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How to Make Your Garage Doors More Eco-Friendly and Cost-Efficient

GreenGarageDoorToday’s conscientious homeowners are constantly searching for ways to make their homes more eco-friendly and cost-efficient. Although there are many beneficial changes you can make within the interior of your home that will save money and energy, there are also several cost-effective things you can do to make your garage more environmentally friendly.

Here are a few simple tips to make your garage more eco-friendly and cost-efficient:

1.      Use Recycled Material

Garage doors made of composite steel or wood are more durable, they hold up well under severe weather conditions, and they come in an extensive selection of different sizes and styles. Due to the extensive range of design options, composite doors are available in both low and high price ranges if you are trying to stay within a pre-set budget. It is also better for the environment, since the doors are made with recycled materials.

2.      Insulate the Garage Door

Adding a layer of insulation on the inside of your garage door is an inexpensive upgrade that will save you significant money in the long run. Insulated doors are more durable, quieter, and they will help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. If you live in a warmer climate like Roseville, CA, you can try a perforated garage door to allow more light and ventilation without affecting privacy or security.

3.      Install New Weather Stripping

If you have cracks or tears in the weather stripping along the bottom of your garage door, they should be replaced as soon as possible. All the air in your garage will penetrate towards the tiny openings and counteract the insulation. Perfect Solutions Garage Doors will be happy to give you a free quote on replacing your weather stripping if it is currently not energy-efficient.

4.      Insulate the Garage Walls

You should insulate your garage walls if you have heating and cooling vents going into the garage. Installing insulation and drywall will add a protective layer that will significantly reduce your heating and cooling expenses.

If you are buying a new garage door and you want to be eco-friendly and cost-effective, start your search looking at doors made from recycled materials. You should also invest a little money to add insulation to your garage door and walls. It will reduce your energy consumption, as well as your heating and cooling bills. If you have any questions on the most eco-friendly and cost-effective options, please contact Perfect Solutions Garage Doors for a free estimate on insulated composite garage doors.

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