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Important Personal and Professional Qualities of a Good Garage Door Technician

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Garage door technicians, like any other professionals, tend to have different personality types and carry themselves in diverse ways. The individuality of a technician not only affects how he or she is perceived by clients but also affects how he or she relates to fellow technicians within the industry. A good garage door technician should exhibit a few key qualities as we see below.

Deep understanding

A good garage door technician should know the ins and outs of his or her business. This means that he or she should be able to answer most of-if not all-of your questions related to garage doors. If you find that a technician does not fully answer your question or shed light on your issues, it is best that you don’t engage his or her services, irrespective of his or her recommendations or apparent success as exhibited by his or her portfolio.


A good garage door technician should be well specialized. This means that if the technician is a hinges expert, he or she should have relevant experience to support the claim. The best way to ascertain the degree of specialization is by simply asking technicians specialized in other areas if they know of the technician-in-question’s experience. Typically, technicians will know their peers who have excelled in different areas.

Specialization is especially important when the technician deals with garage door locks and security systems. These particular areas not only affect the integrity of a garage door but also the security of a family and their possessions.

Good relations with suppliers and stores

When a technician has good relations with suppliers, he or she is in a position to positively influence the pricing of materials that may be required in undertaking maintenance on a garage door. While it is not strictly expected that a technician get you bargains with suppliers, it is desirable that he or she does so.

Good relations with suppliers and stores are also a pointer towards the experience of the technician. The reasoning here is that a technician buys a lot of materials because he or she has many engagements.

 Proximity to your home

We have nothing against out-of-state technicians but it is better for everyone involved that a technician is from the same area as the client. This helps in saving costs and time that would have been spent in bringing in someone from outside the state. Close proximity also ensures that subsequent repairs don’t cost too much since the technician will be able to attend to your garage door without having to travel far. This ease of access that a technician from close home allows a client can at times be the difference between getting repairs done fast and at a small price or waiting for a repair for long that the small broken parts demand bigger repairs.

We realize there are many qualities that set apart a top garage door technician from regular technicians not discussed above. However, the above points should be enough to guide you when choosing between technicians.

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