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Quieting a Noisy Garage Door

One of the most common complaints that homeowners have is that their garage door makes too much noise. There are several items to consider, if the garage door noise has increased. It is important to first determine the cause because it may be a warning that something more serious.
Many of the causes of the increased noise are rather simple to fix, especially for experienced DIYers. Of course many times it is not the knowledge, but time that prevents them from completing these tasks. All of the things are very good reasons to call a garage door specialist to ask for advice.

Dampen Noises

Components to inspect for the cause of the noise include loose hardware, lack of lubrication, worn out rollers, and faulty door opener anti-vibration pads. All of these things may be rectified by anyone handy around the house. Below is a comprehensive list of inspect items to determine the issue.
• Garage door hardware loosens with use and can create a great deal of noise during operation. Use a socket or traditional wrench to systematically tighten all of the hardware.
• The second cause may be that they are so worn that they have begun to squeak when they move. A quality lubricant may do the trick, if the rollers are still in good shape. Non-silicone lube is best for metal rollers; however, if they are nylon, lubricate the bearings only and do not use any lubricant for nylon rollers.

Note: WD-40 is not a lubricant, but a powerful cleaner. Never lubricate the tracks with anything. This may cause the garage door to become unbalanced due to slippage. It may be wise to consult a professional for the lubrication or replacement process.

• Springs which are in need of lubrication tend to make a great deal of racket. A metal lubricant or motor oil may be used for them. Home owners should be aware that while this is a simple task, it is also extremely hazardous. Due to intense pressure it may result in injury to persons, death, or damage to personal property. Call a garage door tech for safety.
• Move garage door hinges from side to side to inspect for damage and wear. If these are worn, they will need replacement. If the hinges are not worn, they may simply need lubrication.
• Inspect the tension on the trolley apparatus to determine if it is loose as well as whether it is a belt drive or chain drive system. A metal lube may be used for a chain drive system. A belt drive system should never be lubed or greased. Check the garage door and opener instruction manuals for exact directions. In the event that the manuals have been lost, they most likely can be downloaded for free from the respective websites.
• Note that many types of concrete garages are noisy in general even when functioning properly. The concrete amplifies the noise from the garage door operation. It may be possible to insult the garage door supports to dampen the noise.

Let Us Get Started

Our professional garage door crew at Perfect Solutions Garage Door consists of highly trained specialists. Contact us for any questions or concerns and we will be more than happy to address them. We can take care of all of your garage door needs whether you simply have no time, no knowledge, or do not have the proper tools for your project.

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How to Polish Your Wooden Garage Door Using a Natural Cleaner

If your wooden garage door looks old and tired, it may be the perfect time to polish it.  Commercial wood polish would work just fine, but they could be expensive and since they are made with petroleum-based wax, it could be bad for your health and the environment. A safer wood polish that you can make at home is the beeswax wood polish.

Making the Beeswax Polish

To make your beeswax wood polish, you only need two ingredients, bees wax and olive oil or coconut oil.  First, you need to pour some oil into a microwave safe container.  Then, pound or grate some beeswax to make it easy to melt later. Add the grated or pounded beeswax into the oil, making sure that the ratio is one part beeswax and four parts oil.

Now you need to heat it up in the microwave for several minutes to melt the wax. Once it is heated, take out the mixture, which now looks like oil, and carefully stir it thoroughly until it becomes cool.  You now have your beeswax polish.

Cleaning Your Wooden Garage Door

Before you apply your all-natural and non-toxic polish, clean your garage door first using water mixed with some vinegar.  Make sure all the dust and grime are wiped out before proceeding to the next step.  After cleaning or washing the garage door, let it dry naturally.  Once the wooden garage door is dry, you can now start polishing.

Polishing the Garage Door

Using a soft cloth, apply some of your beeswax polish onto the wooden garage door starting from the upper left corner  down to the  bottom right. This is to ensure that all the parts of the garage door are polished well.  Make sure that all the nooks and cranny of the garage door are covered with the polish.  Apply evenly for a perfect look.  Once the entire garage door is polished, wait for the wax to harden. This may take several minutes.

Once the wax is hardened enough, gently scrub the wooden garage door with soft cloth until the wax begins to appear glossy and sparkly. You have to ensure no part is left un-scrubbed or else it will not look even.  Now you can enjoy a revitalized and polished wooden garage door that you can be proud of.

A Beautiful but Malfunctioning Garage Door is Useless

You may now have a sparkly wooden garage after you polish it with natural beeswax polish, but if your garage door is not functioning well, its beauty is useless.  Wooden garage doors should also be looked at and maintained by garage door professionals to make it not only beautiful, but also flawless in looks and in action.  Never hesitate to call a garage door company for your garage door problems. Always remember, beauty and function are best paired together. If you are based on Roseville and Sacramento, the company to call is Perfect Solutions Garage Door.

