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How To Make Sure Your Garage Is Ready For Winter

iStock_000004920391_SmallWinter will always come and it would be too great a stress to take care of winter proofing your garage when the icy cold season is already knocking on your door. Any boy scout will tell you it’s better safe than sorry. Planning now how to protect your garage from the unforgiving cold will save you much apprehension later. Also, doing this winter proofing early could save you money because prices for the items needed for winter proofing may go lower as spring season begins.

Fix or replace weather stripping

If you want to be able to protect your garage doors from drafts and be able to work in the garage during winter, you have to make sure that the weather-stripping is in good condition.  Weather stripping is what seals the garage door and the garage door opening and preventing air from the outside to enter your garage. Over time, the weather stripping will crack and brittle, letting cold draft that will make the interior of the garage cold.  Have a garage door technician check the weather stripping for you.

Make sure the garage door closes firmly

Sometimes, we may not notice those little problems until they are already causing us inconvenience. Such is often the case with garage doors that don’t close tight. From spring to fall, we don’t notice this problem, but during winter when draft already enters the garage, we scramble to find the problem. It takes only a couple of minutes to check if the garage door closes tight shut. At night, you can have someone shine a flashlight outside the garage while you look inside the garage. If much of the light passes through, you have a problem and should call a garage repair company right away.

Install a unit heater in your garage

A unit heater inside the garage will make the place comfortable but that’s not all it does. It also helps keep the mechanisms on your garage door safe from the ravages of cold weather, which could have a bad effect on them.  Remember that all the things that make your garage door work are located inside, so having a unit heater is a must if you want your garage door to survive the winter.

General maintenance if necessary

If your garage door has been giving you  problems throughout the rest of the year, you should have a general maintenance done on it before winter comes.  Little problems have a way of becoming big inconveniences during the unforgiving winter cold. A little gap on the weather stripping could mean your garage door will be like a refrigerator instead of a comfortable work area. Problems on the  mechanisms could get worse because of the freezing temperature, too. So make sure to have your garage door checked early.

The best way to make sure that your garage is protected from cold drafts is through proper maintenance. You can always count on garage door companies to help you out and give you advice on how to winter-proof your garage door.

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