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Great Uses of Garage Doors

iStock_000035892098_SmallWhen we hear about garage doors, two things come into mind: cars and a stock room full of boxes found next to the parked car. But today, with spaces getting more limited and with ceilings getting higher to compensate for the space, designers and architects are exploring other uses for garage doors aside from being found outside and housing cars and boxes.

Versus usual doors or windows, garage doors provide a more industrial look to any space, instantly making it a modern design. However, it is advisable that before incorporating it in other uses and applications, the homeowner must invest first in an insulated door. For interior use, insulation provides a great way to lessen the heat or cold depending on the season.

Here are some garage door applications worth exploring:

As a door for a retail space 

Home spaces are now being explored for retail. Especially in buildings, the first floor may serve as a space for a fabulous space and a sectional garage door can be incorporated to open the space well to potential shoppers. Instead of doors that take up space, the garage door simply slides up and stays on the ceiling.

To provide ample privacy in between home areas

Today, warehouses are being turned into homes. To provide privacy and separations in between living areas, glass garage doors are being used and incorporated. It is also a good way to serve as wall partitions to create office meeting conference rooms and little work hubs for solitary work time.

With the help of paint, garage doors may blend perfectly with the design of the whole floor. Compared to walls, garage doors are also much cheaper to install and prepare. These also demand less commitment from the space owners and offer more options and choices later on if you need to customize them. Aside from that, they make for great noise control instead of expensive dividers.

For refurbished and repurposed garage areas

When it comes to homes, there is a growing trend in also making each area a livable one. Now garages are turned into kitchens, libraries and reading rooms, and living rooms for guests. The best garage doors for these are the single panel doors as it provides the proper open air feel versus small windows or expensive French doors.

The design usually follows a grid application. This helps in providing a great view from the inside, which walls and windows can never fully provide. Security wise, garage door applications for living areas are also sounder as it can be fortified with more lock mechanisms and can be harder for outsiders to open.

Old garage doors for other uses

It is not just new garage doors that are all the rage in interior design. Old ones can also be re-imagined for other uses such as dining tables or even study tables. With a stainless steel garage door, placing a glass on top already makes it a sturdy and modern-looking table top. It can also be cut up to create cabinets and storage areas.

When it comes to garage door uses, imagination is your only limit. Garage doors have a lot of other functions that you can explore. Consult interior designers, architects, and garage door professionals for other things that you can do with your garage doors.


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