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Garage Door Materials: Know Your Options

garage doorA new garage door is a long term investment, meaning you only get one chance to get it right. Among the things you should consider when choosing a new door for your garage is the material from which it’s made. With developments in manufacturing technology, the range of available materials seems to grow ever wider. Which of the following materials will you select for your new garage door?


Wooden timber has been used for door construction since before coach houses became garages. Wood is still a very popular choice for modern garage doors and with good reason. A well-painted or stained garage door looks beautiful and wears well. You can also change a wooden garage door’s appearance when you fancy a change of scene. All you have to do is sand it down and apply a new finish.

As with any timber-constructed object, the only disadvantage is susceptibility to pests and water damage. Of course with the right treatment and a little maintenance you can protect a wood garage door against wildlife and the elements.


Low maintenance, durability and price make steel garage doors probably the nation’s most popular choice. You can paint your steel garage door any color or even make it look like wood. Be careful not to go too cheap when choosing a steel door though. Paying a little more is worthwhile if you don’t want your kids putting dents in the door with their basketball. Also, if you live in a coastal region, remember that steel can corrode.


Garage doors constructed wholly of aluminum are not cheap. However their life expectancy is greater than doors made of other materials. With laminated panels and a heavy duty frame, an aluminum garage door will stand up to plenty of punishment and will not rust. At the same time, aluminum is light in weight, so your door won’t put too much stress on your automatic door opener.

At the other end of the price spectrum, you can get a garage door with an aluminum frame, but with panels constructed from high-density polyethylene. This type of garage door will cost you a lot less and still has low weight and high durability.


A fiberglass garage door is usually constructed with a steel frame. Two fiberglass layers are normally bonded to the frame with insulation packed between them. Rust will never be a problem with a fiberglass garage door, so this might be a good choice of material if you live near the ocean. Fiberglass doors don’t dent. They can be broken under hard impact though, so remember to open your garage door before reversing your car in.


For the ultimate in low maintenance garage doors, you might like to try kid-proof vinyl. A relatively new option for garage door construction, vinyl panels are generally affixed to a steel frame. Extremely damage resistant: Be sure about your choice of color when you buy though, you can’t change the color of a vinyl garage door.

From beautifully finished timber, to virtually indestructible vinyl, you will find a garage door material to meet your needs and budget. A local garage door installer will be able to help you if you need more advice relating to your environment and climate.

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