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How to get a Jaw Dropping Garage Door

shutterstock_89979706Garage doors come in many different materials and styles. You can have a plain and mundane garage door, a smart and stylish steel door, faux or real wood carriage style. For a garage door that will really turn heads though, how about having one that doesn’t even look like a garage door? Did you know you can buy garage door artwork which will fool passersby and visitors into seeing something completely different?

Garage Door Stick-on Murals

There is a growing trend in garage door decoration, which started in Europe and is beginning to take off here in the United States. Weatherproof 3D murals, made especially for garage doors can transform even the ugliest door into an amazing work of art. In fact the images are so realistic, they might not be a good idea for anyone living at the side of a busy road, for fear of causing accidents.

Costing anything from $200 to $500, the murals attach to the door of your garage using magnets or Velcro. Made from durable material used for commercial outdoor advertising, these amazing prints are easy to attach and remove. If you have the budget and a penchant for collecting, you could even have a range of murals to interchange whenever you fancy a change.

Eye-Popping Motif Designs

Many of the murals make your garage look as if the door is open, with an exotic car, motorcycle, boat or even a jet fighter parked inside a stunningly realistic garage interior. Far from being limited to transportation themes though, you can fool onlookers into believing you have a giant crocodile or an elephant captive in your garage. How about a garage full of gold bullion? Just make sure you secure your garage well though as this might attract thieves, so realistic are the images.

Other murals use images such as a fully-stocked wine cellar, music studio, and platform of an underground metro station complete with train. There are also beautiful cityscape and landscape images to choose from. If you have a double or even a triple garage, you can have an image in two or three parts. When each part is fitted onto a respective door, the result is an image which extends across the front of your garage to make it look as if you have a ship or jumbo jet stored in there.

Check Local Regulations

If you do have a mind to purchase any of these murals, be sure to check with your city first. Otherwise you may be forced to take it down, which would spoil all the fun. If your garage is in plain sight of your neighbors, it’s a good idea to canvas their opinions too. Some people just don’t want to see anything which stands out too much.

The beauty of garage-door murals is their impermanency as well as their visual impact. If you are putting your home on the market, for example, you can easily take the mural down: potential buyers may not have your taste in artwork, after all. These images might not be for everyone, but if you really fancy doing something different with your garage door’s presentation, they make an unusual and fascinating focal point in the approach to your home.

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