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Garage Door Technicians: Four Ways to Differentiate the Frauds from Legit

If your garage door is causing you problems, you would want someone trustworthy to fix it.  Unfortunately, there are many people who are not qualified to repair and maintain your garage doors but parade themselves as certified technicians. Be wary of these impostors because they may cause more damage to your garage door instead of fixing it. Not only that,  if you realize that your garage door is worse off than before, you won’t have a way of contacting the false technician since he is not working in a legitimate garage door company.

Knowing the Technicians to Trust

How are you going to spot the fakes from the legit technician? Here are some pointers for you.

  1. Check their identification cards.

The first thing you should do when a garage door technician comes to your door is to check his identification. If a technician is working for a legitimate garage door company, he should have an ID card that states the name of the company, his name, the name of his manager with signature and the phone number of the garage door company. If he can’t show you a valid ID, don’t let him work on your door. At worse, this can be a security issue as the person can be a burglar or an intruder with malicious intentions.

  1. Call the company they claim to be from

Once you have verified that he has an ID, take note of the name, the company and the number then call it. Just ask them if the person on your premises is really their employee. Most company can check their list of employees and see if that same name appears on that list.  If the name is on their list, ask them to describe him so you can confirm if he really is the guy.

  1. Ask for the price book

Legit garage door technicians who work in a company will always have a price book with them. This book contains all the garage doors and parts that the company sells. Garage door companies only give this book to their employees.  If the person claiming to be a garage door technician has the book, then you can be sure he is working for a legitimate garage door company.

  1. Observe how he works

A real garage door technician will know exactly what to look for and where to look for it.  If it seems that the he does not know what he is doing or if he didn’t even bother to investigate your garage door, then you should start doubting.

Be Secure

Knowing the legit garage door technician from the fake one is easy once you have mastered the steps above. Remember that fake garage door technicians may not know what they are doing and may damage your garage door. It may also be a threat to your security. Only work with technicians trusted by your community. If you are in Roseville and Sacramento areas, you can call Perfect Solutions Garage Door.

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