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A Look at Two Paint Types Available for Your Garage Door

3The garage door needs to be spruced up once every while to keep it looking good and protected from damage by the weather. The easiest way to give the door a facelift is by painting it. There are different types of paints available for this purpose and below we take a closer look at each type.

Latex Paints

These are paints which can be diluted with water but which dry and become quite water resistant. Many people are surprised to learn that latex paints actually contain no latex, which is a curious misnomer because it would be expected that they do. Instead, these paints are made from synthetic polymers, which have the same characteristics as latex but are completely different in their chemical structure. Therefore, the latex paint will not cause allergic reaction to people intolerant to latex.

Latex paints are also called emulsions or acrylic paints-which is not exactly accurate but is common, nevertheless. The level of acrylic resins in the paint determines how resistant it is to water, how fast it dries and the application technique. The more the acrylic resins, the better the paint quality. The high quality comes at a steep cost.

For garage doors, a fine balance between acrylic resins and vinyl works best because this combination provides balance between price and quality. Latex paints are highly recommended if you want a paint job that is easy to clean, water resistant, adheres well to the door and is resistant to cracking. Latex paints are also quite resistant to alkali cleaners, making them ideal for garages which double up as workshops since alkali cleaners can be used to scrub out the greases and stubborn stains without damaging the paint job.

Oil-Based Paints

Oil based paints are pretty self-explanatory; they are paints based on oil, usually linseed oil. Oil paints can be bought in high concentration then thinned down using an oil-based solvent like turpentine. Unlike latex paints, oils based paints take long to dry. They also have strong odor that can irritate.

If you choose to work with oil-based paint for your garage door, it is always advisable that you clear out your garage since the odor tends to ‘stick’ on things, especially fabrics. You will also want to move things out since the oils paint stains are notoriously hard to clean. These paints also take long to dry.

To its credit, oil based paint is easy to work with. It allows for a thin coat that adheres to the door, regardless of the material from which the door is made. However, oil based paints need to be used with a primer, especially where the door is made from steel or any other metal because they can peel away when exposed to harsh and prolonged sunlight. Oil paints are available in a wide variety of colors and are quite affordable.

Whichever paint type you choose to go with, keep in mind that it’s always good to consult professional painters for more advice.

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