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Is Your Garage Door Specialist a Fraudulent Worker?

shutterstock_1589767When your garage door stops working, you can easily be overwhelmed and on the lookout for professional help, as fast as possible. Most individuals rush to the computer or the yellow pages and try to find the first garage door repairman in their area. However, doing so often leads to a poor choice of professional. Unfortunately, some technical workers can sometimes not have your best interest in mind. So how do you know if your garage door worker is fraudulent? This article lists a few signs to be on the lookout for.

Neither License Nor Identification

A garage door salesman who does not have a state license and ID on him/herself raises a big red flag. A lot of fraudulent companies often have only one worker who is certified and can send unqualified individuals to your home. Sometimes the person who diagnoses your garage door is licensed but the individual who repairs it may not. Always ask for an ID and license before agreeing to any services. Additionally, this advice also applies to the company itself. If you realize the company you are calling has a 800 number or lacks a physical location, beware. A lot of dishonest companies aren’t actually local and send a bogus employee to your home.

No Precise Quote

Another sign to lookout for is the lack of a precise quote after the diagnosis. A worker who does not put a number on paper or fails to give an estimate even orally is almost always a bad sign. A garage door specialist should always have a compilation of services with him or her for you to consult. Never agree to start services if you have not signed a contract with a fixed sum of money. Don’t let an individual rush you through signing on a service either. Always take time to call a few garage door repairmen after your consultation to see how the professional’s repair compare with the individual you just met.

Too Many Problems

Sometimes, fraudulent garage door repairmen will diagnose your garage door with many more problems than you expected. A lot of individuals, in the hurry of changing their door or fixing it do not take the time to have diagnosis visits from different companies. If your garage door specialist finds many more problems with your garage door than you expected, take a step back and call another company for an outside opinion. The individual may have been right, but the garage door professional may also be trying to overcharge you for a simple issue.

Dealing with fraudulent workers can delay the reparation of your defective garage door and can also cost you money. The best way to avoid dealing with a dishonest worker is to do your research for a quality garage door before you start having problem. This way, you get a fair idea of the market, know the prices of the services and can get to know a great handyman you can trust and rely on.

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