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buying a garage door

Selling your house?

Get Your Garage Door Ready for the Inspection

Home owners generally must pass an inspection before entering a Purchase Contract in order to sell the home. This is arranged and paid for by the home owner or seller. The inspection may take up to 3 to 4 hours. The inspector usually ensures that required safety measures are in place and that there is no existing structural damage. During the inspection the garage is an integral portion of the home and will be thoroughly inspected as well.

Safe and Sound

One of the first things the inspector looks for is the security of the garage. For example, it is best to ensure the garage door opener is up to date with technology. Garage door openers are now available with rolling code. Openers with rolling code generate a new code each time the garage door is opened or closed. Criminals are not able to hack the opener to steal the code and valuables. All garage door openers must have an auto reverse feature.

Create an Organized Image

Simple tasks such as organizing items on shelves and in totes can change the entire safety structure of the garage. A few well-placed shelves and peg board can change a garage from disaster to wow. There are also brackets, hooks, and wire baskets to consider. These may be used to sort out and store anything from tools to crafts and/or toys. Be sure to properly store hazardous chemicals and power tools out of harm’s way.

Wall to Wall

Garages share common walls with the living space of the home. These walls should be reinforced with 5/8 inch, fire rated, drywall, sheet rock. The seams should also be coated with a least a single layer of tape.  Use a tape compound to patch any voids in the drywall as these voids cause breaches in its fire structure. The door which allows entrance into the home from the garage should be made of fire rated metal and contain no glass windows. Solid wood and hollow core doors do not meet fire safety regulations. It is also best, if the garage floor is dropped about four inches to prevent oil and/or gas spills from contaminating the living area of the home.

Painting, Wiring, and Pluming

There should be no exposed and dangling wires or pipes in the garage. There should be no open power boxes or broken switch and outlet plates. Some of these things are do it yourself projects which are extremely inexpensive. Major wiring or plumbing projects should be completed by a qualified professional.

Check all structures such as wall, doors, windows, floors, and stairs for structural damage. Any deterioration should be immediately addressed and rotten wood replaced. Simple tasks such as a new coat of paint or seal for the concrete garage floor and a fresh coat of paint for the garage door are inexpensive projects when compared to the ROI. These small improvements can increase the speed of resale. They can also dramatically raise the asking price.

Contact our team at Perfect Solutions Garage Door to discuss which improvements your family should make before the big inspection. We are very familiar with local regulations and building codes as well as what elements potential buyers look for. We would be delighted to visit your home to increase your family’s ROI.

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Four Questions to Ask Before Buying a Garage Door

The garage door is one of the most important investments a homeowner can make when in the process of improving their home. In general, it is the first level of defense against intruders and keeps the interiors of the home safe from wear and tear, especially the vehicles. Also, the garage door can keep the home within budget in terms of electric bills if it’s properly insulated to maximize the heat or cold within the house. Simply put, it can really make or break the house.

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Buying Your Garage Door

There’s more to garage doors than simply choosing one that fits the frame. Here are some tips to a more effective shopping experience:

  1. What is the overall look of the house?

Today, garage doors are not just for industrial or technical reasons. It can also be an ally in achieving the right look for the home. Is it a Mediterranean design that’s being achieved? Then choosing a nice wooden garage door is a really beautiful focal point from the outside amidst the European design of the home and sprawling gardens.

Is it more modern? Then a garage door with an aluminum frame painted in black will blend right in. However, it is important to make the door solid and sturdy to ensure the family’s security. People from the outside should not know whether there is someone in the house or not by just looking straight through the garage door.

  1. What’s the climate in your area?

Sadly, no matter how good wooden doors are, it just would not work in a place that gets submerged in several feet of snow almost all year round. The freezing and thawing can render the door useless due to water damage. In the same way, being prone to floods should also be thought of when choosing a garage door. Although aluminum or steel is perfect, it will rust from all that water. It also affects the integrity of the whole structure.

  1. What is the family’s lifestyle?

Is the family leaving the home several times a year to travel overseas? A garage door which has the complete sensors and electric lock system is a better option. Also, having CCTV’s in the garage can help ease the minds of the owners.

If the owners are looking for a more low maintenance garage door due to their lifestyle, opting for a plastic garage door also helps cut down the time invested towards upkeep. Plastic garage doors are easy to clean, is rust free, and virtually indestructible. There is almost zero need to replace it and can last for several years, making it a very smart purchase. However, compared to other materials, plastic is not as versatile design-wise.

  1. What is it for?

In addition, garage doors can be incorporated in other parts of the home and even in other requirements such as offices. When choosing a garage door, how it will be used ultimately dictates the right type to buy.

