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Three Basic Ways to Care for Your Garage Doors

Garage doors among all exposed areas in the house need the most care. It is the part that gets the most beating from the elements and changes in weather. It protects the house from intruders and effectively helps the home save greatly when it comes to electricity consumption especially for those with insulated doors.
Why Care for Your Garage Doors

The reason why you need to maintain your garage door is simple. Garage doors are very expensive to replace and chances are, once the problem has worsen, it may be too late to salvage them altogether. As with anything, prevention is still a million miles better than cure. Here are some ways to care for your garage door:

  1. Lubricate often.

Having a dedicated garage door oil available or a silicone spray can help grease the wires and cylinders. This ensures the smooth opening and closing of the door. A few sprays are all it takes to keep them rust- free and quiet. If you use your door frequently, you should lubricate it every 6 months.

  1. Have a professional look into it.

As much as do-it-yourself techniques are convenient and much cheaper, having a professional garage door technician work on the door helps a lot in saving money and time in the long term. Issues such as misalignment can eventually cause the door to go unhinged from the base and put the residents at risk for accidents.

Having a technician check your door at least twice a year can also provide you the necessary advice on what needs to be done and what needs to be replaced or repaired. They easily detect parts that are showing early signs of malfunction. The goal here is to diagnose problems early and resolve them immediately so that further damage and accidents will never happen.

Schedule this at least once every six months for residential garage doors. Those used in business and have the door as the first line of defense against theft should be checked more frequently. Check the digital sensors and remote controls as well as the batteries. Anti-hacking programs should be incorporated in the gadgets connected to the door and have the CCTV thoroughly check to guarantee 100 percent view of the whole area especially the area leading to the door to the main house.

  1. Look out for paint peeling.

Paint peeling from the body of the garage door is a sure sign that the door has aged considerably. Schedule a re-painting immediately to avoid further exposing the material to air and dust, which cause the door or the parts to rust. Remember, rust is the number one enemy of any garage door. It can weaken its structure and further spread in the other areas of the whole garage door.

Take the painting job a step further by choosing one that is can guarantee UV protection and water resistance. This makes the paint work last longer and be more cost efficient in the process.

If possible, consider switching to sturdier materials such as stainless steel, fiberglass, or plastic which is rust-free and is virtually indestructible.

Maintaining Your Garage Door

Basic garage door maintenance includes lubrication, hiring a technician to check your door’s status, and looking for signs of wear and tear like rust or peeling paint. For repairs and complete maintenance work, contact a trusted garage door services company nearest you. Those in Placer County, California and nearby areas may contact Perfect Solutions Garage Door.

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A Basic Guide to Garage Door Care

helpful tipsThe garage door is one of the most important implements in modern houses. Even though the only function it seems to do is close and open, a delicate mechanism makes garage doors do its job. In countries like the United States where everyone is always busy, garage doors are often neglected until it’s too late. There are many simple ways to care for garage doors without taking so much of a person’s time.

Here are basic care tips that owners can do to keep their garage doors in good condition:

It is very important to clean the interior of garage doors, not only to keep them gorgeous, but also to keep them from deteriorating. Airborne dusts have very negative effects on wood and steel doors. To clean garage doors, mix a little detergent with water and scrub gently using a soft cloth. When kids spill sweet stuff on wooden garage doors, make sure to clean it right away before carpenter ants decide to make their residency on the wood. Cleaning the garage door not only keeps it beautiful, it also ensures that it will last a long time.

Garage doors are machines and like most machines, they need lubrication to work properly. The mechanism that makes garage doors close and open are often on top. Only specialized lubricants for garage doors should be used for this. Owners can buy these lubricants online or at their friendly hardware stores. A sign that the garage door opening mechanism needs lubrication is when it makes some weird squeaky noises.

Clean the tracks
Debris can sometime get into the tracks of garage doors, and they will make the garage doors roll up and down unevenly. If this is left uncorrected, it will cause problems that are more serious and costly in the future. Tracks may also slant a little inward in time, so make sure that they are straight and aligned perfectly to the door.

Responsible usage
There are times when the owner of the house or a member of the household may forcefully open and close the garage door, especially when the remote seems to be malfunctioning. This could create problems with its mechanism, specially the small parts. Garage doors are not cheap, and the owner should be careful in using it or else it will not last long.

Make kids understand it’s not a toy
Kids can also wreak havoc on a garage door specially the remote operated ones. Sure,it’s fun to see it close and open with a flick of a finger on the remote, but what kids don’t know is that it could ruin the small machine parts. Parents should tell children that a garage door is expensive and should not be used for their amusement.

A person’s garage door is a strong piece of equipment, but it too is susceptible to being broken if neglected or abused. Checking it occasionally and doing the necessary maintenance and cleaning will help keep it working like new. Also, remember that if you a garage door problem comes up and you can’t solve it on your own, it is always best to get help from a garage door technician to prevent further damage and the risk of injury.


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