Two violet, purple, amethyst, or lavendar garage doorsHave you ever fancied giving your garage the look of an old-style coaching house? Would you like to come and go from your garage without waiting for the door opener to go up and down? Are you simply tired of lifting a manual up and over garage door? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, a pair of side hinged garage doors might be on your home improvement shopping list.

Despite the modern trend towards up and over, sectional and roller garage doors, their older cousin, the side hinged door refuses to lie down and fade into history. This is not without good reason. Side hinged doors have features, which depending on your needs, might make them the perfect choice for garage access. Here are a few of the benefits that might swing your decision to purchase side hinged doors.

Easy Garage Access

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a pair of side hinged garage doors is the ease of access they provide. For one thing, there’s no lifting required to open them. No lifting means no effort. No effort means that there’s no need for a mechanized garage door opener. Side hinged doors swing open and closed effortlessly as long as the hinges are well maintained and lubricated.

When access to your garage is required as much by pedestrians as by automobiles, side hinged doors really come into their own. Because they are hung in pairs, you can gain pedestrian access to your garage by opening just one door. Not only is this quick and easy, if the weather is inclement you can work in your garage with just one door propped a little way open for ventilation.

Side hinged doors are often chosen by people who use their garage predominantly as a workshop with storeroom. The double doors provide a lot more versatility than a single door that opens upwards. When you want to run in and out of the garage with your lawnmower, just open the one door. When you need to move a vehicle or get large things in and out, open them both.

If your garage entrance is very large, or you need frequent pedestrian access, you can even have a third door within one of the main doors. Alternatively, you can have unequal sized doors, with the main door being small and the other door large for the rare occasions you need the whole entrance space.

Modern Versatility with Old World Charm

Sometimes called Carriage doors, side hinged garage doors can be made to look very beautiful and to match the other doors and frames at the front of your home. Many people who choose side hinged doors do so for their aesthetic appeal. These doors can be clean and functional, or styled to make your garage look like an old-world coaching house. They are also the best garage doors if you want to have some glazed panels. Glazing not only looks attractive, but also allows more daylight in if you like to use your garage for working or hobbies.

So if you’re over up and over, or you just want to give your home some old style class and curb appeal, side hinged garage doors open a world of possibilities.