If you notice that your garage door is making loud popping sounds. Or if you are having problems closing your garage door. If you see some dents on your garage door that weren’t there before, then you might have a cracked panel.

A cracked panel is a common problem, especially if a door was hit by an object in the past. It can crack one or more panels as part of the overall damage.

Visual of a garage door with a cracked panel:

In many cases, if you don’t take care of your entire garage door, it can collapse. If you have a cracked panel, or a panel that completely collapses, there are 3 options to repair it.

Cracked Panel Repair Options

  1. Install braces to support the damaged panel or panels. This is a temporary fix. It will last maybe a year before you need to repair it permanently. Below are 2 options.
  2. You can replace the damaged panel or panels. The catch here is that your door needs to be in production still, in order to order the right panels. This isn’t usually a problem if your door isn’t newer. But for many older doors, this isn’t possible, so you have only option #3.
  3. You must replace the entire door. If your door was older, this can be a blessing in disguise. You can get a new style you want, add some value to your home, and get a better quality door that will last years. Better quality doors include doors with better insulation, which directly benefits your home and utilities. And increases your home’s security.

A cracked garage door panel is a serious issue. Call a garage door company with experience in identifying cracked panels, and a company skilled in replacing panels or installing new garage doors. You can call Perfect Solutions 24/7 for a free evaluation and estimate.