The main reason to hire a professional, well-reviewed garage door company is simple: less stress.

Garage doors and their parts are expensive. You want a professional who knows what they are doing to service and maintain your garage for peace of mind, if nothing else.

Some people think hiring a local handyman does the job just as well, but this just isn’t true. Only a professional garage door company, with trained, licensed, insured and bonded technicians, are qualified to work on your garage door.

Aside from peace of mind, hiring a professional company can save you tons of money and time. Fixing it yourself, or hiring someone unqualified for the job, will cost you double to fix anything since you will have to have the work redone. Save the hassle and hire a local company with experience!


Trust us, we have profited off the poor jobs done by other repair men and sub par companies. But we don’t enjoy charging people to do a job they’ve already paid to have done the first time around.

If you aren’t already convinced to hire a professional garage door company, below are a few more reasons you should!

Reason #1

Hiring someone or a team to repair your garage door could be thieves not professionals! Sounds crazy, but it has happened. And more than once!

One step up from thieves, is poor businessmen who perform sub-par work. They take your deposit, and then don’t finish the job, or do a bad job! This is a waste of time and money.

Reason #2

A bad installation can cause a bad accident. We have performed repair work on garage doors that failed in some way: springs broke, cable broke, unbalanced door or mis-aligned sensors causing havoc. If you don’t have your garage door and parts installed correctly, it’s an accident waiting to happen: to property or person!

Reason #3

Bad companies often go out of business. We have experienced more than one example of a homeowner paying for a job to be done, and it not being finished due to the business shutting down. Or a repair job that needs warranty work done, and the business isn’t around to do it.

Hiring a quality company means you’re hiring professionals who plan to be in business for the long run!


There are many reasons to hire a professional garage door company, including the ones mentioned above.

If you are in the Roseville and Greater Sacramento area, give Personal Solutions and shot! Put us to the test: read our reviews, check our BBB rating, and ask to see our proof of insurance and documentation. We’ll pass!