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Six Safety Tips for Garage Door Installation

bigstock-Girl-Opens-Old-Garage-21316331To stay safe when installing garage doors, here are six safety tips to keep in mind:

Check the springs and change them when necessary.

There are two types of springs to check: the torsion springs and extension springs. If there are squeaky sounds or quirky movements when raising and lowering the garage door, it may be due to some problem with either spring. Have the springs checked as frequently as needed and replace it when necessary.

Examine your cables.

Garage door cables prevent the springs from flinching and allow a broken spring to fall safely. Check the cables. Fully open the garage door and place a couple of c-clamps below the door’s lowest wheel to prevent the door from sliding down. Then, carefully unhook the springs, change the cable and hook up the springs again. Do not unhook the cables if the tension springs have not been released yet.

Careful with your fingers!

Most DIY-ers injure their fingers by pulling down the garage door with their fingers in between the panels. Avoid doing this. Instead, use special handles or gripping points (if you don’t have pinch-resistant joints) on the inside and outside of the garage door if your door has an opener. If you have a manual garage door, use the handles or the gripping points for safety. Again, never place your fingers in between the door panels.

Keep those controls away from children.

Kids normally play around the house and they love to experiment with things. They can go to the garage and innocently reachfor the controls that open and close your garage door. This is dangerous for your children and also for your cars and other valuables inside your garage. To avoid accidents, make sure that the garage door opener or control button is kept out of reach of small children.

Always Refer to Manual

Always have your installation manual ready. If you need to do repair work, refer to instructions for quick troubleshooting. Also, make sure that your tools are complete. The manual usually lists the things you need for garage door installation.


Contact a garage door technician.

If you don’t have the technical know-how or the training to install garage doors, it is best to call the experts for installation. It’s not only thesafer option, but it’s also more cost-efficient. Yes, you’ll pay for the service fees but you’ll save more in the long run because you’ll get quality installation and require less back jobs. There’s no risk for injuries on your part and these professionals can install or repair your garage doors quickly—without ever damaging your property.

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