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Garage Door Tracks Installation and Repairs

To keep the garage door moving swiftly and smoothly, the rollers and garage door tracks have to be secured in place. The rollers are guided by the tracks so that the garage door functions and travels with ease. Over time however the tracks may become bent out of shape or damaged by rust. This often necessitates immediate garage door track repairs. A professional garage door services company can help in the installation, re-installation, repairs, and maintenance of garage door tracks.

Types of garage door tracks

These tracks come in different basic types, which may be applicable for residential or commercial and industrial garage doors. Most residential doors are outfitted with standard lift tracks which have a vertical track and a curved area. Vertical lift systems on the other hand are commonly associated with industrial and commercial garage doors. High lift systems, which are essentially a combination of the standard and vertical lifts, may be applied to both residential and commercial garage doors. Most residential garage doors nowadays make use of either the vertical lifts or the high lifts.

Troubleshooting the tracks

Replacing or repairing the tracks may be necessary to ensure that the garage door travels smoothly all the time. Troubled tracks can be attributed to several reasons. Broken cables may cause door bending and consequently bend the tracks as well. Lack of proper lubrication, especially on the roller stems, may also lead to the bending of horizontal tracks. And in the case of vertical tracks, lock strikers can scrape at them, resulting in eventual track splits. Other causes may point to rust formation, metal fatigue, and shifting of the foundation of homes, which will need track reinstallation and realignment.

Getting the right repair services

An expert garage door repair company will provide repair solutions for door tracks, on top of the basic installation and realignment services. Bent tracks can be restored to their original shape so that rollers will function seamlessly again. In cases where in the home structure has experienced some shifting leading to misalignment of tracks, it is necessary to reinstall the track to ensure proper and improved movement.

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