If your wooden garage door looks old and tired, it may be the perfect time to polish it.  Commercial wood polish would work just fine, but they could be expensive and since they are made with petroleum-based wax, it could be bad for your health and the environment. A safer wood polish that you can make at home is the beeswax wood polish.

Making the Beeswax Polish

To make your beeswax wood polish, you only need two ingredients, bees wax and olive oil or coconut oil.  First, you need to pour some oil into a microwave safe container.  Then, pound or grate some beeswax to make it easy to melt later. Add the grated or pounded beeswax into the oil, making sure that the ratio is one part beeswax and four parts oil.

Now you need to heat it up in the microwave for several minutes to melt the wax. Once it is heated, take out the mixture, which now looks like oil, and carefully stir it thoroughly until it becomes cool.  You now have your beeswax polish.

Cleaning Your Wooden Garage Door

Before you apply your all-natural and non-toxic polish, clean your garage door first using water mixed with some vinegar.  Make sure all the dust and grime are wiped out before proceeding to the next step.  After cleaning or washing the garage door, let it dry naturally.  Once the wooden garage door is dry, you can now start polishing.

Polishing the Garage Door

Using a soft cloth, apply some of your beeswax polish onto the wooden garage door starting from the upper left corner  down to the  bottom right. This is to ensure that all the parts of the garage door are polished well.  Make sure that all the nooks and cranny of the garage door are covered with the polish.  Apply evenly for a perfect look.  Once the entire garage door is polished, wait for the wax to harden. This may take several minutes.

Once the wax is hardened enough, gently scrub the wooden garage door with soft cloth until the wax begins to appear glossy and sparkly. You have to ensure no part is left un-scrubbed or else it will not look even.  Now you can enjoy a revitalized and polished wooden garage door that you can be proud of.

A Beautiful but Malfunctioning Garage Door is Useless

You may now have a sparkly wooden garage after you polish it with natural beeswax polish, but if your garage door is not functioning well, its beauty is useless.  Wooden garage doors should also be looked at and maintained by garage door professionals to make it not only beautiful, but also flawless in looks and in action.  Never hesitate to call a garage door company for your garage door problems. Always remember, beauty and function are best paired together. If you are based on Roseville and Sacramento, the company to call is Perfect Solutions Garage Door.