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Why Repurpose Your Old Garage Door

When garage doors are no longer functioning well, it is only right to consider replacing them with a new one from a reliable garage door company.  Imagine how much you would have to spend for maintenance if your garage door gets broken every week.  However, one question needs to be asked: What happens to the old garage door?

Repurposing Your Old Garage Door

You may immediately think of disposing it to a landfill or sending it to be recycled, but don’t be too hasty because even though old garage doors may not be useful for your garage, it can still be useful for other things, especially considering the materials they are made of.

Repurposing is a good way to deal with an old garage door and give it a new life.  Here are some compelling reasons to repurpose instead of disposing old garage doors:

  1. To avoid waste of useful materials

Your old garage door may not be fit to guard the contents of your garage anymore, but the materials it’s made of are still usable and it would be wasteful to just put them on a landfill. The panels of a wooden garage door for example can be converted into a cabinet for your clothes. Your metal garage door panels can be used to make a safe.  Imagination is the limit to the things you can do with your old garage door materials.

  1. For the environment

Wasting your old garage door materials is also a burden to the environment. For example, if you buy a new wooden coffee table, some trees will have to be cut to make them. You can save some trees by re-using the wood from the garage door panels to make one.  Metals are mined from under the earth and the more mines there are, the more damage it may do to the ecosystem. So instead of buying new metal furniture, use instead the panels from the metal garage door and help save the planet.

  1. To make money

If you are savvy with tools and have a hidden artistic talent, you can make money by making artworks out of the materials from your old garage door. Maybe you can use the wood panels as an elegant photo frame and the metal panel into unique modern art.  Then you can sell them at the flea market for some cold cash. You can also sell the old garage door itself to some companies who will repair and refurbish it for those people who are looking for cheaper options

  1. Donating it

Donating your old garage to charity like for example to the group Habitat for Humanity, does not only give your garage a new purpose, it also  gives you that sense of  fulfillment  and joy that can only come from helping others. Charities will sell these garage door materials and the money is going to be used for their projects.

Don’t Dispose of Your Old Garage Doors

Don’t dispose of your old garage doors right away. Think first if there is something else you can use it for. The materials used in these doors are high-quality, especially if you have purchased it from a reputable garage door company. They are perfect for furniture, home decor, and modern art. You can also make money from them or help others by donating them to charity.

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A Few Ideas to Repurpose Old Garage Doors

If you have recently changed your garage door, don’t dispose the old one right away.  It may no longer be usable as a garage door, but the materials it is made of can still be used to make amazing stuff for your home or office.  If you purchased it from a reliable garage door company, you can be assured that they are made of the highest quality materials, which can withstand external elements. Not only will repurposing old garage doors benefit you, it help save the environment.

A Newfound Purpose

Throwing away your old garage door to install a new one can be a cumbersome process and is unnecessary, according to Sara Carpenter of Bob Vila. Here are some smart and creative reuse ideas for your doors according to their material.


Most metal garage doors are made with steel, a very strong material.  These doors are designed to withstand elements of nature like wind, water, even fire. Because this is a highly durable material, you can use it to create many things including:

  • A safe to keep your valuable items
  • Metal benches on your lawn.
  • Hanging platforms for plants
  • Modern-looking shelf


Like steel, aluminum is also a metal. However, its strength lies in its malleability and its lightness. Many people prefer aluminum garage doors because it’s cheaper and provides the same amount of protection as metals.  Because of aluminum’s malleability, it can easily be used for various purposes within the house.  For example, using this material, you can:

  • Reinforce your fence
  • Use it as a DIY room divider
  • Turn it into an awesome lawn table or chair
  • Convert it into a grill


Wood is, of course, the most classic among garage door materials.  Reliable garage door companies would only provide you with the highest quality wooden garage door if you get it from them. If time comes when you need to replace your wooden garage door, don’t get dismayed because you can still use it for other things and none of these repurpose ideas include firewood:

  • You can use the panels as accents to an empty wall. They will look good if placed horizontally above the couch.
  • Convert the wood to other furniture like cabinets, shelf etc. The design of the garage door panels will look awesome and classy.
  • Use one of the panels as a headboard for a bed. The carvings and designs of a wooden garage door will look awesome as a bed headboard.

All It Takes is Creativity and Imagination

The list of the things you can do with your old garage door in this article is not exhaustive. This is just to show you that with a little elbow grease and some imagination, your old garage door, no matter what material it is made of can still be useful in many ways.  Throwing them away or selling them for scrap would be a waste of money. If you need to consult an expert whether you really need to have your door replaced in Placer County, California, call Perfect Solutions Garage Door company.

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