), then wipe it onto the track. Operate the opener a number of times to spread the grease onto the trolley and along the track.

4.2) If you have a screw-drive garage door opener, grease the threads of the screw thoroughly.

5) Use the garage door lube to spray the springs, hinges and roller bearings. Also spray any other pivot points on the door or opener. Remember to repeat this lubrication every six months to keep your door running smoothly and quietly.

Your garage door should now open and close quietly. Remember to call in a garage door technician if you need the bottom rollers or hinges replacing.

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