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Simple Steps for Repairing a Garage Door

If your garage door is not moving up the tracks properly or it won’t move at all, you might be able to fix it on your own. Most garage door repairs are fairly simple and won’t require calling a professional, especially if you are naturally handy. Perfect Solutions Garage Door can always help you out if you get stuck along the way.

Here are some simple steps for repairing a garage door:

shutterstock_662638Step 1: Examine the Metal Tracks

Check along the metal tracks for any bumps, dents, or debris. Remove all obstructions and try to adjust any part of the track that is not smooth. You may need a rubber mallet to pound out dents. If the metal tracks are badly damaged, they should probably be replaced by a professional. Make sure to also examine the mounting brackets that secure the tracks to your walls to see if any are loose. You might need to tighten bolts or screws along the mounting bracket.

Once the tracks look good, you can try the garage door.

Step 2: Thoroughly Clean the Tracks

The tracks may look clean enough, but they could have a sticky or slick substance on them that you missed in your inspection. You can clean the tracks using any household cleaner that is formulated to remove dirt and grease. Always finish by drying the tracks and rollers with a clean cloth.

Once the tracks look good, you can try the garage door.

Step 3: Use a Level to Check Alignment

Check the metal tracks using a level to see if they are properly aligned. Vertical tracks should be completely level and horizontal tracks will slant slightly toward the back of the garage. If they are not level, you may need to use the mallet to tap them back into position. Be careful not to knock them further out of place. Double-check the mounting brackets and track alignment after you have adjusted them. If the tracks are still not level, you should probably contact Perfect Solutions Garage Doors for guidance before causing any further damage.

Once the tracks look good, you can try the garage door.

Step 4: Double-Check All Hardware

Check the hinges, screws, and the plates where the springs are mounted to ensure they are all tight. Be very careful adjusting the plates, especially if your garage door only has one torsion spring. The tension on those springs is so powerful that it could seriously injure you.

Once the tracks look good, you can try the garage door.

If the issue with your garage door is a minor one concerning the tracks, you should be able to solve it without contacting a professional. If it is still not working after these four steps, please make sure to call an experience garage door installer. Perfect Solutions Garage Door is happy to help if you live in any of our five service areas: Auburn, El Dorado, Granite, Roseville, and Rocklin. Too many things can go wrong, and it is not worth risking that heavy garage door crashing down, especially when you consider what it could land on.

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