A common garage door repair is replacing garage door rollers that are worn or broken. Rollers can break and cause your garage door or doors to go off track. It’s a good idea to have routine garage door maintenance performed so ensure worn rollers are spotted before they break and cause more damage. Worn rollers can not only get your doors off track, it’s noisy!

If your routine maintenance doesn’t catch the rollers and they do break, replacing them is pretty easy! The repair is an easy fix that will have your doors back on track and running much quieter!

The video below is a great example of what a worn out roller looks like versus a new roller. We are big fans of silicone rollers. While they are the most expensive as compared to plastic, steel or nylon rollers, they are the most durable and they don’t make a sound when your doors open or close. If you go with another roller material, ensure you care for them properly. Rollers with ball bearings need to be lubricated once a year. You or a garage door tech doing maintenance, can take care of this.

How do you replace garage door rollers?

The process to replace garage door rollers is pretty easy however do not change the bottom rollers yourself. that bracket is under extreme tension and can hurt you.  Start by closing your garage door.  make sure you disconnect the opener from the door, remove the older rollers and then slide new ones into place! Safety is important here. Best course of action if you aren’t confident in replacing worn rollers, is to have a tech come in.

Since you are already replacing the rollers this repair is a great opportunity to also tighten your hardware, ensuring all bolts and screws are tight and your tracks are aligned properly. Loose hardware can cause your door to vibrate, which loosens the hardware even more, and can affect the performance of your doors.