Imagine taking a friend of yours to your garage to see some of your collection and a dirty garage door greets both of you. What an embarrassment! Of course you would try to explain it away sheepishly, but your friend knows that you have just been too lazy to clean your garage door. Yes, your garage door needs cleaning too especially because it is exposed to dust and other pollutants.  A dirty garage door is an unhealthy garage door and soon, you may have to spend money to repair it.

Garage door cleaning is an essential part of maintenance and won’t take so much of your time. Here are the steps to quick and effective garage door cleaning:

Step 1: Get your tools

Prepare your tools for the job—bucket, mild detergent/dishwashing soap, hose and some rag or scrub brush.  If you are using a scrub brush, you have to make sure that it is not very hard or it will scratch the finish of your garage door. You can use any mild detergent that you have at home, never use a strong detergent or your garage door will look awful in the end.


  • Bucket
  • Hose
  • Mild detergent or dishwashing soap
  • Rag or scrub brush

Step 2: Wash and clean

  1. Fill the bucket with water and dissolve some mild detergent or dishwashing soap, not too much though or it will ruin the finish. You have to ensure that all the detergent is thoroughly dissolved in water. You have to check the bottom for soap powder that has not dissolved yet.
  2. After preparing your soap solution, attach the hose to the faucet and let the water flow. Wet the garage door using your hose. Make sure every part of the garage door is really wet so that you can proceed to the next stage without any problems.
  3. After wetting your garage door with water, get the rag or scrub brush and wet it with the soap solution you have just made, and scrub every part of your garage door. Don’t scrub it too hard though. Just be gentle but firm. To make sure that every part of the garage door is scrubbed, start from the upper left and scrub down to the bottom.   After completing one part, move the next area. Make sure it’s organized.
  4. After scrubbing, rinse the garage door using the hose.
  5. Let the garage door dry naturally.

Step 3: Inspect your garage door

  1. Check for peeling paint or warped paint. If you have a metal garage door, areas where paint peeled off are susceptible to rusting.
  2. Dust the tracks of the garage door. Stones or other debris there could affect how the garage door closes and cause many problems.
  3. Check the mechanisms of the garage doors to see if they have problems.
  4. You can also apply wax to metal doors to maintain the luster of the metal.

Clean your garage doors and check for problems at least once a month. If you spot areas that need repair work, call your trusted garage door company. Doing so will help you maximize and extend the life of your door.