One of the most frustrating situations home owner face is malfunctioning garage doors. Garage doors do not fall into the fix it and forget it category. They must receive routinely maintenance and repairs of some sort will be required before the inevitable time when the entire system must be replaced. One of the most common issues is improperly set limit switches.

Limit Switch

A garage door limit switch is responsible for directing your door to raise, lower, and exactly where to stop. When the garage door limit switch is not set correctly it can inhibit the door’s proper functioning. One symptom is that your door refuses to either raise or lower completely. In other cases, it causes the door to reverse its direction on the descent.

The garage door safety feature which is almost always responsible for this common malfunction is the limit switch. This mechanism was put in place to prevent garage door injuries. In most cases, this feature simply needs to be reset to correct this annoying behavior.

Identify Type

The first step it find where your garage door’s limit switch is located. It will be found on its tracks on some models. It may also be found within the opener mechanism. Examine the rear of the motor head to locate the switch or try looking behind the cover for the light bulb lens. The garage door owner’s manual should show its exact location. You will need a flat screwdriver and a ladder to make these adjustments. Follow the precautions listed in the manufacturer’s booklet.

Complete Adjustments

Locate the two white knob switches featuring slots for adjustments and use your flat screwdriver to turn the knobs. To increase the travel distance turn the switch clockwise about ¼ of a revolution and to decrease it turn it counterclockwise.

It should only be turned in very small increments as one complete revolution is equal to 3 inches. Raise and lower your garage door to test your adjustment. Continue this process until you have reached the result to suit your situation. Keep the torsion and weight in mind while making these adjustments.

Door Operation Sensitivity

Lower your garage door while applying pressure to create a bit of resistance. If it fails to reverse, you most likely need to make adjustments to the safety force. This requires you to adjust the down limit screw by turning it clockwise and retest. You will need to repeat this until it functions properly. Be sure to schedule a block of time for this project. It requires patience and anywhere from a few to several hours.

Though these are simple adjustments, they are much more important than they may seem. Your garage door weighs a great deal regardless of its size. Even the smallest doors are extremely heavier. It is important that only experienced individuals be allowed to make any type of adjustments to your garage door. These are serious projects and one little mistake could cause horrible injury.

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