Consulting a Garage Door Company

When you are unsure what type of door to get for your home, it is best to consult experienced technicians. Companies like Perfect Solutions can help you pick the right door for your home based on your needs.

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4 Pros and a Couple of Cons of Steel Garage Doors

Garage With Two DoorsOne important consideration when buying a new garage door is the material of which it will be constructed. Steel is one of the most commonly used materials for garage doors and has many advantages, with only a few drawbacks to speak of. Here are four good reasons to consider steel for your new garage door along with a couple of things you might consider as disadvantages.

Advantage 1 – Aesthetics

While steel is very strong, it’s also malleable. This means a wide variety of finishes can be pressed into the door’s surface and there’s really no limit on the number of designs which can be produced. Color too, is limited only by your imagination. Steel doors can be bought in a variety of colors. If you prefer, you can customize your door by painting it yourself with any color you fancy.

Advantage 2 – Versatility

Steel is a very versatile material, which means any type of garage door can be constructed from it. Whether you decide upon a sectional door, roller door or traditional up-and-over style, you will be able to find one that’s made of steel. You can even buy side-hinged steel garage doors if you prefer that style.

Advantage 3 – Strength

Steel is strong, which makes it secure. A steel garage door offers a high degree of protection to your home. It is resistant to break in attempts and can also hold its own in the most ferocious of storms. Blown debris in a hurricane, for example can do irreparable damage to wooden doors and sharp objects can punch right through fiberglass. Steel might suffer some dents but is likely to come through a bad storm in better shape than doors made of other materials.

Advantage 4 – Environmentally Friendly

Although steel garage doors come in many colors, today they are all green. The beauty of steel is that when your door reaches the end of its useful life it can be recycled. In fact, many new garage doors are actually constructed from recycled steel. So if you are keen to consider the environment as part of your selection criteria, steel is one of the most sustainable options.

About Those Disadvantages

As far as the drawbacks of a steel garage door are concerned, poor insulation properties probably represent the one which should concern you most. However it’s not an insurmountable problem. If you have the budget, you can buy an insulated steel door or you can always insulate it yourself after it’s been installed.

The other possible disadvantage is that you will need to apply a new coat of paint to your steel door every now and again. However, while this entails a little effort, it’s also an opportunity to brighten up your door and ring the changes with a new color.

With far more pros than cons, it’s little wonder that so many people have steel garage doors protecting their vehicles and homes. Whether you decide upon steel or not, hopefully the information above will help you to make an informed choice.

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Why You Might Consider Buying a Garage Door from Out-of-State

fiberglass garage doorFor many people the obvious place to buy a garage door is the local store. This is because it is convenient and hassle free. However, there are situations where you might have to buy a garage door from another state. Here are some of the reasons why.

Expertise in specific door types

Many garage door companies have people trained in garage door installations and maintenance in the regular types of garage doors like wood composite and steel. It makes financial sense for them since many people install steel, wood or wood composite garage doors. They don’t want to have people specifically trained to work with other garage door material because that would inflate their wage bill. Garage doors made from material like fiberglass require specific expertise. Often this type of garage door installation will be made by the company that manufactures the doors. If you need a garage door made form uncommon material like fiberglass, for example, you will be forced to get the job by an out of-state-company.

Sticking with the people you trust

When people move from a state to another, they encounter challenges in having to build new relationships with the repair people from the new state to which they have moved. Sometimes you just can’t seem to find the right company to handle your garage door maintenance in the new state. In that case, the best option is to call the company which handled your installation repair in your old place. This might sound expensive but sometimes, it actually saves you money and time.

The people who worked with you before know exactly what you need, and how you need it done. They come in, do their thing and leave. The relationship you built with your garage door repairman in the old state doesn’t have to go to waste. We stay in touch with our clients even when they change states since we can always send a repair person or recommend a good company in their state, in the event we are not able to be there.

High end custom garage door installation and maintenance

Individuals of high net worth prefer to have garage doors, like many other things they own, built to custom. Compared to regular garage doors, there are only a handful of companies that deal in custom made luxury garage doors. An individual might, for example, want to have a garage door in an unconventional size to fit his or her big garage. People of high net worth also prefer to have complex security systems embedded into their garage doors. The garage doors in their area might simply lack the know-how to build a custom door. Consequently, the person will be forced to look for an out-of-state company.

The important thing with getting a garage door installation or maintenance company is that you feel satisfied with what they have done. If that satisfaction can only be provided by an out-of-state company, go for it.

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