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Knowing When to Replace Your Garage Door

buyEvery home’s garage door is very expensive. Regardless of the material, garage doors are generally designed to withstand any kind of weather, making it one of the most invested upon items in building a house. Aside from that, garage doors are made to care for the most important of items such as the family car and other valuables, so it is unavoidable to shell out more money for its fabrication and consequent maintenance requirements.

However, like everything else, garage doors are not exempt from wear and tear. It also needs to be replaced later on. Here are the signs that your garage door may need replacement:

1. The springs and the motor have reached their limit.

Garage doors are made of several mechanisms on the side that make it work. However, it’s actually the springs that make the magic happen. In general, these springs only have about 10, 000 cycles in one lifetime. As for the motor, it is directly connected to the garage door and handles most of the automation.

Once this happens, it is time to look for a new garage door. It will only cause more trouble if the homeowner insists on keeping the garage door as it is only a matter of time before it breaks down or refuses to close, just as everyone is rushing out.

2. There is a huge dent or breakage.

Garage doors are made of one solid metal or glass. It is not made in partitions or by parts. Once there is an accident for example that results into a huge dent or a hole, it is not advisable to patch it or do some reparatory work over it.

In general, the quality of the whole garage door already has been compromised. These seemingly harmless hits may result in smaller holes in other parts. The most common sign of damage is a big electricity bill due to the heat or cold escaping through the broken garage door.

For glass garage doors, small cracks can lead to a very dangerous problem later on especially if it was caused by an earthquake. The glass panels may have come unhinged in some places and this may shatter the glass into pieces.

3. The programming system is jammed beyond repair.

After so many repairs, if the remote control just does not work anymore, it is best to replace the whole garage door. Security wise, it is now rendered vulnerable and some more sophisticated hackers may make it through the system and get into the house.

4. Presence of rust and pest infestation

For doors made of wood, presence of pest unfortunately is the signal to change garage doors. The pests may only transfer to the main house and cause bigger problems. As for rust, if it’s too deep already, no amount of sanding can mend it either.

Holding on to a faulty or infested garage door does major harm to one’s bank account, and so in these cases, replacing the door may be the more economical decision than repairing them. If you notice these signs, it is always best to call a professional garage door maintenance company to help you evaluate whether you need to buy a new garage door.

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