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Garage Door Maintenance Tips

The best way to stop garage door problems before they become a big deal, is regular maintenance. Whether you perform these garage door maintenance tips or you hire a professional to come out periodically to check on your garage, is up to you. Proper maintenance is key to longevity of your garage door parts and safe, proper functioning.

Basic Visual Inspection

Once a month, visually inspect your garage doors. Notice any wear and tear, or something that looks different from the last time you checked. Focus on: your tracks, the springs, pulleys, cables, rollers and hardware. Do you notice any fraying cables? Are there any unusual sounds when opening and closing your door?

Take a look also at the mounting hardware. These are things like hinges and screws. Are they secure? If not, secure them.

Track Cleaning

During your monthly visual inspection, it’s a good idea to take a damp cloth and clean off the tracks. Debris and dirt can build up on the tracks, which can cause problems. Wiping them down monthly is a great way to prevent issues.

Lubricate Your Garage Door Parts!

Lubricating your garage door parts is really important. This is something you can do twice a year at minimum. We recommend using a lithium or silicone spray, not WD-40. You can buy a silicone based spray lubricant on Amazon or a local hardware or home improvement store.

Spray lubricant on: tracks, hinges and rollers. Lubricating these parts helps to prevent damage to those parts, and will allow your door to slide smoothly on their tracks.

Safety Feature Check

All garage doors made after 1993 have an auto reverse feature that prevents any person or object from being pinned down by the door. Checking that this is still functioning properly about once a year is a good idea.

The best and safest way to do this is put a rolled up newspaper or similar object in the path of the garage door. Then try to close your garage door, and see if the sensor senses the object and reverses automatically. If not, call a professional to address the issue ASAP!

Is your door balanced?

Another quick check you can do once a month is checking the balance of your garage door.

To DIY this,

  1. Disconnect your opener.
  2. Manually lift the door and check that it glides smoothly on the tracks, with no resistance.
  3. If you lift the door, it should stay open.
  4. If not, or it’s hard to open manually, then your door is not balanced.

If your door isn’t balanced, call a professional garage door company to balance it for you.

Taking 10 minutes each month to check your garage door for the above issues can save you a ton of money and headaches in the future. You can often catch problems before they become an expensive repair. Checking your garage also ensures it operates safely!

If you are in the greater Sacramento, CA area and are in need of a garage door company for maintenance, call us today!

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