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Botched Garage Door Opener Installation

The reasons why you should hire a professional garage door installer and this recent repair we did is a great example of why. 

Our customer’s friend helped them install a new garage door opener.  They figured they could save a few bucks DIY-ing the installation and the friend assured them he knew what he was doing. You can see where this is going… 

Our customer’s Wayne Dalton Garage Door suffered a crack on the upper panel because of the botched installation. 

The Problem?

When the friend installed the opener, he didn’t add a strut to reinforce the upper panel. This resulted in a crack on the upper panel when the garage door began operating.

You can see in the photo above where the crack formed. 

Above is a close up of the crack. Cracked panels are a big deal and can compromise the safe operation of your garage door. 

Once we took the garage door down, we were able to see the extent of the crack. The picture above shows the crack close-up. 

So what’s the fix?

Thankfully, this Wayne Dalton garage door wasn’t a discontinued model and we were able to order a new upper panel. Once it arrived, we removed the cracked panel. We also, of course, added a strut this time. The strut will reinforce the upper panel and prevent cracks from happening in the future.

We also adjusted the tracks while we were there and performed a quick visual inspection to make sure the springs, cables, and other garage door parts were working properly.

Above you can see the brand new strut we installed.

And above, the new panel is installed, with no cracks to be found!


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When to Replace Your Garage Door Panels

Most garage doors are made of panels, which allow you to close and open them easily. Sometimes these panels would need replacement for variety of reasons. While some of these reasons for replacing garage door panels can wait, there are many urgent reasons why they should be replaced immediately. Sometimes people don’t see the urgency for garage door panel’s replacement, which will result in them paying more costly repairs than they should.

Here are the possible reasons why you need to replace your garage door panels:

When it no longer looks presentable

If you love your house, you would want it to look its best.  When garage doors become ugly because the panels have become old and discolored, you might want to change it.  Remember the garage door is one of the most visible parts of your house from the outside. So, if you want people to appreciate your home contact a garage door company to help you find perfect garage door panels.

When it keeps the garage door from working properly

Even if only one garage door panel that’s bent, dent or misshapen, it could greatly affect how well your garage door works. When you raise up your garage door to open the garage and there is one that gets stuck because it’s misshapen, it could cause you a lot of problems. That is why it is important to replace your garage door panels when they are bent or misshapen. Door panels that are bent or misshapen are often caused by cars accidentally hitting the garage door.

When it’s very old and worn

Being proactive is a good way to ensure you will not face big problems in the future. When your garage door is very old, there is a chance it may be nearing its last days of usefulness. Garage door panels are subject to wear and tear.  If you have had those same garage door panels for years, maybe it’s time to have it checked by a garage door maintenance company and ask them whether you need to have them replaced instead of waiting for the inevitable to happen.  If you search online, you will find many good-looking garage door panels that may fit your desire, all you have to do is check them out.

Hire a garage door company

While there are many tutorials on the internet on how to change your own garage door panels, it is still best to hire a garage door company for some very good reasons. First, replacing garage door panels may take time, and if you are busy, you may find it hard to insert this activity on your schedule. Second, professionals do it better because they have the training and experience when it comes to garage door issues. Third, hiring garage door companies is absolutely risk-free because they get the job done right the first time and they do it safely, which will help you save more money in the long run.

If you see the signs above, don’t hesitate to call your reliable garage door company to have your garage door panels assessed. They can advise you on whether you need to repair or replace your garage door panels.

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