Roll-Up Garage Doors Strengths and Weaknesses
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Roll-Up Garage Doors Strengths and Weaknesses

Commercial Roll-Up Garage Doors

Strengths and Weaknesses

Many types of businesses use commercial roll-up garage doors. Some of these include self-storage facilities and warehouses as well as condominium communities. These types of garage doors are designed with productivity and functionality in mind. Commercial garage doors are much like standard garage doors; however, the materials used to construct them are generally much more enduring. This ensures that they can better stand up to daily abuse in an industrial setting.

Materials available for commercial roll-up garage doors include heavy duty steel; fiberglass; aluminum; and wood. There are also non-insulated and insulated options to choose from. A number of horizontal panels are joined by hinges to create a roll-up door. These garage doors can weigh as much as 400 pounds or more. Either a set of extension springs or torsion springs balance this weight. A garage operator may be programmed to allow owners access.

Commercial Roll-Up Garage Door Strengths

A commercial size job requires an industrial size strength. Commercial roll-up garage doors are able to withstand much more abuse than a traditional, residential door. This due to the solid construction and durable materials used in their manufacturing. Commercial Roll-Up doors are constructed to withstand harsh weather elements, vehicle impacts, and intense daily use.

  • Commercial roll-up garage doors offer much more than durability. Despite the general consensus there many options for this type of door in the aesthetics department. As mention earlier there are four materials to choose from.
  • Colors are another choice which allows owners to coordinate the roll-up door with the company building. Many professionals add their logo to the door. Commercial roll-up garage doors may also be customized to fit non-standard entryways.
  • Business owners also have the option to choose between a commercial roll-up garage door automatic operator and manual control by crank. In either case, they are simple to operate and can be equipped with many types of security devices to protect your important assets.

Commercial Roll-Up Garage Door Weaknesses

  • It generally requires a trained and knowledgeable professional to install a commercial roll-up garage door. It is a bit complicated and time consuming. Hiring a professional contractor increases the cost of this investment. This is an important as well as mandatory expense. Improper installation may cause extensive damage to valuable property and someone else must be not only be hired, but also paid to rectify the situation.
  • The entire process from advice to installation is rather pricy. Another cost is hiring a professional; however, it is well worth it to employ a garage door specialist to install a high quality roll-up garage door. This actually saves a great deal of heartache and money in the long run. Business owners and managers should never allow any contractor to convince them to choose an inferior material simply to save money. A true, honest professional will never ask a client to sacrifice quality to reduce the cost of the installation.
  • Commercial roll-up garage doors are extremely noisy during operation which should not be an issue in an industrial environment. On the other hand, residential neighbors may become frustrated.
  • Though there are some color and material options, commercial roll-up garage doors do not offer the beauty of other types of doors.


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